Entice Energy customers transferred to Scottish Power: What’s next?


In an unfortunate turn of events, Entice Energy has announced that they have gone bust and will seize trading. As of Sunday November 28th all customers are being supplied by Scottish Power. The supplier is the latest to fall as a result of the complications caused by the UK energy crisis. While Entice Energy was known for its simple green energy tariffs generated by a renewable energy mix, and superior customer service they still were not able to outlast the UK’s energy crisis.
Last update: November 2022

As a result of the UK energy crisis that is currently occurring, Entice Energy has unfortunately gone bust and is no longer trading. To help you navigate this crisis we prepared for you a guide on what to do if your energy supplier goes bust along with a page compiling all the information on the energy market crisis to ensure you stay updated on a daily basis.

On this page, we break down what customers of Entice Energy need to do next now that their supplier has gone bust. Most importantly we give important information on their new Scottish Power energy supply, the tariffs they have been switched there, the other Scottish Power tariffs they are eligible to. Finally we will tell them everything about the conditions of their transfer, the handling of the final Entice Energy bills and the conditions to switch again if they are not satisfied with Scottish Power’s energy supply.

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Closed 2021
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Number of clients 5,400
Postal Address Ransom Hall South Ransom Wood, Mansfield NG21 0HJ

Entice Energy, despite its enthusiastic customer reviews and tariff plans that were hailed as affordable, transparent and simple, was not able to outlast the volatility in the energy market. Unfortunately, this has become a common occurrence in the last few months in particular as many energy suppliers in the UK struggle to overcome the difficulties caused by the crisis.

What Should Entice Energy Customers Do?

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is not much that Entice Energy customers can really do to change the outcome of their situation, however, there are certain steps that they can take in order to minimize any of their personal risks at the moment. In this section, we go over the factors that led to Entice Energy’s fall as well as what steps to take.

What happened to Entice Energy?

Entice Energy went bankrupt because they were unable to keep up with the extremely high costs of wholesale energy in the UK while also being limited in terms of how much they could charge their customers, many of whom were protected by the energy price cap. The end result was that Entice Energy was losing money with just about every customer that they had for the last few months, and unable to keep up at the rate of losses at the time they officially went bust on the 25th of November, 2021.

Will my energy supply be interrupted?

No, the UK energy market has safety nets and special processes that ensure that your home’s energy supply is not interrupted. Instead you will be appointed a new energy supplier that will take over your homes energy needs and you will be transferred as a customer to this new supplier by Ofgem, the regulator of the UK energy market.

Should I take a new meter reading?

Yes, you should certainly take a new meter reading once you hear your supplier has gone bust. An updated meter reading could help you ensure you are being accurately charged for your energy consumption during the transition period, as incident are more likely to occur during this time. Proof of your energy consumption will always be helpful whenever a time comes when you feel that an energy supplier has made an error.

Should I still be paying Entice Energy?

For now, yes, you should still be paying Entice Energy if you receive any bills from them, Entice Energy will remain in control of your energy supply until you are completely transferred to the new supplier appointed to you by Ofgem. When the transfer is complete your new supplier will provide with more instruction regarding paying off any owed debts or receiving credit from your previous supplier, in some situations your new supplier will take complete control of these matters where in other situations your previous supplier will keep an offen open to handle these matters themselves]]s.

It is recommended that you do not cancel your payment processes until your new supplier reaches out, because canceling it prematurely could result in complications in processes payments once your new supplier takes over your energy supply.

I am still in credit or in debt to Entice Energy – what do I do?

This is something that you will be sorted out between Entice Energy and your new supplier once they are announced, some suppliers will take on all existing credit and debt of a defaulted supplier when they take on the defaulted supplier’s customers. However, because this hasn’t been decided yet it may be a moment before you can find out. If you are not certain and would like to know now, we suggest you call Entice Energy at their support line listed above.

Scottish Power to take over: will my bills go up?

This will likely be the case, unfortunately, as a result of the current market conditions it seems that high prices are impossible to afford. Usually you will be put on a deemed contract with the new supplier chosen by Ofgem. This means that you are not able to chose your plan. This contract tends to be a big more expensive and in some cases could be higher than your old one. However, there may be a chance that you can request information from Scottish Power about which tariff they plan to place you on because there may be a cheaper tariff than the one they selected for you that you need to ask for in order to receive.

What rate will I pay under my new contract?

Scottish Power will contact you once the transfer is in process and they are going to inform you about the tariff you will be paying.

When will Scottish Power contact me?

It may take some time for them to reach out since they will need to start cooperatinng with Entice Energy in order to ensure all customer information is transferred properly. Once all your information has been transferred to the new supplier they will reach out to you about taking over your power supply.

