Zebra Power in 2020: Prices, Plans, Reviews

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Zebra Power

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Zebra Power

One of the UK’s smaller energy providers, Zebra Power is an independent company with big ambitions. On its website, it states that “All things energy should be in simple black and white terms with no grey areas.” In order to achieve this, the supplier says that it offers clear, easy to understand tariffs and deals. Like many of the new energy companies that have sprung up over the past few years, Zebra Power places a strong emphasis on customer service. In fact, it says it offers “Platinum Customer Service to both new and existing customers.”

Last updated: February 2021

If you’re currently looking for a new energy supplier, and are searching for a provider that offers both good customer service and low prices, Zebra Power may well have made your shortlist. To help you decide if the supplier is right for you, we’re taking a closer look at Zebra Power and everything it has to offer.

Who is Zebra Power?

Zebra Power is one of the many new energy suppliers that have emerged in the past few years. Launched in 2017, the company focuses on clear, simple prices, good customer service and customer loyalty. It aims to demystify energy and ensure that its customers understand their payments, charges and tariffs.
Unlike a lot of the other energy companies that have launched in the last five years, Zebra Power doesn’t seem to promote green energy. The company doesn’t currently offer 100% renewable tariffs and it doesn’t talk a lot about sustainability or renewables on its website. Instead, its focus seems to be on low prices and good customer service.

Zebra Power
Founded 2017
Customer email enquiries@zebrapower.co.uk
Customer number 0161 498 8100
Customer log in You can log in to your Zebra Power account here

If sustainability and carbon emissions are important to you, Zebra Power may not be the right supplier for your home. However, if you’re more concerned with getting good value for money and an energy company that’s easy to deal with, they could be the perfect choice.

zebra power

Zebra Power tariffs

Zebra Power offers a choice of fixed rate deals as well as a standard variable rate tariff. At the moment, Zebra Power doesn’t support prepayment meters.
Zebra Power fixed rate deals are generally cheaper than its standard variable rate tariff. However, if you want to leave your fixed deal early, you’ll have to pay an exit fee of £30 per fuel. This can make a fixed tariff less affordable if you’re planning on moving home or switching supplier in the near future.

Tariff Standing Charge (electricity) Unit price (electricity) Standing charge (gas) Unit price (gas) Fixed period Exit fee
Zebra Fixed Rate December 2021 v1 Paperless 21p/day 15.45p/kWh 21p/day 2.95p/kW 12 months £30 per fuel
Zebra Auto 12 Months v2 Paperless 22.75p/day 15.6p/kWh 22.75p/day 3p/kWh 12 months £30 per fuel
Zebra Fixed Rate December 2021 v1 Paper Billing 28p/day 15.45p/kWh 25p/day 2.95p/kWh 12 months £30 per fuel
Zebra Fixed 24 Month Exclusive V2 Paperless 21p/day 15.9p/kWh 21p/day 3.2p/kWh 24 Months £30 per fuel
Zebra 24 Months V4 21p/day 15.8p/kWh 21p/day 3.25p/kWh 24 Months £30 per fuel
Zebra Gold 12 Months V5 Paperless 22p/day 16.1p/kWh 22p/day 3.15p/kWh 12 Months £30 per fuel
Zebra Fixed 24 Month Exclusive V2 Paper Billing 28p/day 15.9p/kWh 25p/day 3.2p/kWh 24 Months £30 per fuel
Zebra Assist 24 Months V4 Paperless 22p/day 16.2p/kWh 22p/day 3.45p/kWh 24 Months £30 per fuel
Zebra Gold 12 Months V5 Paper Billing 29p/day 16.1p/kWh 27p/day 3.15p/kWh 12 Months £30 per fuel
Zebra Assist 24 Months V4 Paper 29p/day 16.2p/kWh 26p/day 3.45p/kWh 24 Months £30 per fuel
Zebra Born Free Variable 23.768p/day 17.164p/kWh 26.063p/day 2.926p/kWh N/A £0.00

The exact amount you’ll pay will depend on your location and your energy usage. The above figures are based on a 3-bed house just outside of London.

Is Zebra Power cheap?

Zebra Power is currently one of the cheaper energy suppliers on the market. Their fixed rate tariffs in particular offer good value for money, with relatively low daily standing charges and affordable unit costs. However, as Zebra Power charges an exit fee of £30 per fuel, it can be expensive if you take out a fixed rate dual fuel deal and then decide to switch part-way through.
If you’re not sure how long you’re going to stay at your current address, or how long you’ll want to stay with Zebra Energy, it could well be cheaper to opt for the supplier’s variable rate tariff. Although this is slightly more expensive than Zebra’s fixed rate deals, it doesn’t come with any exit fees so could be more affordable in the long run.
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Zebra Power fuel mix

An energy company’s fuel mix shows exactly where the supplier gets its electricity. A lot of energy companies use the standard mix provided by the National Grid. That means the majority of their energy comes from natural gas, followed by renewables and nuclear. Coal also still makes up a small proportion of the standard mix.
Some companies however are investing more and more in renewable energy sources. A number of suppliers now offer 100% green energy tariffs, allowing their customers to lower their carbon footprint every time they turn on a light.
As yet, Zebra Power hasn’t published its fuel mix so it’s impossible to say how green the company is. However, as the supplier doesn’t mention renewables or green electricity on its website, they probably don’t invest in renewable energy.
zebra power

Is Zebra Power any good?

In general, Zebra Power reviews are pretty good. The company’s commitment to high quality customer service seems to be paying off and most customers seem happy with the value for money they feel they receive from the provider.
Citizens Advice rates Zebra Power in the top 10 for UK energy suppliers in 2020. They give the company 4/5 for complaints handling, 5/5 for ease of contact and 4/5 for clear, accurate billing, this gives the provider an overall score of 3.95 out of 5. Zebra Power also receives a high score on TrustPilot where it’s currently rated 4.7/5.
In almost all impartial reviews, Zebra Power is praised for the quality of its customer service. It also does well when it comes to affordability. In fact, the only area where Zebra Power falls short is digital tools. Its website is pretty basic and the company doesn’t yet have an app to allow customers to manage their accounts via their smartphones. If good quality digital tools, and easy online account management, are important to you, Zebra Power may not be the right supplier for your household.
As things can change quickly in the world of energy, it’s important to check the latest reviews on independent sites before making a switch to Zebra Power. You can also check their social media profiles to see how they interact with their customers.

Zebra Power customer reviews: pros and cons

Like any energy supplier, Zebra Power comes with its own pros and cons. Weighing these up should help you decide if the supplier is right for you.

  • Good customer service
  • Good online reviews
  • Affordable tariffs

  • No 100% renewable energy tariffs available
  • Limited digital tools – no app
  • Doesn’t offer the Warm home Discount
  • No prepayment tariffs available
  • Smart meters not yet available

If you’re still not sure whether or not Zebra Power is right for you, our Switch Plan can help you decide. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more.
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Does Zebra Power offer smart meters

Zebra Power doesn’t currently offer its customers smart meters. Although you can switch to the supplier if you already have a smart meter from another energy provider.
Smart meters offer a number of benefits over traditional meters. These digital devices automatically calculate your gas and electricity usage and send the figures to your energy supplier. They also tell your supplier how much energy you use at different times of the day. This can help your energy company to make their services more efficient and improve overall sustainability in the National Grid.
Another benefit of smart meters is that they come with an In Home Display. This digital window into your energy consumption lets you see how much gas and electricity you’re using, set spending limits and work to reduce your overall energy usage.

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