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Many of us love going to Marks & Spencer when we want to treat ourselves to some tasty food or some quality clothing. But did you know that the much-loved supermarket is also one of our fastest-growing energy suppliers? Since 2008, Marks & Spencer Energy has been a strong presence in the UK energy market, combining a well-known and trusted brand name with good prices and a renewable energy mix. M&S originally offered energy in partnership with “Big 6” supplier SSE. As of 2018, however, they have partnered with 100% renewable supplier Octopus Energy. Marks & Spencer Energy has an impressive pedigree, combining one of our nation’s most beloved supermarkets with one of its most popular energy companies. With so many Energy Suppliers, are they the right choice for your household?

Last update: November 2022

We Consider Marks and Spencer Energy A Moderately Stable Supplier
As you may have heard on the news, the UK energy market is currently under an immense amount of stress putting several energy suppliers out of business. We have designated Marks and Spencer Energy as a moderate risk supplier right now, which means that they could face trouble if the UK energy crisis worsens much further. To learn more about this and stay updated you can read our page on the UK energy crisis.

Founded 2008
Client Email
Client Number 08081 697 822
Log in Log into your Marks & Spencer Energy account here
Number of clients Undisclosed
Postal Address Marks & Spencer Energy, Waterside House, 35 North Wharf Road, London, W2 1NW

What makes Marks & Spencer Energy different?

We all want to know what we’re getting for our money. Brand familiarity can often help us to feel that we’re making the right choices with our purchases. For over a hundred years, the Marks & Spencer brand has been synonymous with quality. Offering energy in conjunction with Octopus Energy (who have won multiple Supplier of the year awards), they have created strong brand synergy and a combination that’s trusted by a growing number of UK energy consumers. With 100% green energy at reasonable prices, and a great bonus of a £30 discount that you can claim at any M&S store, Marks & Spencer energy is a tempting prospect.

Who are Marks & Spencer Energy?

Marks & Spencer is a familiar brand to many in the UK. Founded in Leeds in 1884 where it began life as a Penny Bazaar, it is a brand with a long and prestigious history. In fact, scientists from M&S were actually instrumental in informing rationing policy during the second world war.
Over the years, the M&S brand has diversified, but is best known for high-quality food and affordable yet well-made clothing. The brand first made it onto the energy market in 2008 in partnership with SSE. One of the UK’s largest energy suppliers. However, in 2018, it set up a new partnership with Octopus Energy, supplying 100% renewable energy at competitive prices.

Who owns Marks & Spencer Energy?

M&S Energy is, unsurprisingly a joint venture between the retail giant (which handles the customer-facing side of the business) and Octopus Energy (who supply the energy itself). However, this doesn’t mean that M&S Energy’s tariffs and offering are the same as Octopus Energy’s as we’ll see later.

Are Marks & Spencer Energy any good?

Marks & Spencer Energy offers 100% renewable energy in partnership with one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers. It’s also a brand with which many UK consumers have positive sentiment, with lots of very positive customer reviews posted online.
On the face of it, they have everything you’d expect from an energy supplier. But are they the best fit for you and your household?

Our opinion on Marks & Spencer Energy

Marks & Spencer Energy have a stellar reputation for customer service, combined with 100% renewable energy, and carbon offset gas. Prices are comfortably below the Energy Price Cap, and their referral scheme is among the most generous out there.
Let’s look at their performance in all the areas that matter the most to you to find out…

Mark and Spencer Energy Switch

Marks & Spencer Energy tariffs

Marks & Spencer Energy may not have the most robust range of tariffs, but many may see that as a good thing. After all, when a supplier offers dozens of tariffs, it can be difficult to decide which is the best fit for your needs.

Below you can find the cost information associated with these tariffs.

Plan name Tariff type Is the tariff live? Average electricity annual cost (£/year) Average gas annual cost (£/year) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit fees (£/fuel) Green Tariff**
/ Standard Variable £ 649.882* £ 489.520* £ 1,139.402* £ 0.000 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months £ 756.022* £ 712.720* £ 1,468.742* £ 0.000 ✖️

* Prices vary from one city to another, so we display national averages
* Based on 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year on average
** A Green tariff means the supplier injects in the grid the same amount of renewable energy that is consumed.
Including 5% of VAT.

Marks & Spencer Energy Variable Rate Tariffs

Marks & Spencer Energy currently only has their standard variable tariff. With variable rates your price changes over the course of your contract, but you can easily switch to other suppliers or plans.

