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Energy bills in the UK are expected to rise going forward, so it is important for energy consumers to find a supplier that can fulfill their energy needs without costing a fortune! We aim to provide an impartial comparison of all active energy suppliers in the UK based on a number of factors including services offered, sustainability and customer reviews.
Our services utilize national averages for our pricing evaluations of each supplier and their tariffs. For the most accurate information, call our experts who are ready to save you both time and money.
  • Scottish Power

    Scottish Power is a member of the UK's "Big 6" energy suppliers, meaning that they are one of the largest suppliers of energy in the entire UK. They currently provide power to around 5 million customers and have no plans of slowing down any time soon. They are one of the original suppliers of green electricity, which they produce from a number of sources including their 22 UK wind farms.

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  • Entice Energy

    Entice Energy is an energy supplier based out of Nottinghamshire that focuses on providing transparent bills, simple tariffs, and a customer-first approach. At the moment they only offer two tariff options, but considering the success and positive reviews that they've received this may change in the future.

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  • Together Energy

    Together Energy is a rapidly growing new energy supplier based out of Dunbartonshire. It first launched in late 2017 and has since managed to obtain around 150,000 customers around the UK. Despite not having the most environmentally friendly energy supply, they are a very socially active contributor to social causes in the UK, particularly providing support to areas of poverty.

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  • Bulb Energy

    Launched in 2013, many still consider Bulb to be a rising star in the UK energy market. Since then they have acquired around 1.5 million customers, which they provide 100% renewable energy to.

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  • Bristol Energy

    Bristol Energy was started in 2015 by the Bristol City Council with the aim of providing affordable energy across the UK. They have a focus on giving back to local communities, which is where they invest any profits that they obtain. Since they started they've grown considerably and have amassed around 102,000 customers.

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  • M+S Energy

    M+S Energy, or Mark and Spencer Energy, was launched in 2008 by the recognizable retail brand Mark and Spencer. Since then, they've actually had a significant impact on the energy market in the UK. Today, they are in an active partnership with Octopus Energy, in which M+S Energy is still responsible of bringing in their own customers but the actual energy itself that their customers use is sourced from Octopus.

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  • EDF Energy

    EDF Energy is one of the larger energy suppliers currently in the UK, they are a subsidiary of one of Europe's largest energy suppliers, the French state-owned EDF Group. They entered the UK market in 2002 and have since earned around 5 million customers, much of their success can be attributed to their clean energy and competitive prices.

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    • Zog Energy

      Zog Energy is an award winning energy supplier in the UK that only provides gas for their customers. While they received licensing to also supply electricity in 2017, they've since remained a gas only provider to focus on the needs of their existing customers. They market themselves as have extremely competitive pricing and a very simple and straightforward switching process for customers interesting in switching their gas suppliers.

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    • Zebra Power

      One of the smaller energy suppliers in the UK, Zebra Power is an independent company with goal of making energy simple and easy to obtain. Their claim is that energy should be black and white, like a zebra, with no grey areas where consumers are often taken advantage of by other suppliers.

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    • E Energy

      E Energy is an energy supplier in the UK that focuses primarily on providing energy to homes with prepayment meters, while they do offer tariffs to customers with credit meters it is not the core of their business. They claim to provide customers with straightforward & no-nonsense tariff plans in order to save customers both time and money.

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    • Ecotricity

      Ecotricity is one of the most environmentally friendly energy suppliers in all of the UK. Founded in 1996, they began their pledge to supply green energy long before the energy market started to trend towards renewable energy. Today, they offer what they refer to as vegan energy, which means no animals or animal byproducts are used in the production of their energy.

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    • Orbit Energy

      Orbit Energy is a rather small energy supplier that started in 2018, customers have said that they provide a more personal experience and quality customer service. They have had success with their assortment of tariff options which focus on variable rate plans that avoid contracts and longtime commitments.

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    • Pure Planet

      Pure Planet is a digital only green energy supplier that provides 100% renewable electricity and carbon off-set gas at competitive prices. Founded in 2017, Pure Planet is a relatively new energy supplier to the UK market,however they have found success marketing themselves as having fair and transparent pricing for energy that won't hurt the environment.

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    • Click Energy

      Click Energy mainly operates in Northern Ireland, where they market themselves as a friendly and transparent electricity that cares about their customers' well-being. Despite being a relatively small energy supplier they are quite green and only offer 100% renewable energy to their customers.

