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Thinking about switching energy suppliers ? Well, as it turns out, Shell energy might be the right option for you. If you’re currently thinking about switching to Shell Energy, finding out a little more about the supplier and their services could help you make up your mind. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reputation of Shell Energy, what their prices are like, and the types of plans they offer in order to help you decide if this is Shell is the right supplier for you.
Last update: November 2022

We Consider Shell Energy A Stable Supplier

As you may have heard on the news, the UK energy market is currently under an immense amount of stress putting several energy suppliers out of business. However, we have designated Shell Energy as a stable supplier at the moment because of its solid financial positioning and Ofgem recently designating them the new supplier for all Green customers after the supplier Green went bust. To learn more about this and stay updated on a daily basis you can read our page on the UK energy crisis.

Established in 2008, and with one of the most recognizable logos on the planet, Shell Energy is one of the biggest providers outside of the big six. Originally called First Utility, the company was bought by Shell in 2017 and rebranded the following year.

Shell Energy Shell Energy Logo
Founded 2008
Client Email
Client Number 0330 094 5800
Log in Log into your Shell Energy account here
Number of clients 700,000

One of Shell’s big selling points is that it offers 100% renewable energy to all of its customers. If you’re looking for ways to lower your carbon footprint, this could make Shell a good choice for your home. As well as electricity, the supplier offers gas, broadband and smart home technology.

Who are Shell Energy?

The Shell Energy brand came about after Shell bought energy supplier First Utility in 2017. First Utility had been the largest provider of gas and electricity outside of the big six and already had a significant number of customers across the UK.

One of the greenest energy companies around, Shell offers all its customers 100% renewable electricity as standard. Customers also have access to Shell Go+, the supplier’s reward scheme. This gives customers money off fuel, drinks and food at participating Shell petrol stations.

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As well as gas and electricity, Shell Energy provides broadband and smart home technology. A number of their energy tariffs come with smart home features thrown in, and customers can increase the connectivity of their property by investing in further tech from the company.

Below you can find the cost information associated with these tariffs.

Plan name Tariff type Is the tariff live? Average electricity annual cost (£/year) Average gas annual cost (£/year) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit fees (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Standard Variable £ 650.564* £ 556.637* £ 1,207.201* £ 0.000 ✖️
/ Fixed - 12 months £ 745.311* £ 717.281* £ 1,462.592* £ 30.000 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months £ 760.590* £ 713.368* £ 1,473.958* £ 30.000 ✖️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
** $Green_tariff_def_Shell$
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Shell Variable Rate Tariffs

Shell has one standard variable tariff available at the moment. Variable rates have an advantage in the form of flexibility to switch to different plans/providers. The disadvantage however is a risk of higher prices than fixed tariffs due to market fluctuations.

The costs associated with this tariff can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Standard Variable Electricity 27.410 p* 18.981 p* £ 650.564* £ 0.000 ✖️
/ Standard Variable Gas 26.600 p* 3.282 p* £ 556.637* £ 0.000 ✖️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
** $Green_tariff_def_Shell$
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Shell Fixed Rate Tariffs

Shell currently has 2 fixed rate tariff plans which differ mainly in the time period the tariff is fixed for. We have an overview of them down below.

The pricing on these tariffs can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Fixed - 12 months Electricity 34.160 p* 21.398 p* £ 745.311* £ 30.000 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months Electricity 42.170 p* 20.916 p* £ 760.590* £ 30.000 ✖️
/ Fixed - 12 months Gas 18.990 p* 4.628 p* £ 717.281* £ 30.000 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months Gas 20.870 p* 4.551 p* £ 713.368* £ 30.000 ✖️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
** $Green_tariff_def_Shell$
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Shell Economy 7 Tariffs

Shell also has Economy 7 plans available for people who have an economy 7 meter.

As mentioned previously, these tariffs have two separate unit rates, one for peak hours of consumption and another for off-peak.