The costs associated with this tariff can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green Tariff**
/ Standard Variable Electricity 27.390 p* 18.960 p* £ 649.882* £ 0.000 ✖️
/ Standard Variable Gas 26.590 p* 3.270 p* £ 489.520* £ 0.000 ✖️

* Prices vary from one city to another, so we display national averages
* Based on 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year on average
** A Green tariff means the supplier injects in the grid the same amount of renewable energy that is consumed.
Including 5% of VAT.

Marks & Spencer Energy Fixed Rate Tariffs

Marks & Spencer Energy not only has a variable plan, they also offer a fixed plan. You can see the details for the fixed plan down below..

The pricing on these tariffs can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green Tariff**
/ Fixed - 24 months Electricity 27.390 p* 22.620 p* £ 756.022* £ 0.000 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months Gas 26.590 p* 5.130 p* £ 712.720* £ 0.000 ✖️

* Prices vary from one city to another, so we display national averages
* Based on 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year on average
** A Green tariff means the supplier injects in the grid the same amount of renewable energy that is consumed.
Including 5% of VAT.

Marks & Spencer Energy Economy 7 Tariffs

Marks & Spencer also caters to customers with an economy 7 meter.

As mentioned previously, these tariffs have two separate unit rates, one for peak hours of consumption and another for off-peak.

Pricing on these tariffs can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Day Rate (p/kWh)* Night Rate (p/kWh)p* Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green Tariff**
/ Economy 7 - Standard Variable Economy 7 27.480 p* 20.520 p* 14.040 p* £ 616.524* £ 0 ✖️
/ Economy 7 - Fixed 24 months Economy 7 27.480 p* 23.950 p* 16.850 p* £ 708.443* £ 0 ✖️

* Prices vary from one city to another, so we display national averages
* Based on 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year on average
* Assuming the average Economy 7 tariff user consumes around 58% of his energy on peak and 42% off peak.
** A Green tariff means the supplier injects in the grid the same amount of renewable energy that is consumed.

Is Marks & Spencer Energy really cheaper?

Marks & Spencer Energy tariffs offer very good value for money, with both its fixed and variable-rate tariffs currently comfortably below the Ofgem Energy Price Cap. This has been increased to pre-COVID levels at £1,138 for both fuels as of April 2021.
Whichever tariff you choose, we recommend giving us a call every 12-18 months to check that you’re getting the best rates on the market.

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Marks & Spencer Energy: What other services do they offer?

Marks & Spencer Energy has a few other services available to its energy customers. Let’s take a closer look at these here.

M&S £30 digital voucher

As an incentive to signing up, new customers get a £30 digital voucher. You can use this at any M&S store. So you can stock up on groceries to treat yourself to some nice new clothes while also saving money on your energy.

Do Marks & Spencer Energy do business tariffs?

Marks & Spencer Energy does not currently offer business energy plans. However, its energy partner Octopus Energy does provide scalable energy solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Do Marks & Spencer Energy have smart meters? What smart meters do they offer?

Yes, since they are in partnership with Octopus Energy, Marks & Spencer Energy is working hard to roll out smart meters to all its customers. These transmit your energy usage data to your supplier, so you’ll never have to send a meter reading or get inaccurate estimated bills again.
COVID-safe installations are still getting carried out under what remains of the national lockdown.
At present, Marks & Spencer Energy offer both first-generation SMETS1 and second-generation SMETS2 meters to customers. However, the SMETS 1 meters are in the process of getting upgraded remotely. So, whatever kind of smart meter you get, you’ll be able to switch energy suppliers as many times as you like without needing to worry about losing functionality.

How to apply for the Warm Home Discount with Marks & Spencer Energy

M&S Energy offers the Warm Home Discount to eligible households on a voluntary basis. This provides a flat-rate discount of £140 on your energy during the colder months from September to March. If you’re automatically entitled to the discount (i.e. you are of pensionable age) the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will contact you before mid-December 2021 to let you know what happens next.
If you usually have to apply to receive the Warm Home Discount (i.e. you receive qualifying benefits), you’ll need to reapply for 2021-2022. Applications will open in autumn, on a first come first served basis.

Marks & Spencer Energy customer reviews: What do their customers say?