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    • COOP Energy

      COOP Energy is an environmentally conscious energy supplier in the UK that aims to support local, small town initiatives throughout the UK. While COOP Energy customers now have their electricity and gas supplied by Octopus Energy as a result of an agreement, COOP Energy is still responsible for bringing in their own new customers and supporting them.

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    • Boost Energy

      Boost Energy is a subsidiary of OVO Energy, it was first launched in 2017 in order to help fulfill the needs of OVO Energy's diverse customer base. They provide energy exclusively to homes uses Pay As You Go (PAYG) meters and as such only offer prepayment tariffs plans.

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    • Good Energy

      Good Energy is a 20 year veteran energy supplier in the UK that has survived intense competition. They have remained an active supplier through their reasonable tariff prices, renewable energy offers and consistent customer service.

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    • ESB Energy

      ESB, or the Electricity Supply Board, is the state provider of energy in the Republic of Ireland, but has recently began to have an increased presence in the UK energy market. Their goal as a provider is to supply renewable energy to customers at "great value", while doing as much as they can to reduce the impact that energy use has on the environment.

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    • Outfox the Market

      Outfox the Market is a relatively new and small energy supplier that offers very competitive pricing making them one of the cheapest energy suppliers in the UK. They offer green energy to their customers as well as a number of tariff options to give their customers options when choosing their energy plan.

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    • SO Energy

      SO Energy is a London based supplier for gas and electricity that offers a "low price guarantee" to their customers. Their aim as a energy supplier is to be among the cheapest 10% of all energy suppliers in the market and they do so by offerings only one simple and straightforward fixed rate tariff.

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    • Utilita

      Despite not being a member of the UK's "Big 6" energy suppliers, Utilita has built a very positive reputation for themselves among their customers. They are one of the leaders in the industry in terms of cutting-edge technology, such as smart meters, to give customers better control over their energy usage. First founded in 2003, Utilita has managed to gain around 800,000 customers.

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    • OVO Energy

      OVO Energy is among the largest energy suppliers in the UK with over 5 million customers as of 2021. They are very active in the fight against climate change and as a result are responsible for planting over a million trees since they were founded in 2009. They offer a range of tariff choices for their customers to choose from and even provide upgrade options in their tariffs for customers aiming to be even more green.

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    • Shell Energy

      Shell Energy possesses one of the most iconic and recognizable logos on the planet, and aside from being well know they are also a competitive energy supplier in the UK. They currently have around 700,000 customers and offer a wide variety of deals to their customers. These deals include special rewards, renewable energy, and discounts amongst other things.

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    • E.ON

      E.ON is one of the UK's largest energy suppliers and one of the "big 6", with over 3.5 million customers across the UK. They offer 100% renewable energy and 100% carbon offset gas to their customers and do so at competitive prices. Their focus has been on green energy since they were formed in 2000.

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    • Utility Warehouse

      As one of the most established energy suppliers in the UK today, Utility Warehouse has around 650,000 customers that they provide energy to. They offer a wide range of services beyond energy such internet, landlines, and mobile phone services that they factor into their bundled offers. In that sense Utility Warehouse acts as a one-stop-shop for many customers.

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    • Octopus

      Octopus Energy, one of the newest members of the UK's "Big 6" energy suppliers currently provides power to roughly 2.5 million customers. Founded in 2015, Octopus Energy has had tremendous success by providing what many say to be great customer service and fairly prices tariffs. They are also among one of the greenest energy suppliers in the UK, using 100% green electricity and offsetting as much gas as possible from their customers' usage.

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    • British Gas

      British Gas is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. As one of the big 6 suppliers, they provide energy to millions of homes throughout the UK. They offer a wide range of tariffs to cover the needs of their customers.

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Energy suppliers: how many are there, and who’s the best?

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The UK energy market is complicated. If it wasn’t, we would be out of business. So, between the dozens of energy suppliers in the UK market, you probably ask yourself: Which supplier is the right one for me? Each supplier has different tariffs and different types of plans. At Switch Plan we aim to narrow that decision down for you. So, in this article, we will explain what to look out for, who the UK energy suppliers are, which suppliers have the best prices, and how you can make the best-informed decision when switching energy suppliers.
Last update: August 2022

As you may have heard on the news, the UK energy market crisis is driving up energy costs and putting several energy suppliers out of business. Suppliers currently are slowly opening up for new customers again, which means that we are also opening our switching services again. Given the escalation in Ukraine, we will constantly keep you updated on the effects on the energy market on our page on the UK energy crisis.

