Good Energy in 2021: Prices, Reviews and Contact Details

papernest disclaims that they are not currently in partnership with Good Energy

papernest disclaims that they are not currently in partnership with Good Energy

Over 20 years later, Good Energy have remained a major name in the UK’s renewable energy market. Despite a number of other heavy hitters like Bulb, Octopus and even the “Big 6” energy suppliers wading in with their own renewable tariffs. Do Good Energy give you the best value renewable energy for your money? Or is there someone else out there who can get you a cheaper and greener deal?
Last updated: March 2021

As a nation, our priorities are changing. Of course, we still want to save money. In fact, we need to save money. Studies demonstrate that as a nation, we’re spending over £800 million more than we ought to be on our gas and electricity. At a time when it seems as though everyone is feeling the pinch more acutely than we were last year, household savings have become a huge priority for us. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped caring about the environment. Good Energy first entered the market in 1999, and were actually the UK’s first 100% renewable energy supplier.

We’ll answer all of your questions as we take a deep dive into Good Energy’s prices, plans and online customer reviews.

But first…

Who are Good Energy?

Good Energy may not be the country’s best-known energy supplier, but for over 20 years they’ve been delivering 100% renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas to the energy market. As the first renewable energy supplier in the country, they are a market leader in a number of ways. They are not only extremely committed to doing right by their customers, they also committed to being an ethical business. This means that as well as distributing green energy, they are also committed to doing right by their employees, paying a living wage and doing their bit to close the gender pay gap.
Good Energy in 2021

Like other green energy suppliers, such as People’s Energy the dearly departed Tonik Energy, Good Energy hope to form a collective of ecologically-minded “members” who generate their own electricity and feed it back into the grid. As such, if you’re looking for an energy supplier who can offer you a Smart Export Guarantee for the energy you create at home, you’ll find an excellent match in Good Energy.

Good Energy Tariffs

Looking at Good Energy’s Tariffs Page, we can see that the supplier offers a modest range of tariffs. However, there’s something for every kind of household. As well as the usual standard / variable and fixed rate tariffs, there’s also a special rate for customers who generate their own renewable heat in the winter months, with no standing charges.

There are even tariffs for customers with their own electric vehicles. This offers lower unit rates per kWh so that you can charge your vehicle for less at home with complete peace of mind. You can find out more about Good Energy’s EV tariff here.

If you have a dual-rate meter, you’ll be pleased to know that they offer tariffs both for Economy 7 and Economy 10 meters. An increasingly rare offering in today’s energy market, where more and more suppliers have begun to abandon their Economy 10 tariffs.

Let’s take a closer look at Good Energy’s tariffs.

Unit rates and standing charges listed are averaged across the UK. Your rates may vary depending on where you live. All rates listed are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Standard Variable Tariff

This is the tariff that you will usually find yourself on if your fixed rate tariff expires. Indeed, it is their only variable rate tariff. Which means that if you prefer a more flexible tariff that rises and falls in line with the cost of wholesale energy, you might not get the best available rates with Good Energy.

However, it’s important to note that none of their tariffs carry an early exit fee. Not even their fixed rate tariffs.

Charges are as follows:

  • Standing Charge Electricity: 29.3p per day
  • Standing Charge Gas: 31.57p per day
  • Unit Rate Electricity: 18.99p per kWh
  • Unit Rate Gas: 4.82p per kWh

Good to Fix Sept 2022 v3

This is their fixed-rate tariff and is currently locked in until September 2022. This is the supplier’s best value tariff for most customers, especially given the lack of exit fee.
Charges are as follows:

  • Standing Charge Electricity: 30.34p per day
  • Standing Charge Gas: 27.2p per day
  • Unit Rate Electricity: 16.31p per kWh
  • Unit Rate Gas: 3.54p per kWh

Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs

Both the Good to Fix Sept 2022 v3 tariff and the Standard Variable Tariff support dual rates for Economy 7 meters.

Rates for the standard variable tariff are as follows:

  • Day: 20.35p per kWh.
  • Night:12.07p per kWh.
  • Standing charge: 31.63p per day.

