Scottish Power in 2021: Prices, Plans, Reviews

Last update: March 2021

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Founded 1990
Client Email contactus@scottishpower.com
Client Number 0800 027 0072
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Number of clients 5 million
Postal Address 320 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2

The big, green machine has taken its place among the UK’s top six energy suppliers. You might be wondering who Scottish Power is and are probably looking to join their 5 million client base. Well, if you are searching for energy security (as in a company that won’t go bust) and a supplier that provides 100 percent green electricity, then Scottish Power is a great option for you

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Where do Scottish Power get their energy from?

Scottish power is known for their renewable electricity. This is actually one area in which the brand stands apart from the bigger energy brands.

Their website states that the brand has a long history of championing sustainability. In fact, they are the largest supplier of wind-farmed electricity in the UK, providing over 2,000MW. As of January 2019, they are the first integrated supplier to provide 100% renewable electricity. All of the brand’s new fixed price tariffs use 100% green electricity, which is purchased directly from their own UK wind farms.

Do Scottish Power have a green energy plan?

As of now, Scottish Power provide 100% green electricity to all of their customers who choose one of their fixed energy plans. Although they are not yet 100% renewable, they have sold their coal power plants and have taken steps to be more renewable and reduce their carbon footprint.

Unlike other suppliers, Scottish Power does not have one green energy tariff, but instead they integrate green power and technology into their existing energy plans.They have an impressive range of tariffs, and a robust presence across the UK. Additionally, 12 of their tariffs have exit fees and their commitment to sustainability and renewability is noteworthy.

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Scottish Power Tariff Prices


Name of the Plan Tariff value Unit Price    
Standing Charge    
1 Year Fixed Price Energy 12 months fixed
16.13 p
19.17 p
2 Years Fixed Price Energy 24 months fixed
17.8 p
24.28 p
Standard Variable Flexible
17.8 p
24.5 p


Name of the Plan Tariff value Unit Price    
Standing Charge    
1 Year Fixed Price Energy 12 months fixed
2.88 p
19.17 p
2 Years Fixed Price Energy 24 months fixed
3.43 p
27.33 p
Standard Variable Flexible
3.42 p
27.34 p
Scottish Power tariffs

What are Scottish Power' electricity, gas and dual energy plans?

When choosing a new energy provider, you need to know that they offer a good combination of tariffs so that you can choose the right one to suit your needs and preferences. With 27 available tariffs, they certainly boast an impressive selection. These range from single tariffs to dual fuel, and they have a number of discounts, deals and green options available as well. They offer four fixed rate tariffs, two of which are 12 month plans, whereas the other two are 24 month plans.

As well as fixed plans, Scottish Power also has variable and prepayment tariffs for customers who might not want to lock themselves into a fixed contract. As of now, all of Scottish Power's fixed tariffs also include 100% renewable electricity.

While we couldn’t possibly write in detail about all of them here, they are split into several distinct categories

Standard variable tariffs

Because energy prices rise and fall, you may want to take advantage of potential drops in the cost of your energy. Scottish Power has both a Standard Variable and Standard Variable Online tariff. By choosing this plan, you are subject to any market price fluctuations. In other words, if Scottish Power pay more for their energy one month, they will transfer some of this cost to you and your tariff will subsequently increase. On the one hand, you may face price increases, but you might also enjoy price drops if market prices also decrease. On this plan, there is no tariff end date nor exit fee, so you can drop out whenever you wish with no hefty fees making them appealing for those who want flexibility from their energy supply.

Standard variable rates are currently as follows:

Cost type Gas Electricity
Standing charge (pence/day) 26.71 23.02
Unit Rate (pence/kWh) 3.789 17.462

Fix and Save vs the Fixed Saver

These are Scottish Power’s fixed-rate tariffs. These will be appealing to consumers who want to ensure that they pay the same rate for a longer term. Most of these are available through to the end of October 2022, although there is an exclusive fixed tariff that ends in January 2022 and is available until the end of October 2021.