Sticking with the same energy supplier for years may sound like a good idea, but the reality is that you could be missing out on massive savings every year. On average, energy consumers that switch regularly can save around £300 a year. In this article we not only list all of the notable active suppliers in the UK energy market, but we also give you some hints as to which are the best in a number of different categories.

How many energy suppliers are in the UK?

At the moment there are around 20 active energy suppliers currently trading in the UK, each of them with unique specialties and offerings. When considering which one to sign with next, to find the best option for you it is crucial to take every supplier into consideration, and while that may seem like overkill it is actually how we can find the best energy plan for you!

One simple call with our energy experts is all it takes to start your transition to an energy plan that could save you time, frustration, and even money going forward.

Here you can find a list of all active suppliers listed below:

Supplier Logo Supplier Name Trustpilot Rating Description
British Gas logo British Gas 3.8/5 with 65,100 customer reviews The UK’s biggest energy company, British Gas was the state energy supplier until the industry was privatised in 1990.
EDF Energy logo EDF 4.2/5 with 21,905 customer reviews Majority-owned by the French government, EDF mostly uses nuclear power, although it also has some renewables.
E.ON Next logo E.ON & E.ON Next 3.4/5 with 30,849 customer reviews German company E.On (formerly Powergen), is a good all-rounder that currently supplies energy to over 5 million UK homes. E.On Next is their new subsidiary that focuses on delivery clean, renewable energy to customers.
Scottish Power logo Scottish Power 3.6/5 with 31,629 customer reviews Scottish Power provides energy to roughly 1 in 10 UK homes and generates its own clean wind energy.
SSE logo OVO Energy 4.3/5 with 49,287 customer reviews Upon acquiring SSE in 2020, OVO became one of the biggest suppliers in the UK. It also owns Boost Energy and Spark Energy.
Octopus Energy logo Octopus Energy 4.8/5 with 66,510 customer reviews Octopus Energy exploded onto the scene in 2015 and have since won multiple “supplier of the year” awards, with 100% renewable energy, carbon-offset gas, great value and excellent customer service.
Utility Warehouse logo Utility Warehouse 3.8/5 with 17,084 customer reviews Part energy company, part MLM company Utility Warehouse offers energy, phone, TV and broadband packages.
Shell Energy logo Shell Energy 4.0/5 with 52,576 customer reviews Shell may be known as an oil giant, but they offer surprisingly renewable (and affordable) energy after buying First Utility in 2019.
Utilita logo Utilita 4.3/5 with 39,126 customer reviews Another company dedicated to providing affordable tariffs for customers with Pay As You Go meters.
So Energy logo So Energy 4.3/5 with 6,557 customer reviews In 5 short years, So Energy has made a huge impression on customers, with impeccable customer service and affordable renewable tariffs.
$UK_outfoxtm_ogo$ Outfox The Market 4.5/5 with 30,121 customer reviews As the name suggests, Outfox the market constantly reviews wholesale energy prices and adjusts their prices accordingly to offer the best value for money.
ecotricity logo Ecotricity 3.9/5 with 2,947 customer reviews Arguably the UK’s greenest supplier, and its only vegan energy supplier, Ecotricity provides 100% renewable electricity and biomethane as well as supporting anti-fracking campaigns.
Coop energy logo COOP Energy 4.7/5 with 4,281 customer reviews COOP Energy among the UK’s most environmentally conscious energy suppliers. As the result of a new partnership with Octopus Energy, all the energy that COOP Energy customers receive is actually supplied by Octopus Energy. However, COOP Energy is still responsible for bringing in and managing their own customers.
Boost energy logo Boost Energy 4.2/5 with 13,086 customer reviews Part of the OVO Energy Group, Boost Energy specialises in affordable tariffs for customers who have prepayment meters.
ESB Energy logo ESB Energy 4.4/5 with 3,917 customer reviews Ireland’s state energy supplier has made its way to the UK, offering affordable renewable energy.
Good Energy logo Good Energy 4.4/5 with 5,128 customer reviews The UK’s first renewable supplier, Good Energy have been delivering clean energy to UK households since 1999.
Click energy logo Click Energy 1.8/5 with 17 customer reviews “Northern Ireland’s top energy supplier”, Click Energy combines affordable green energy with support in conserving energy.
E energy logo E Energy 4.2/5 with 679 customer reviews A prepayment meter specialist, E Energy offers hassle-free customer service and competitive prices.
M&S Energy logo M & S Energy 4.9/5 with 3,467 customer reviews The beloved supermarket chain has paired with Octopus Energy to deliver renewable energy.
green energy logo Green Energy UK 4.4/5 with 986 customer reviews Green Energy UK offers 100% renewable electricity as well as renewable biomethane gas. Not the cheapest supplier, but outstanding green credentials!