At Papernest, we strive to match every user to the perfect supplier for their needs. We also understand that customer service is every bit as important as pricing.
We can get an understanding of how customers feel about the brand by looking at Marks & Spencer Energy’s Trustpilot page. This gives a good overview of customer sentiment, as well qualitative data from customer reviews.
Marks & Spencer Energy currently has an exceptional customer score of 4.9 out of 5. This makes them an “Excellent” supplier.
At the time of writing, Marks & Spencer Energy has a total of 2,741 customer reviews. Of which:

  • 2,632 (96%) were “Excellent”
  • 70 (3%) were “Great”
  • 6 (<1%) were “Average”
  • 10 (<1%) were “Poor”
  • 22 (<1%) were “Bad”

That’s an incredible 99% of reviewers rating Marks & Spencer Energy as above average.
Positive reviews cite outstanding customer service from efficient and friendly staff members. They also mention speedy and decisive issue resolution and great value for money. Fast and smooth smart meter installations were also cited as strong positives.
The few negative reviews focused on difficulties switching, and energy rates being higher than expected.

How green is Marks & Spencer Energy?

Marks & Spencer Energy offers 100% renewable electricity on all its new tariffs. They also offer carbon-offset gas via Octopus Energy. Short of offering carbon-neutral biomethane gas, there’s not much they could do to be greener!

Marks & Spencer Energy energy fuel mix

Although Marks & Spencer Energy offers 100% renewable energy, it does not give the specific ratios of its renewable fuel mix on its website. Over on Octopus Energy’s website, however, we can see that the breakdown of their renewable energy mix is as follows:

  • 75.3% Wind
  • 21% Solar
  • 3.7% Hydro

Contacting Marks & Spencer Energy

One of the most impressive things about Marks & Spencer Energy is the near-unanimous praise that the brand receives for its customer service. But at Papernest, we understand that great customer service is meaningless if you have to wait on the phone for half an hour to speak to a member of staff.
So, how easy is it to get in touch with Marks & Spencer Energy?
The fastest way to contact the supplier is to call 08081 697 82. Alternatively, you can email According to Citizens Advice, M&S Energy takes just 42 seconds on average to answer the phone, and they respond to 87% of customer emails within 2 days.

Marks & Spencer Energy: How to pay

Marks & Spencer Energy’s current tariffs are only payable by monthly direct debit. We recommend taking monthly meter readings, or installing a smart meter. This will help to make sure that your direct debits are always reflective of your usage.

How to refer a friend to Marks & Spencer Energy

M&S Energy offer a referral scheme, whereby you can earn £50 credit for yourself and whomever you refer. Better still, there’s no limit to the number of people that you can refer. You can get a referral link from your customer dashboard that you can distribute via email or social media.

How to complain about Marks & Spencer Energy

If you have a complaint about Marks & Spencer Energy, you don’t necessarily have to submit it by post. It is just as actionable if you send it via email or even over the phone.
However, if you would rather send your complaint in the post, the address is:
Marks & Spencer Energy
Waterside House
35 North Wharf Road
W2 1NW
We strongly recommend sending your complaint via recorded delivery. After you complain to M&S Energy, they have 8 weeks to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. If you don’t feel that they have done this, you can submit your complaint to the energy ombudsman.
Think M&S Energy might be the supplier for you?
Call the Papernest team today on 0330 054 0010.
We’re available from 8am to 6pm.

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Looking to compare energy suppliers?Leave your phone number to request a call back from us!

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What are Marks & Spencer Energy unit rates?

Unit rates depend on the tariff you choose. The unit rates per kWh for the currently available tariffs include:

  • M&S Everyday Energy- 16.107p for electricity, 3.04p for gas.
  • M&S 12 Month Fixed Energy- 16.107p for electricity, 3.045p for gas.

How often do Marks & Spencer Energy bill?

The only way to pay your Marks & Spencer Energy bill is by monthly Direct Debit. We recommend either installing a smart meter or submitting a meter reading every month to ensure that your direct debit is proportionate to your energy usage.

How do I cancel Marks & Spencer Energy?

You don’t need to cancel your Marks & Spencer Energy account if you want to switch. Just get in touch with the Papernest team, and we’ll find you the perfect energy plan for your needs. We’ll also manage your switch from end-to-end. M&S Energy will send you a final bill once the switch is complete.

How long does it take to switch to Marks & Spencer Energy?

Because the Papernest team manage your switch for you, we can get your new Marks & Spencer energy account up and running much faster. You’ll be ready to enjoy cheaper, greener energy within just 15 days.

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