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Like most other energy companies, Green Network Energy offers a choice of tariffs. Customers can choose from tariffs specifically designed for high usage, opt for a plan that draws all its energy from renewable sources or find another tariff that suits their lifestyle.
Last update: January 2021

So, out of all the energy suppliers in the UK, you’re interested in switching to Green Network Energy for your energy supply? On this page, you’ll find the answers to these questions.

  • How easy is it to switch to Green Network Energy?
  • How can you get a quote from Green Network Energy?
  • How long does it take to switch to Green Network Energy?


More than ever, our team of experts remain on deck to help you make savings on your energy. We understand how deeply the lives of many are affected by these trying times and we want to support you the best we can. More on your energy supply during COVID-19 in our article.

Green Network Energy Fuel Mix

Should I switch to Green Network Energy?

Your green supplier

If you’re looking for an energy company with strong eco ideals, you may well be considering a switch to Green Network Energy. The company invests in renewable energy projects and has set a number of ambitious goals when it comes to increasing the amount of green energy it produces.

Green Network Energy places a strong emphasis on customer service and reviews for the company are generally good. Customers like its eco-friendly philosophy and its newly launched digital tools make it easy to manage accounts and pay bills online.

If you’re thinking about switching to Green Network Energy, learning a little more about their services should help you make up your mind. Here, we take a closer look at what makes Green Network Energy different.

Who are Green Network Energy?

The Italian SupplierGreen Network Energy is an Italian energy supplier that launched on the UK market in 2016. The company originally aimed its services at Italian expats, with a dual-language website and call centre. In recent years, Green Network Energy has expanded its client base to include a large number of UK households. The company aims to bring a ‘little Italian flavour’ to the British market.

How green is Green Network Energy?

Renewable energy is at the centre of the company’s ethos. As well as offering green tariffs, Green Network Energy invests in renewable energy schemes and development. Green Network Energy customers can use the company’s app to keep track of how much energy they’re using. This can help users reduce the amount of energy they consume and minimise their carbon footprint.

Green Network Energy includes 33% renewable energy in all its tariffs as standard. Customers can also choose tariffs that are 100% powered by renewable energy. Green Network Energy recently started paying customers for any renewable energy they were able to generate at home and put into the grid. This could further increase the percentage of their energy generated from renewable sources.

Injecting domestic energy into the grid

If you have energy generation equipment at home, or if you’re thinking of investing in some, you can actually sell your electricity back to Green Network Energy. Their feed-in tariffs are specifically designed for customers who have solar panels, wind turbines and hydropower generators at home.

This equipment will let you power your own home on renewable energy. If you make excess energy, Green Network Energy will buy it from you and feed it back into the grid.

Is Green Network Energy any good?

As Green Network Energy is relatively new to the UK market, it’s a good idea to find out if the company is any good before switching. The short answer to this is yes. Green Network Energy compares favourably with other energy suppliers and has an ‘Excellent’ rating from Trustpilot, the highest available.

In customer surveys, Green Network Energy performs strongly on bill accuracy and customer service. This is a good indicator that your payments will be as expected and any issues with your tariff will be resolved quickly. One of the only areas where Green Network Energy gets a lower rating than other energy companies is digital tools. However, with the recent launch of the company’s app and a revamped website, this issue should soon be remedied.

Green Network Energy Reviews

Green Network Energy is a small company trying to build its reputation. This means customer reviews and satisfaction levels are very important to the brand.

Before switching networks, it’s always worth taking a look at the reviews other customers have written. You can read Green Network Energy reviews on independent review sites to find out what existing users think of the company’s service.

Green Network Energy Tariffs

Green Network Energy offers a choice of tariffs. You can find the right tariff for you by using the online tool on their website. Once you’ve typed in your postcode, you’ll be able to choose from a range of different options to find the tariff that best suits your lifestyle.

Tariff Average cost Features
GNE Family Green 12 Months Fixed V9 £79.75 per month -Energy prices fixed for 12 months
-Paperless billing
-100% renewable electricity
GNE Family Green 2 YEar Fixed V6 £79.83 per month -Energy prices fixed for 24 months
-Paperless billing
-100% renewable electricity
GNE Standard Var V1 £91 per month -Variable priced tariff
-Paperless billing
-33% renewable energy
GNE Prepayment V1 £91 per month -Variable priced tariff
-Paperless communication
-33% renewable electricity
-Prepayment only

All Green Network Energy tariffs are supplied with a minimum of 33% renewable energy. You can also choose tariffs that are powered by 100% renewable energy. One of the company’s most popular tariffs is the Fixed Family Plan. This is specifically designed for families with three or more children and households that consume a lot of energy.