Rates for the fixed tariff are as follows:

  • Day: 16.98p per kWh.
  • Night: 12.19p per kWh.
  • Standing charge: 32.70p per day.

However, only the SVT offers Economy 10 rates. They are as follows:

  • Day: 20.67p per kWh.
  • Night: 13.51p per kWh.
  • Standing charge: 31.64p per day.

Green Heat 2021 v1 Tariffs

Green Heat tariffs are available for both standard and Economy 7 meters. There are two separate rates, one for summer and one for winter. For obvious reasons, the winter rates do not have standing charges. They are intended for periods when you are less reliant on energy from the grid.

Summer rates are as follows:

  • Single rate: 18.00p per kWh.
  • Economy 7 day: 18.8p per kWh.
  • Economy 7 night: 13.38p per kWh.
  • Standing charge: 30.88p per day.

Winter rates are as follows:

  • Single rate: 15.37p per kWh.
  • Economy 7 day: 16.17p per kWh.
  • Economy 7 night: 10.75p per kWh.

EV 4 Tariff

Finally, the EV 4 tariff for electric vehicles is available both for standard credit meters and Economy 7 meters.

  • Single rate: 16.36p per kWh.
  • Standing charge: 30.93p per day.
  • Economy 7 day: 16.99p per kWh
  • Economy 7 night: 12.65p per kWh.
  • Economy 7 standing charge: 33.28p per day.

Good Energy tariff comparison

As we can see, they have a fairly modest number of tariffs. Nonetheless, it may be tricky to compare them all directly.

In the chart below, you’ll see a direct comparison between unit rates and standing charges for all of Good Energy’s different tariffs.

Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge (pence per day) Electricity Unit Rate (pence per kWh) Gas daily standing charge (pence per day) Gas Unit Rate (pence per kWh)
Standard Variable Tariff 29.3 18.99 31.57 4.82
Good to Fix Sept 2022 v3 30.34 16.31 27.2 3.54
Good to Fix Sept 2022 v3 Economy 7 32.70 16.98 day 12.19 night NA NA
Standard Economy 7 Tariff 31.63 20.35 day 12.07 night NA NA
Standard Economy 10 Tariff 31.64 20.67 day 13.51 night NA NA
Green Heat v1 Tariff Summer 30.88 18.00 single 18.8 E7 day 13.38 E7 night NA NA
Green Heat v1 Tariff Winter 0.0 15.37 single 16.17 E7 day 10.75 E7 night NA NA
E4 Tariff 30.93 single 33.28 E7 16.36 single 16.99 E7 day 12.65 E7 night NA NA

Do Good Energy do business tariffs?

Good Energy do indeed offer tariffs for businesses of all shapes and sizes from SMEs to Enterprise-level businesses. Current business customers include ethically-focused enterprises such as Innocent Drinks, Dyfi Distillery and Pukka Herbs.

Energy rates will depend on the size of your business, your location, which fuels you use, how much energy you use, and your peak load hours. Please note that business energy suppliers do not offer the same dual fuel tariffs offered to domestic customers. Rates are negotiated individually for each fuel.

To find out more about their business energy click here.


More than ever, our team of experts remain on deck to help you make savings on your energy. We understand how deeply the lives of many are affected by these trying times and we want to support you the best we can. More on your supply during COVID-19 in our article.

Good Energy home generation (Feed in Tariffs and Smart Export Guarantees)

Good Energy don’t just source renewable energy from the UK’s wind and solar farms. It also relies on an influx of energy generated by its own customers and fed back into the grid. For this, it pays a Feed in Tariff (FiT). FiTs are no longer available to new applicants. However, they have been replaced by Smart Export Guarantees, which work in much the same way.

How much you are paid depends on:

  • What kind of renewable energy technology you have installed at home.
  • The total installed capacity of your home’s system/s.
  • Your energy efficiency rating (for PV solar panel installations).

Good Energy Fuel Mix: Are they a green supplier?