Aside from a slight variation in annual costs (with the latter slightly cheaper) there seem to be no discernible differences between Fix and Save and Fixed Saver.

Rates for the Online Fixed Saver are as follows:

Cost type Gas Electricity
Standing charge (pence/day) 19.18 19.18
Unit Rate (pence/kWh) 3.494 16.524

This is a one year fixed contract that does not involve any unwanted exit fees if you choose to switch over to a different plan within 45 days of the end of your contract. However, if you decide to switch before this 'switching period', then you must pay £30 exit fees for each fuel.

Thinking that Scottish Power is not the right supplier for you? Well, the freedom of having many suppliers to choose from is one of the many benefits of the UK energy market. We can help you choose the right supplier for your specific needs. Just give the experts at Switch Plan a call at 03300540017.

How can I receive an exclusive fixed tariff from Scottish Power?

Scottish Power has several exclusive tariffs which are only available directly through them. Two of these also allow you to contribute to Cancer Research UK. These are the Exclusive Help Beat Cancer Fix and Save September 2022, and the Exclusive Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver September 2022. There are also exclusive renewal and super saver tariffs. Some of which are only available to existing customers while some are available to new customers, too.

This is a two year fixed contract that is available both as single tariffs and dual fuel. For every month you are on this tariff, Scottish Power will donate £5 per fuel per year to Cancer Research UK. So, you can fuel your home and participate in a good deed at the same time. You won't face any exit fees if you choose to switch to a different plan before the termination of your contract.

Here’s what you can be expected to pay on the Help Beat Cancer Fix and Save December 2021 for instance.

Cost type Gas Electricity
Standing charge (pence/day) 36.10 34.01
Unit Rate (pence/kWh) 3.689 16.959

Weekend saver tariffs

For those who tend to be away from home a lot through the week or simply use less energy during weekdays, there’s also a weekend saver tariff which ends on 30 September 2021.

Day Plan tariffs

For those who work from home, have young children at home or generally use the most energy during daytime hours, there’s a Scottish Power Day Plan tariff for which energy is cheaper between 07.30 and 14.00 GMT. Eligibility for this tariff, however, is “Available to selected existing customers through selected sales channels”.

Prepayment Tariff

With a prepayment tariff, you pay for the energy before you use it. When you sign up to this plan, Scottish Power will send you a top-up card which you then have to put money on in order to consume your energy. In order to top up, you simply head to a PayZone, which are typically off-licenses, supermarkets, or post offices. By choosing this plan, you are signing up to the Standard Variable tariff (below) rates, which are flexible. This means that the price you pay for energy will change based on market price fluctuations.

Scottish Power exit fees

While the majority of Scottish Power tariffs have a set exit fee of £30 per fuel, there are 12 that have no exit fees at all.

Information on all of Scottish Power’s available tariffs can be found on this page of their website.

Can I get a smart meter installed with Scottish Power?

You can! You can simply head to their site to request the installation of a smart meter, and a technician will come to your house to fit one. With a smart meter, you'll be able to keep on top of your energy consumption in real time, allowing you to make smarter and greener choices about your usage.

Scottish Power Reviews ⭐

What do their customers say?

When choosing a potential energy supplier, looking at what their existing customers are saying about them online can help you to gauge whether or not they’re a good fit for you. And as can be seen from the Scottish Power Reviews on Trustpilot they are a decidedly mixed bag. Across two review pages, which can be seen here, they have a total of 17,645 reviews at the time of writing.

Of these:

  • 5,600 were “Excellent”
  • 2,242 were “Great”
  • 967 were “Average”
  • 627 were “Poor”
  • 8,209 were “Bad”

As we can see, across both pages “bad” reviews outnumber both “Excellent” and “Great” reviews. The most commonly praised things about Scottish Power were ease of moving supply, quality of customer service when getting set up, and smooth installation of smart meters.