Pricing on these tariffs can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Day Rate (p/kWh)* Night Rate (p/kWh)p* Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Economy 7 - Standard Variable Economy 7 27.490 p* 21.730 p* 12.415 p* £ 617.121* £ 0.000 ✖️
/ Economy 7 - Fixed 12 months Economy 7 34.160 p* 22.523 p* 16.253 p* £ 701.568* £ 30.000 ✖️
/ Economy 7 - Fixed 24 months Economy 7 42.170 p* 22.016 p* 15.627 p* £ 714.672* £ 30.000 ✖️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
* Assuming the average Economy 7 tariff user consumes around 58% of his energy on peak and 42% off peak.
** $Green_tariff_def_Shell$

The Shell Energy’s fixed tariffs offer good value for money when compared to other deals currently available. Its 37-month deal is one of the longest on the market, so if you want to fix your energy prices for as long as possible, this could be the tariff for you.

Shell Energy fuel mix

Shell Energy is one of the only suppliers to offer 100% renewable energy as standard. This ensures that every customer who signs up to a Shell Energy tariff will be doing their bit to increase the overall percentage of renewables in the National Grid.

Most of this renewable energy comes from wind and solar farms. The UK is a world leader when it comes to wind farms, and the number of turbines around the country is growing fast.

The table below shows how the Shell Energy fuel mix compares to the national average for UK suppliers.

Energy Source Shell Energy UK average
Coal 0% 3.9%
Natural gas 0% 39.4%
Nuclear 0% 16.6%
Renewables 100% 37.9%
Other 0% 2.2%

What is the Shell Smart Export Guarantee?

The Shell Smart Export Guarantee allows customers with solar panels fitted to their homes to earn money back from the supplier. The tariff pays you for the export of energy from your home.

If you have solar panels installed on your home, any excess energy they generate will flow into the grid. Shell Energy will pay you for this energy, calculating exactly how much you generate by looking at your smart meter. The amount you’ll earn from the tariff will depend on the size of your solar panels, the amount of sunshine they receive and how much energy your household uses. Some customers could see considerable returns from the scheme.
The Shell Export Guarantee

Shell Energy customer reviews

Shell Energy is still a relatively young company. However, as it inherited around 700,000 customers when it bought First Utility, there are already a good number of reviews available for the brand.

Reviews for Shell Energy are fairly mixed. While customers on the whole are pleased with its bill accuracy, they seem less impressed with the supplier’s customer service, complaints handling and digital tools. Shell Energy also seems pretty average when it comes to value for money and bill clarity.
Impartial online reviews of Shell Energy include:

“They are difficult to deal with if you have a problem.”
“There were too many departments rather than one person dealing with my complaint. It took five months to get a resolution.”

However, the brand does seem to be addressing some of these issues. Shell Energy has recently launched its own app and the brand is now recommended by Good Housekeeping.

Before you switch to Shell Energy, make sure you read the most up to date reviews available. If you have time, you could also check their social media profiles to see how they interact with customers and resolve issues.

Pros of Shell Energy

  • Good value fixed tariffs
  • 100% renewable electricity as standard
  • Smart home technology features available
  • Affordable long-term tariffs

Cons of Shell Energy

  • Average customer service
  • Poor complaints handling
  • Limited digital tools

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What is Shell New Energies?

Shell’s New Energies project is part of the company’s drive to provide low carbon power for homes and businesses across the UK. The project has seen Shell Energy invest in a large number of renewable energy installations, including wind and solar farms.
New Energies also has a focus on ending fuel poverty around the world. Currently, around two billion people live without access to reliable sources of energy. To help bring an end to this fuel poverty, Shell is investing in projects that will provide clean, renewable energy to communities in some of the world’s poorest places.

Is Shell Energy First Utility?

Shell Energy bought First Utility in 2017. Following its acquisition of the brand, Shell Energy took on First Utility’s 700,000 customers. In late 2019, Shell Energy announced that it was going to buy Green Star Energy. This could bring the total number of Shell Energy customers close to one million.

Does Shell Energy offer smart meters

Yes, Shell Energy does offer its customers smart meters. Smart meters automatically send meter readings to the supplier, this means you don’t have to worry about taking manual meter readings to keep your bill on track.
Another benefit of smart meters is that they help you monitor your energy usage. Reducing this usage will help to lower your carbon footprint and save you money on your monthly energy bill.

How to contact Shell Energy?

There are a number of ways to contact Shell Energy. You can send an email to or call +44 330 094 5800. Alternatively, use the chatbot on the Shell Energy website or get in touch via their social media channels.

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