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Finding cheaper gas and electricity is always going to drive people to switch, of course, but another factor is simplicity. In a complex world an energy supplier that keeps things simple can make all the difference and simplicity is at the heart of what Avro Energy offers. By cutting overheads and minimising marketing Avro Energy promises to supply energy in the most efficient and affordable way it can.

Last update: November 2020

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Save your pennies with Avro Energy!

  • Are Avro Energy any good?
  • How easy is it to switch to Avro Energy?
  • How expensive are Avro Energy tariffs?

Read on to get all the answers to these crucial questions if you want to switch to Avro Energy.

If you want to switch to Avro Energy, you need to get in touch with them directly. However, to chat about your alternative energy options, Switch Plan are here to help.

Avro Energy Avro Energy Logo
Founded 2015
Client Email support@avroenergy.co.uk
Client Number 0330 058 2005
Log in Log into your Avro Energy account here
Number of clients 350,000
Postal Address Wheatfield House, Wheatfield Way, Hinckley LE10 1YG, United Kingdom

Is Avro Energy the supplier I’ve been looking for?

Ask people why they switch energy suppliers and the chances are that the answer will be value for money.

What makes Avro Energy different?

  • One of the ways in which Avro energy keeps things simple is by only offering dual fuel deals and not, at the time of writing, sourcing green options. In simple terms they provide a no frills back to basic option with a wide range of tariffs.
  • All of the deals are fixed rate for 12 months and payable by a monthly Direct Debit, although Avro Energy also offer a pre-payment meter option.
  • Despite only being around for 5 years or so, Avro Energy have already built a fairly sizeable customer base and manage to outscore the traditional Big Six energy suppliers in terms of customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at Avro Energy in more detail to see if they live up to the promise of a simple and affordable energy solution…

A brief history of Avro Energy

The Avro Energy story begins back in 2012 when managing director Jake Brown decided that, in his words, it was time for ‘a different approach to simplistic supply’. They began supplying energy to customers in 2015 and fairly quickly built to a customer base which now numbers 40,000 electricity customers and 30,000 gas customers. The tariffs offered come without exit fees and the Avro energy login process has been made as quick and simple as possible. The overall Avro energy offering can be summed up as follows:

  • Simple billing.
  • Most bills paid via monthly Direct Debit.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • An online presence which is basic but easy to use.

If you’re looking for a cutting edge energy supplier with a huge range of options and an app for every device then Avro Energy may not be the supplier for you. On the other hand, if you want an affordable tariff which you can basically set up and then forget about, it could be the ideal choice. The question is whether the experience of buying energy from Avro Energy lives up to the promise of simplicity, so we decided to find out.

Keep your energy plan nice and simple!

How easy is it to switch to Avro Energy?

Switch to Avro Energy today!The Avro Energy switching process has been kept as simple as possible. Although their website, at the time of writing, lists no fewer than 189 different tariffs – ranging from Simple Energy, through Simple and Connect all the way to Simple and uSuperior 12m – the choice is made automatically when you register with the company. You simply have to provide the following information:

  • Your address.
  • Your gas and electricity usage as measured by the most recent bills.
  • The amount you spend of gas and electricity per month or year.
  • Your current supplier and the current tariff.
  • Your current payment method.

Armed with this information the Avro Energy website will provide a quote detailing how much you could save per year and what the monthly Direct Debit amount will be. It should be noted that, although Avro Energy do supply to customers with prepayment meters, this option isn’t offered on their simple switch page.

The easiest way to switch to Avro, or any other energy supplier, is to contact Papernest on 0330 054 0017 and our Switch plan will take care of everything else.

An Avro Energy tariff

Electricity Electricity Economy 7 Gas
Standing Charge (p/day) Standing Charge (p/day) Standing Charge (p/day)
18.060p 18.060p 15.225p
Unit Rate (p/kWh) Day Rate (p/kWh) Unit Rate (p/kWh)
13.834p 13.834p 3.355p
Exit Fee Night Rate (p/kWh) Exit Fee
£0.000 13.834p £0.000
Discounts Exit Fee Discounts
NA £0.000 NA
Additional Charges Discounts Additional Charges
Estimated Electricity Cost On This Tariff Additional Charges Estimated Gas Cost On This Tariff
Assumed Annual Consumption (kWh) NA Assumed Annual Consumption (kWh)
3,100 Estimated Electricity Cost On This Tariff 12,500
Tariff Comparison Rate (p/kWh) Assumed Annual Consumption (kWh) Tariff Comparison Rate (p/kWh)
15.960p 4,300 3.799p
Estimated Annual Cost Tariff Comparison Rate (p/kWh) Estimated Annual Cost
£494.765 15.367p £474.915
Estimated Annual Cost

A few details to bear in mind regarding Avro Energy tariffs are:

  • They don’t, as yet, offer energy from green and renewable sources.
  • They only offer Duel Fuel tariffs – i.e. for customers who want gas and electricity from the same supplier.
  • Although they aren’t listed tariffs are available for prepayment meters.
  • All tariffs are fixed for 12 months.

Our energy experts are here to help

Our energy experts are here to help

Avro Energy Customer Service

The best way of judging the customer service offered by Avro energy is to look at the ratings provided by objective sources such as Trustpilot and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

On Trustpilot there are 35,990 reviews listed for Avro energy, with the overwhelming majority being positive, and an overall score of 4.7 out of 5:

  • 77% of the ratings are Excellent.
  • 18% of the ratings are Great.
  • Only 3% of the ratings are Poor.

A typical Trustpilot comment on Avro Energy is:

‘We’ve just switched – we’re saving a substantial amount of money and I’ve found customer service very helpful and efficient so far.’

Citizens Advice publishes a table which compares the customer service offering of more than 41 energy companies. In this ranking Avro Energy was placed an impressive 5th, with an overall score of 3.95 out of 5 (the highest was 4.6).

How can I contact Avro?

Like everything else about Avro Energy the Customer Service has been streamlined. There is no app or online live chat option, and the only means of contacting Avro Energy are:

  • Calling: 0330 088 5754
  • Email via support@avroenergy.co.uk
  • Customer service is open available from 9.00am until 5.30am Mon-Thurs and 9.00am until 4.30pm on Fridays

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⏳ How long does it take to switch to Avro Energy?

On average, 80% of customer switches happen within 21 days. In some cases, this may mean that you start making payments to Avro before the switch has actually taken place.

How does Avro energy login work?

Via the Avro Energy website customers can login to submit meter readings and view statements and energy usage.

Do they offer to pay your exit fees when you switch to join them?

No they don’t, but on the other hand they don’t charge exit fees if you choose to leave them.

Where can I see my bills and statements?

Every customer of Avro Energy can access their bills and statements via their personal myAVRO account. The bills and statements are updated monthly, and the same app can be used to submit meter readings.


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