Among the most commonly criticised were difficulty getting through to the customer service team, billing inaccuracies (some of which were very expensive), low value for money and a lack of transparency when resolving disputes.

Customer service and complaint resolution

In an independent consumer survey, Scottish Power ranked the lowest of the “Big Six” energy suppliers at joint 33rd out of 35. Commonly cited frustrations include an inability to action promises made, long telephone wait times (average of around 3 and a half minutes), and slow resolution of complaints. However, this latter was one area in which they scored fairly well. One user review stated that “Customer service has dropped dramatically over the years”.

Bill accuracy

Billing accuracy is another common complaint among customer reviews, with some bills wildly in excess of reviewer’s (alleged) regular usage. One reviewer stated that they were “Unable to get a transparent accurate bill. I’ve had more cancelled bills than active ones in the last 2 years and it’s still not right. Barely any explanation from them as to what’s going on”.

Value for money

One or two reviews have indicated that Scottish Power’s value for money has declined in recent years, although one review stated that they were “Happy as I have saved a good monthly sum on my dual fuel transfer to a 12 month fixed deal”.

What other services does Scottish Power offer?

As well as an energy supplier, Scottish Power are also a distribution network operator (DNO). What does this mean? Well, it means that they are also in charge of energy even before it reaches your home. They are responsible for the transportation of gas and electricity around the UK, and delivering it to your household. There are four different 'Scottish Power Energy Networks' which all distribute energy to separate parts of the UK.

Scottish Power Boiler Services

Can I get boiler cover with Scottish Power?

Yes - if you sign up for boiler cover with Scottish Power, they will pay for any repairs or damage, making sure that your boiler provides you with constant hot water should you need it.

There are two main types of boiler cover you can request with Scottish Power. The first is called Boiler Insurance, which will cover the cost of replacing and repairing your boiler. The second is called Boiler Care, which is also designed for the maintenance of your boiler, as well as replacement and repairs. As with any insurance plans, the more you pay per month results in the less excess you will be faced with.

Boiler Insurance:

  • A 12 month fixed plan that will cover the replacement of your boiler, and repairs along the way from registered technicians.
  • For replacing your boiler, they will cover a cost of up to £750.
  • For repairs, they will cover costs of up to £1,500.
  • This insurance plan does not cover the cost of installing or maintaining your boiler.

Boiler and Radiator Insurance

  • This plan is pretty similar to the one before, however it also adds radiators to your cover.
  • They will cover costs of up to £1,500 for repairs and £750 for replacement of boilers.
  • They will also take care of any central heating or radiator repairs that are needed.
  • The initial installation of the boiler is not covered in this plan.

Boiler and Service Care

  • Just as the other plans, this involves covering the costs of up to £750 for replacing your boiler.
  • However, on top of this, they also offer lots of maintenance services. This means that you are eligible for regular check ups and services of your boiler included in the cost of the plan.
  • With this plan, you receive an annual service of your boiler, which is roughly the amount we recommend you get your boiler checked on.
  • This plan, doesn't cover the costs of the initial installment of the boiler.
  • They also provide a 24 hour service helpline.

Boiler, Radiator and Service Care

  • This plan is very similar to Boiler and Service Care, however it also includes the cover of your central heating as well.
  • Scottish Power will cover up to £750 of the cost of replacing your boiler.
  • They also provide a 24 hour service helpline.
  • On top of the maintenance of your boiler, they will also cover the maintenance of your central heating system and your radiators.
  • This plan does not cover the cost of the initial installment of the boiler.

Contact number

  • If you are a Boiler Insurance customer and want to speak to one of Scottish Power's customer service advisers, you can give this number a ring: 0800 027 7788. If you are a Boiler Care customer and want to speak to an adviser, then you can call this number: 0800 001 5214
  • If you don't yet have a boiler, or need some advice about repairs, maintenance, or replacement, you can read our handy guide on all-things-boilers here.

Do Scottish Power have home insurance plans?

