Pure Planet in 2021: Prices, Reviews and Contact Details

papernest disclaims that they are not currently in partnership with Pure Planet

papernest disclaims that they are not currently in partnership with Pure Planet

As a digital-only green energy supplier, Pure Planet provides 100% renewable electricity and carbon offset gas at very competitive prices. Because there are no call centres and other costly overheads, Pure Planet are able to pass their operational savings on to you, the consumer. Which certainly sounds great. But does this mean that energy consumers must go unsupported by their supplier? The absence of a contact email address and phone number may give some consumers pause. Do Pure Planet give customers the support that they need and deserve alongside affordable green energy?
Last update: March 2021

Even when times are hard, as they are for many of us in 2020, UK energy consumers care about more than just saving money. They want to know that the energy they use is renewable and carbon-neutral. That their lifestyle doesn’t have an adverse effect on our environment. And with more renewable energy suppliers on the market than ever, renewables have begun to form the majority of our nation’s energy fuel mix for the first time. Of course, our commitment to sustainability doesn’t mean that we are above making a few savings. We’ll answer all of your questions as take a close look at Pure Planet’s prices, plans and online customer reviews. So you can make an informed decision as to whether or not they’re the supplier for you.

Who are Pure Planet?

A newcomer to the UK energy market, Pure Planet were founded in 2017. Their mission statement was clear and refreshing. In an era where many of us have no idea how the cost of our energy is calculated, Pure Planet aim to offer consumers “Fair, transparent pricing with Zero Markup”. As well as 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-offset gas. Their mantra is “Zero Markup, Zero Guilt, Zero Hassle”.
Pure Planet

Rather than deal with a call centre, customers can manage their own accounts via their online portal or the supplier’s own “award-winning” mobile app.

They have a modest range of tariffs incorporating one fixed rate tariff, and one variable rate tariff. They promise that EV drivers can “Charge without being overcharged — whenever you like, day or night”. They have also partnered with boiler cover and homecare specialists Hometree to offer boiler servicing, central heating and home cover.

Furthermore, when it comes to switching to Pure Planet, they promise to offer the “fastest in the industry”, guaranteeing a switch in 17 days.

As we can see, their website makes some very impressive claims. But are they the energy supplier for you?

Let’s take at their prices, charges and tariffs to see whether moving to Pure Planet would be a cost-effective switch for your household.

Pure Planet Tariffs

Pure Planet may not have a robust range of tariffs. However, this is consistent with their policy of simplicity and transparency. It’s easy to become bamboozled when there are several available tariffs that seem virtually indistinguishable from one another until you look into the minutiae of the small print. Which, let’s be honest, few of us ever have time to do.

In their tariff breakdowns, it’s interesting to note that “standing charges” are referred to as “membership fees”. Like many green suppliers, Pure Planet likes to think of its customers as “members”, and has cultivated its own community of users who lend one another support.

Like all standing charges, the membership fee covers:

  • Meter maintenance
  • Pure Planet’s personnel costs
  • Operational and systems costs
  • Pure Planet’s profit margin (they make no profit on the energy you use).
  • VAT

Both tariffs are available for single-rate and Economy 7 meters. However, getting a quote only yields one single electricity rate.

100% Green 12 Month Fixed

Pure Planet only offers fixed tariffs for 12 months, and guarantees no price changes within this period. After which, customers revert to the (still very reasonable) variable rate tariff. Dual fuel customers receive a discount of £15 per fuel. This tariff comes with an exit fee of £30 per fuel if you leave within the 12 month period.

100% Green Variable

Pure Planet’s variable tariff has, as you might expect, slightly higher unit rates and membership fees than its fixed rate counterpart. However, it’s interesting to note that prices are guaranteed for two months.

Pure Planet Tariff Comparison

In the table below, you can see Pure Planet’s energy tariffs combined directly. Unit costs are based on UK national averages, and estimated annual costs are based on moderate energy usage.

Tariff Name Electricity Unit Cost (pence per kWh) Gas Unit Cost ( pence per kWh) Monthly Membership fee Estimated Annual Cost
100% Green Fixed 12 month 14.6444 2.7846 £6.67 £888.92
100% Green Variable 14.743 2.8014 £8.00 £925.72

You can find out more about Pure Planet’s tariffs here

Do Pure Planet offer Feed in Tariffs or Smart Export Guarantees?