Energy Suppliers That Have Gone Bust or Ceased Trading

There are a number of factors that could cause an energy supplier to go bust, and it is actually a fairly common occurrence, so there is a streamlined process and protocols to ensure that your home never loses power. That being said, the following list is of notable suppliers that have gone bust recently, either as a result of the UK energy crisis or unrelated difficulties that they experienced in the market.

You can find this list below:

Supplier That Went Bust When They Ceased Trading Supplier Their Customers Were Transferred To
Together Energy January 2022 British Gas
Bristol Energy January 2022 British Gas
Zog Energy December 2021 EDF
Entice Energy November 2021 Scottish Power
Orbit Energy November 2021 Scottish Power
Bulb November 2021 TBD
Social Energy November 2021 British Gas
Neon Energy November 2021 British Gas
CNG Energy November 2021 Pozitive Energy
Ampower UK November 2021 Yu Energy
Zebra Power November 2021 British Gas
MA Energy November 2021 Smartest Energy
Omni Energy November 2021 Utilita
Bluegreen Energy November 2021 Shell Energy
GOTO Energy October 2021 Shell Energy
Daligas October 2021 Shell Energy
Pure Planet October 2021 Shell Energy
Colorado Energy October 2021 Shell Energy
Symbio October 2021 E.on Next
Enstroga Energy September 2021 E.on Next
Igloo Energy September 2021 E.on Next
Avro Energy/a> September 2021 Octopus Energy
Green September 2021 Shell Energy
E.on Next September 2021 EDF
Peoples Energy September 2021 British Gas
Moneyplus Energy September 2021 British Gas
pfp September 2021 British Gas
Hub Energy August 2021 E.on Next
Nabuh Energy April 2021 British Gas
Green Network Energy January 2021 EDF
Simplicity Energy January 2021 British Gas
Lumo Energy 2020 Ovo Energy
Yorkshire Energy December 2020 Scottish Power
Tonik Energy October 2020 Scottish Power
GnERGY September 2020 Bulb
Ebico September 2020 British Gas
Avid Energy July 2020 Nabuh Energy
Better Energy March 2020 PFP
Breeze Energy March 2020 British Gas
SSE January 2020 British Gas
Npower September 2019 E.on

Who are the best energy suppliers in the UK?

Truthfully, there is no singular energy supplier that is far and away better than the others. As we mentioned, each energy supplier has its unique specialties or offerings. However, in the interest of supplying you with actionable information, we have broken down and evaluated several notable suppliers and placed them in the following categories that most energy consumers consider when choosing their nest supplier.

  • Cheapest suppliers in the UK.
  • Greenest suppliers in the UK.
  • Most stable suppliers in the UK.
  • Best small suppliers in the UK.

What are the cheapest energy suppliers?

A simple fact about energy is that not every home consumes it the same way and as a result, it’s important that every home finds the best energy plan to fit it. For instance, a family of five in a stand-alone country home will have very different energy consumption than someone living alone in a London flat.

Below we’ve listed some of the cheapest available energy plans available in the UK, but it is important to consider that as the UK energy crisis continues pricing has been quite volatile. For the most accurate pricing information, please contact our energy experts that can tell you more about tariff rates in your area.

Most of the cheap energy suppliers, unfortunately, went bust in recent months. Right now, Outfox the Market is considered the cheapest supplier for flexible tariffs.