Good Energy isn’t just a green supplier. It’s the UK’s first green supplier. It offers 100% renewable electricity, as well as 10% renewable gas from farm, animal and plant waste. The remaining 90% of its gas is carbon-offset by other projects. Find out more here.

The full breakdown of their energy fuel mix for their electricity is as follows:

Are Good Energy any… good? What their customers say

Good Energy have an impressive fuel mix, an eclectic range of tariffs, and a commitment to the environment, its employees and its customers. But do their customers’ lived experiences match the impressive claims made on Good Energy’s website?

According to Citizens Advice’s energy supplier rankings, Good Energy are ranked 31st out of 38 suppliers at the time of writing. While their performance is average-to-good in most metrics, they are found to be lacking in the field of “Customer Guarantees”, which brings their average down to 3 out of 5 stars.

Good Energy customer reviews

Perhaps looking at some Good Energy customer reviews will help us to better understand the above ranking.

Looking at their Trustpilot page, we can see that they fare a little better on the platform than they do in the Citizens Advice rankings with an overall customer score of 4.1 out of 5. This makes them a “Great” supplier, just a shade away from “Excellent”.

At the time of writing, Good Energy has 3,386 customer reviews. Of which:

  • 1,974 (58%) were “Excellent”
  • 545 (16%) were “Great”
  • 244 (7%) were “Average”
  • 175 (5%) were “Poor”
  • 448 (13%) were “Bad”

Positive reviews focused on helpful and knowledgeable customer service staff, often referenced by name. Which, we find, is often a clear indication that a team member has gone the extra mile and made a lasting impression. Other positive reviews focused on the renewable energy mix, fast and decisive responses to customer queries, and prompt issue resolution.

Negative reviews, on the other hand, were mostly concerned with billing errors and inaccuracies. Some also focused on issues using Good Energy’s app, with one reviewer stating simply that “your app sucks”.

Nonetheless, they have responded to 92% of negative reviews on Trustpilot, typically responding within 2 days.

Green Energy customer reviews

How to contact Good Energy

There are a number of ways in which customers can get in touch with Good Energy. Existing customers can call the customer service number on 0800 254 0000. If you’re a new customer, on the other hand, you should call 0800 254 0004. This is also the number you should call if you’re thinking of changing your tariff. Lines are manned between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can leave the team a message by clicking here.

If you prefer to use email, their address is

Thinking of switching to Good Energy? We’re here to help!

If you’re an eco-conscious energy consumer, it’s understandable that you might want to partner with the UK’s first renewable energy supplier. Their rates are competitive, and significantly below the Ofgem Energy Price Cap. And 100% of their electricity and 10% of their gas is completely renewable, with the remaining 90% of their gas carbon-offset.

If you’re thinking of joining Good Energy, we can match you to the perfect tariff for your needs and usage. What’s more, we’ll even manage your switch from end-to-end. So you can enjoy cheaper, greener energy with no unpleasant surprises.

Sound good?

Call us today on 0330 054 0017 to find out more.

We’re available from 9am to 7pm.

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Is Good Energy cheap?

Good Energy’s tariffs are competitive, and consistently below the Ofgem Energy Price Cap, which as of October 2020 is £1,042 per year. The lowest since its inception. However, they are not, at the time of writing, the cheapest energy supplier on the market. Even other renewable suppliers like Bulb and Octopus Energy may be able to supply your property with cheaper tariffs.

Who owns Good Energy?

Good Energy is partly insider-owned, with £3.3m of the company owned by board members including CEO and founder Juliet Davenport. The rest is owned by institutional investors, private companies and the general public. You can find more detailed information here.

How many customers does Good Energy have?

At the time of writing, Good Energy have in-excess of 100,000 customers across the UK.

Do Good Energy offer smart meters? Are they 1st or 2nd generation?

Yes, Good Energy offer smart meters to their customers. This will hopefully make the issues customers have faced with billing inaccuracies a thing of the past in the coming years. What’s more, their Smart Meter FAQs page states that the company uses SMETS 2 smart meters. These are the second generation of smart meters. Unlike their predecessors, they will remain fully functional if you change energy suppliers.


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