If you think a Green Network Energy tariff could be right for you, we can help you switch. Give our Switch Plan team a call on 0330 054 0017 to find out more.

Where does Green Network Energy get its power?

Green Network Energy invests in a number of renewable energy projects including solar and biogas. It has recently started paying customers for any renewable energy they can produce at home and pump into the grid and plans a number of renewable energy schemes for the future.

At the moment, Green Network Energy generates a lot more of its energy from renewable sources than the average UK supplier. In the coming years, the company aims to generate a growing percentage of its energy from renewable and sustainable sources. Here’s a comparison of how Green Network Energy compares to the rest of the market.

Green Network Energy UK Average
Renewable 53.4% 32.8%
Coal 4.5% 5.2%
Natural gas 30.9% 41.4%
Nuclear 9.3% 18.7%
Other 1.9% 1.9%

Will the energy I receive all come from renewable sources?

Just because you sign up for a tariff that uses 100% renewable energy, it doesn’t mean the electricity that reaches your home will come from renewable sources. In the UK, electricity is generated from a variety of sources including gas, nuclear and coal as well as renewables like solar, hydro, wind and biomass.

Green Network Energy Fuel MixOnce it’s been produced, all of this energy is mixed together in the National Grid before being transferred to homes and businesses across the UK. This means Green Network Energy can’t guarantee it will be their renewable energy that will reach your home and it’s unlikely that the electricity that you use will come solely from wind, solar or other environmentally sustainable sources.

However, Green Network Energy puts the same amount of energy into the grid as its customers take out. As over half of this energy comes from renewable sources, the amount of green energy in the grid is still increased. As the company generates more of its energy from renewables, an increasing amount of energy in the grid will come from green sources.

Pros and cons of Green Network Energy

As with any energy supplier, switching to Green Network Energy offers a number or pros and cons. Weighing these up should help you decide if the company is the right supplier for you.

  • Fix your unit price for up to 24 months so you know exactly how much you’ll pay
  • Choose tariffs powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Manage your energy account via the Green Network Energy app
  • Family plan for high energy consumption households


  • The website does not have a live chat feature
  • Fuel mix not entirely renewable
  • Not the cheapest tariffs on the market

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⏱️ Do I have to have a smart meter with Green Network Energy?

Green Network Energy is currently testing its first smart meters with a small group of customers. Once these smart meters are ready, they will make them more widely available. The company aims to offer all customers smart meters by the end of 2020. However, it is up to you if you choose to accept this offer or not.

If you already have a smart meter from a different supplier, you can still switch to Green Network Energy. Some smart meters may be compatible with their system. If yours isn’t, you’ll need to send regular meter readings via the Green Network Energy app or your online account.

Is there a Green Network Energy App?

Green Network Energy recently launched their own app. The app allows customers to monitor their energy consumption, pay bills, submit meter readings, check tariff information and refer friends. The app is relatively easy to use and should make it easier to manage and keep track of your energy usage.

How can I get a Green Network Energy quote?

You can get a Green Network Energy quote using the tariff tool on their website. This tool will take you through a range of options and ask for information including your current tariff, your requirements and your energy usage. Once you’ve put your information into the online tool, you’ll be able see the tariffs on offer and decide which best suits your lifestyle.

Do Green Network Energy offer the Warm Home Discount?

The Warm Home Discount is a scheme that offers eligible people up to £140 off their winter energy bill. The payment is a one-off discount that’s paid to your supplier on your behalf. The scheme is aimed at the over 65s and those living on some form of income support. Green Network Energy is part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

If you think you qualify for the scheme, you need to apply for your discount before the end of October. If your application is accepted, Green Network Energy will apply the discount to your bill before the end of March next year.

How to login to Green Network Energy

You can login to your Green Network Energy account on their website. Use the email address you provided when you switched to the company. You can also use the app to access account details.


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Updated on 22 Jan, 2021


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