Energy Supplier Energy Tariff Electricity Annual Cost (£) Gas Annual Cost (£) Total Annual Cost (£)
Outfox the Market One Green Flex £ 640.21* £ 456.97* £ 1,097.18**

* Prices displayed are national averages, call us to find your local tariff. All live tariffs are updated weekly.
** Based on Ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values (TDCV): 2,900.00 kWh of electricity and 12,000.00 kWh of gas per year.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.
No exit fees.

And here you can see the cheapest 12 month fixed rate tariffs available in the UK:

Energy Supplier Energy Tariff Electricity Annual Cost (£) Gas Annual Cost (£) Total Annual Cost (£)
E.on Next Next Online £ 633.727* £ 493.150* £ 1126.877**
Edf Easy Online £ 607.917* £ 443.496* £ 1051.413**
So Energy So Cherry £ 992.95* £ 1,204.17* £ 2,197.12**

* Prices displayed are national averages, call us to find your local tariff. All live tariffs are updated weekly.
** Based on Ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values (TDCV): 2,900.00 kWh of electricity and 12,000.00 kWh of gas per year.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.
Exit fees may vary.

Who are the greenest energy suppliers?

The UK has made great strides in terms of progressing towards a green future, but this is an effort that requires cooperation from all sides. As consumers, it falls on all UK residents to do their due diligence and identify where the energy they are using comes from because there are still a number of suppliers that use harmful fossil fuels as a core part of their energy supply. However, with every supplier claiming to be green it can be difficult to see past the greenwashing and find suppliers that are genuinely green.

The first thing to consider is if the supplier is producing genuinely renewable energy or if they have purchased the ability to claim they have 100% renewable energy by paying for a REGO certificate. Suppliers are able to purchase a REGO certificate, which stands for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, which is a document that proves the energy being provided is from a renewable source. As a result, many energy companies have been noted to advertise 100% renewable energy in their tariffs even though they don’t produce any renewable energy themselves.

This is what we refer to as greenwashing, which is when a company falsely claims to be more environmentally friendly than they are to gain more customers. Companies can supply their customers with energy from fossil fuels while claiming to be green and it is completely legal because they’ve purchased enough REGO certificates. One such example would be Shell Energy, when they purchased First Unity in 2019, their energy went from being considered 3% renewable to 100% renewable overnight as a result of taking advantage of this scheme.

In order to avoid greenwashing suppliers and save you the amount of time that it would take to research all of this, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the most sustainable energy suppliers in the UK below. Each of these suppliers offers 100% renewable electricity and either 100% green gas or carbon offset gas.

  • Green Energy UK – 100% renewable electricity + 100% green gas
  • Ecotricity – 100% renewable electricity + carbon-offset gas
  • E.on/E.on Next – 100% renewable electricity + 100% carbon-offset gas
  • Octopus Energy – 100% renewable electricity + partial carbon-offset gas
  • Good Energy – 100% renewable electricity + 90% carbon-offset gas

Below you can find an example of one tariff option from each of the suppliers mentioned above with all of its pricing information included.

Energy Supplier Energy Tariff Tariff Type Electricity Annual Cost (£) Gas Annual Cost (£) Total Annual Cost (£)
Green Energy UK Sparkling 24 Month Fixed-Rate £ 868.027* £ 924.360* £ 1792.387**
E.on/E.on Next Next Online 12 Month Fixed Rate £ 633.727* £ 493.150* £ 1126.877**
Ecotricity Fully Charged Bundle (only for electric vehicle owners) Variable Rate £ 965.21* £ 1,011.47* £ 1,976.68**
Octopus Energy flexibleOctopus Variable Rate £ 649.882* £ 479.512* £ 1129.394**
Good Energy SVT Standard Variable Rate £ 671.966* £ 573.906* £ 1245.872**

* Prices displayed are national averages, call us to find your local tariff. All live tariffs are updated weekly.
** Based on Ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values (TDCV): 2,900.00 kWh of electricity and 12,000.00 kWh of gas per year.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Who are the most stable energy suppliers?

In the UK’s energy market, the “Big Six” are the six most powerful and largest energy suppliers in the business. Each of the “Big Six” is unique in some regards, however, what they all have in common is a massive presence across the entire UK. These suppliers are handling the energy needs of millions of UK energy homes and businesses, so while they are going to be stable in a sense that they are not going out of business any time soon, they may not be able to offer the same personalized experience you could find at a smaller supplier.