Like other green energy suppliers, they aim to create a community of members who generate their own energy through domestic solar panels, wind turbines and other installations, and feed it back into the grid.

Although Pure Planet offers Feed in Tariffs for existing customers, these have been discontinued for new customers (across all suppliers). However, Feed in Tariffs have been replaced by Smart Export Guarantees. These are functionally very similar to Feed in Tariffs and offers similar rates.

While Pure Planet does not currently offer Smart Export Guarantees to new customers, it hopes to do so in 2021.

Do Pure Planet do business tariffs?

Unfortunately, Pure Planet does not currently offer business tariffs. However, their community posts acknowledge that this is something the brand hopes to adopt in future. However, for the moment it is prioritising the roll out of Smart Export Guarantees and the Warm Home Discount.

Pure Planet Fuel Mix: Are Pure Planet Really Green?

Not all green energy suppliers are created equal. And getting to know a supplier’s energy fuel mix is a good way of ascertaining their commitment to renewables. Especially when it comes to their gas.

Pure Planet’s current electricity fuel mix is 89% wind and 11% sun, with a tiny bit of hydroelectricity thrown in for good measure. While they do not offer renewable biomethane like other suppliers such as Bulb and Good Energy, they do offer 100% carbon-offset gas. This means that the carbon generated in sourcing the gas is offset by other projects such as planting trees or helping overseas territories convert to renewable energy.

Pure Planet does not support hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and does not buy gas from fracked sources.

Are Pure Planet any… good? What their customers say

Pure Planet have some impressive tariffs and a good, clean energy fuel mix. Nonetheless, the lack of direct support via telephone or email may be disconcerting to some customers. While you can get support via your customer portal, or your mobile app as well as accessing the Pure Planet Community, some consumers may worry that they will be unsupported by Pure Planet.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what Pure Planet’s customers say about them online.

According to Citizens Advice’s energy supplier rankings, Pure Planet are ranked 25th out of 38 suppliers at the time of writing.

Though this may give some consumers pause, it’s worth noting that a lack of data on call centre wait times (because they have no call centre) may be what’s dragging their average down.

Pure Planet customer reviews

A look at Pure Planet’s Trustpilot page makes for much more reassuring reading. On this platform, Pure Planet have an aggregate customer score of 4.6 out of 5, placing them squarely within “Excellent” territory.

At the time of writing, Pure Planet has 1,2800 customer reviews. Of which:

  • 9,637 (75%) were “Excellent”
  • 1,695 (13%) were “Great”
  • 530 (4%) were “Average”
  • 175 (2%) were “Poor”
  • 636 (5%) were “Bad”

Positive reviews focus on fast, easy switching as well as excellent communications with the company when changing suppliers. One reviewer stated that it “feels better” to be using renewable electricity. Other reviews laud the favourable rates for dual fuel customers, while some state that they find the app easy to use. Despite the lack of a contact centre, most customers do not feel out of the loop, with one stating, “I am very pleased with their attitude and service”.

However, like all suppliers, Pure Planet have some negative reviews to their name.

Negative reviews focused on issues sending meter readings, leading to billing inaccuracies, “non-existent” customer service (with one reviewer complaining about the use of chatbots), and long waits for issue resolution.

Pure Planet appears very proactive on Trustpilot, responding to 90% of negative reviews, and usually responding within 24 hours.

Pure Planet2

How to contact Pure Planet

As Pure Planet do not have a contact number or email address, customers’ first port of call is to use the “Wattbot” chatbot on Pure Planet’s website. If this is not sufficient to resolve your query, you can submit a query online either through your customer portal or using the mobile app. Customer service agents are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm

Thinking of switching to Pure Planet? We’re here to help!

With very reasonable rates, 100% green electricity, 100% carbon-offset gas and a no-nonsense approach to billing and tariffs, it’s easy to see why Pure Planet may appeal to eco-conscious consumers looking for something new.

If you’re thinking of joining Pure Planet, we can help to ensure that you get the perfect tariff for your household’s needs and usage. What’s more, we can even manage your switch from end-to-end. So you can enjoy cheaper, greener energy completely hassle-free.

Sound good?

Call us today on 0330 054 0017 to find out more. We’re available from 9am to 7pm.

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