You can sign up for a home insurance plan with Scottish Power, who have partnered up with AXA, a home insurance company. These plans will cover the cost of plumbing problems, faulty electric systems, and drainage issues.

What are my options if I have an electric vehicle?

Scottish Power Electric Vehicle

As well as providing the option of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging ports, Scottish Power also have two EV plans on offer. For £899, you can purchase an EV charger. This also includes the cost of installation by a registered technician.

Do Scottish Power have business energy deals?

Asides from domestic tariffs, Scottish Power also has business plans available. In fact, their business tariffs are pretty popular across the UK as they have competitive prices. Every business customer will be assigned a business energy team, including an expert adviser. Scottish Power business tariffs are designed based on company size. For example, smaller companies have the option of two fixed tariffs and one variable rate, whereas if you have a bigger company, you can access some more diverse plans.

Scottish Power's best plan for you depends on your needs, and as your needs are different from anyone else's, we can't declare one plan to be objectively 'better' than any others. However, there always is a best plan for you personally. While this may come from Scottish Power, it also might not, and our team of experts can advise you on that. You just need to tell them your priorities when it comes to your energy supply.

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How Does Scottish Power Combat Fuel Poverty?

Scottish Power helps to combat fuel poverty through their grant schemes, of which they have two.

Firstly, they provide Warm Home Discount and Winter Fuel Allowance:

  • In the cold months of winter when fuel is more expensive, people on low-incomes or vulnerable individuals get access to £140 in rebates to help them fuel their home during these colder times.
  • Visit our dedicated Warm Home Discount with Scottish Power article to find out if you are eligible for this grant.

Secondly, the Hardship Fund:

  • This is a grant that allows you to scrap your gas and electricity bills if you aren't able to pay them.
  • If you are struggling to pay your bills, you can check the eligibility criteria here. Also, if you refer a friend via the Scottish Power mobile app, you and them can share up to £200 credit!

As well as offering support to their financially-constraint customers, Scottish Power also support Cancer Research UK. So far, they have raised £25 million for Cancer Research UK. They have done this through their Beat Cancer tariff, as well as through employee fundraising and other charitable initiatives.

What else should I know about Scottish Power

Scottish Power Renewable energy

Scottish power have been around since 1990, and are one of the UK’s “Big Six” energy suppliers along with E.ON, British Gas, SSE, N-Power and EDF. According to data from Ofgem, they currently have a 9.2% share of the UK electricity market for Q1 2020 and deliver gas and electricity to over five million households and businesses across the UK.

Here are some additional details about Scottish Power:

  • Scottish Power was founded a massive 118 years ago. They formed in preparation for the privatisation of energy by the government in 1990. Initially just supplying energy in Scotland, they eventually bought MANWEB, a regional company in North Wales and some parts of the west country, expanding their supply base. On top of being an energy supplier, they are also the transmission owner for the south of Scotland.
  • In this time, they have grown into one of the 'Big 6', meaning they are one of the 6 largest energy suppliers in the UK. When they formed, they took market share from British Gas, the largest supplier in the UK.
  • Based in Glasgow, Scotland, they provide gas and electricity to nearly 32 million customers across the whole of the UK.
  • In 2006, they became a subsidiary company of the Spanish firm, Iberdrola, who bought them for £11.6 billion. The current CEO is Keith Anderson.

Contacting Scottish Power

For everything relative to switching the Switch Plan number 0330 054 0018 is the place to go. But if you want to website, you can access your account. This is where you can top up your prepayment meter, contact customer service and submit meter readings. You can also find information about all of their tariffs and other services.


The Scottish Power app is free to download for both Apple and Android products. On this app, you can also submit meter readings and contact customer service through your account, however you can also do it on the go! You can also track your energy usage, allowing you to manage your energy and your finances.

Social Media

You can head over to any of Scottish Power's social media pages to get up-to-date information about the company, their deals and also to lodge complaints and provide feedback. They are usually pretty swift at responding, so check out their Facebook and their Twitter pages.


Scottish Power Customer Services, 320 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5AD

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