The “Big Six” is currently made up of the following suppliers:

Below you can find examples of what their standard variable tariffs look like when directly compared:

Energy Supplier Energy Tariff Electricity Annual Cost (£) Gas Annual Cost (£) Total Annual Cost (£)
British Gas Standard Variable £ 1,034.09* £ 576.61* £ 1,610.71**
E.ON/E.ON Next Next Flex £ 754.666* £ 640.424* £ 1395.090**
Octopus Energy flexibleOctopus £ 649.882* £ 479.512* £ 1129.394**
EDF Standard Variable £ 699.763* £ 576.603* £ 1276.367**
OVO Energy Simpler Energy £ 633.240* £ 511.157* £ 1,144.40**
ScottishPower Standard Variable £ 704.228* £ 576.567* £ 1280.795**

* Prices displayed are national averages, call us to find your local tariff. All live tariffs are updated weekly.
** Based on Ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values (TDCV): 2,900.00 kWh of electricity and 12,000.00 kWh of gas per year.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

What are some of the best smaller suppliers?

If you’re looking for smaller suppliers, you may run the risk of choosing a supplier that can eventually go bust, which is unfortunately quite common in the UK energy industry. Despite this, there are a large number of energy suppliers that have found success without sacrificing their customer-first philosophy.

We’ve selected the following notable “smaller” suppliers from the UK market based on reliability, costs, tariff options, sustainability, and of course customer satisfaction. Some of the other better rated small suppliers have gone bust in the last few months.

Below we can see some of the pricing information for one of each supplier’s popular tariff options. However, is important to note that the tariffs listed on this table are all variable-rate tariffs, which means that their costs will change to reflect the ongoing cost of energy in the UK market.

Energy Supplier Energy Tariff Electricity Annual Cost (£) Gas Annual Cost (£) Total Annual Cost (£)
M&S Energy M&S Everyday Energy £ 649.88* £ 489.52* £ 1,139.40**
Outfox the Market One Green Flex £ 640.21* £ 456.97* £ 1,097.18**

* Prices displayed are national averages, call us to find your local tariff. All live tariffs are updated weekly.
** Based on Ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values (TDCV): 2,900.00 kWh of electricity and 12,000.00 kWh of gas per year.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Mom and daughter reading a story together using night-lights

Business energy: who is the best business electricity supplier?

Most energy suppliers offer not only domestic tariffs but special commercial tariffs for businesses. While the “Big 6” tend to dominate in the world of commercial electricity, there are still a number of smaller energy suppliers in the UK with commercial electricity tariffs.

Corona Energy, So Energy and Ecotricity all have competitively priced tariffs targeted at business users. On balance, Bulb is probably the best business electricity supplier with a good combination of affordability, renewability and customer service.

How can Switch Plan help you find your next energy supplier?

Do you think your energy supplier could be working harder for you? Let us help you with every aspect of your switch. Not only can we help you to find a new supplier and a new tariff, but we also manage every stage of your move end-to-end so that you can relax and focus on your great savings!

Call us today on 0330 818 6223. We’re available from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm.

To read more on this topic, check out these guides:

Call us to switch your energy supplier for free!

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Who are the best Energy Suppliers in the UK?

It really depends what you’re looking for in a supplier. After looking at wide range of suppliers for all shapes and sizes we recommend:

  1. Outfox The Market for affordability
  2. Octopus for customer service
  3. Green Energy UK for Green Energy

Who decides what Energy Suppliers in the UK can charge?

Like most private enterprises, Energy Suppliers have a regulatory body. Ofgem ensures that energy companies act ethically and charge reasonably. They place a cap on how much energy companies can charge per year. This is currently set at £1,971 for both fuels. 

How many UK Energy Suppliers are there?

There are currently around 20 active Energy Suppliers across the UK. If you thought that the “Big 6” were your only option, you may well find a better deal among the smaller providers out there.

Is it easy to change Energy Suppliers?

Absolutely! Especially since we can manage every aspect of your switch from end-to-end, as well as helping you find the perfect supplier for your needs. 

What do I need to do when my supplier goes bust?

You just have to be patient. Ofgem automatically transfers all the customers of the bust supplier to a new more stable supplier. The new supplier will be in touch with you on the plans available at their company.

Updated on 8 Aug, 2022

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