How will my new supplier contact me, and what if I’m moving home?

Scottish Power will very likely contact you with the information you have listed on your Entice Energy account, so they may call your number listed with the account or more likely they will send a letter to your address. This is why it is important to ensure your contact information is accurate and up to date with entice energy as soon as possible. If you are in the midst of moving you should reach out and notify Entice so that they are aware, particularly if you were planning on using them in your new address.

If you don’t hear from your new supplier within a week or two of them being announced, you should reach out to their customer service lines to make sure that everything is okay and that they have the right information for you on file.

Can I switch suppliers right now?

While you can, we strongly suggest against this, simply because not many suppliers are accepting new customers at the moment and those that are do not have the most favourable rates for new customers. Aside from that, switching now may cause some complications between the supplier you’ve chosen and the supplier you’ve been appointed to by Ofgem, there is a higher risk of an error being made with your power supply. We recommend you wait until your transfer to the Ofgem appointed supplier is completed and then once completed you can switch to whichever supplier you like, free of any penalties or fees.

Do I have to stay with Scottish Power?

Nope, you do not have to stay with your appointed supplier. Once the transfer is completed you can switch to whichever active supplier you prefer, however because of the current conditions of the UK’s energy market we recommend staying with Scottish Power simply because it is likely one of the more stable suppliers on the market. If you do opt to switch, your new supplier could end going bust as well and then you’d have to repeat this process.

Scottish Power tariffs in 2021: what can I choose from?

Scottish Power offers a wide range of tariffs. As is common with most energy suppliers, there are both single and dual tariffs, including fixed and variable tariffs. Let’s first take a look at Scottish Power’s tariffs, which are available to both existing and new customers:

Plan Tariff type Average Electricity annual cost (£/year) Average gas annual cost (£/year) Average total annual cost (£/year)
Standard Variable Variable Rate £ 704.228* £ 576.567* £ 1280.795*
1 Year Fixed Price Energy 12 Months Fixed Rate £ 898.233* £ 1012.989* £ 1911.223*
2 Years Fixed Price Energy 24 Months Fixed Rate £904.223* £1018.979* £1923.203*
1 Year Fixed Price + Boiler 12 Months Fixed Rate £ 877.158* £ 991.914* £ 1869.073*
2 Years Fixed Price + Boiler 24 Months Fixed Rate £ 883.185* £ 997.941* £ 1881.126*

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.
Exit fees are £0, besides the 1 Year Fixed Price Energy, 1 Year Fixed Price + Boiler, and 2 Years Fixed Price + Boiler plans, where the exit fee is £30.

Fixed tariff

Scottish Power has a fixed tariff. A fixed tariff means that your tariff remains the same throughout the contract period. This is a good option for those of you who want less fluctuation in tariffs, which is useful for budgeting. Please note that your energy bill will vary depending on your energy consumption. A fixed tariff simply means that your energy costs will remain the same, regardless of the price Scottish Power pays for procurement.

Variable tariff

Scottish Power also offers a standard variable tariff. With this tariff, the price you pay for your energy is based on the market price for energy, unlike the fixed tariff. When wholesale prices for gas and electricity change, suppliers pass these changes on to your bill. This can be more or less costly, depending on the direction in which energy costs are moving.
Important: If the price of energy increases, Scottish Power is obliged to inform you at least 30 days in advance. This way you can plan your budget in advance.

Scottish Power Tariffs

When choosing a new energy provider, it’s important for you to choose a tariff that complements your usage. Scottish Power offers a fairly wide range of tariffs, with certainly enough to choose from!

Below you can find the cost information associated with these tariffs.

Plan name Tariff type Is the tariff live? Average electricity annual cost (£/year) Average gas annual cost (£/year) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit fees (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Standard Variable £ 1,778.80* £ 2,190.74* £ 3,969.54* £ 0.00 ✔️
/ Fixed - 12 months £ 1,808.79* £ 2,389.02* £ 4,197.81* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed - 24 months £ 1,784.79* £ 2,395.01* £ 4,179.80* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed 12 + boiler cover £ 1,670.31* £ 2,184.71* £ 3,855.02* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed 24 + boiler cover £ 1,676.33* £ 2,190.74* £ 3,867.08* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Prepayment Variable £ 1,670.02* £ 2,204.55* £ UK_NRJ_SP_DF_PAYG_annualc* £ 150.00 ✔️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
** A tariff is green if for each kWh consumed a kWh of renewable energy is injected in the grid.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Scottish Power Variable Rate Tariffs

Scottish Power currently only offers its standard variable tariff. With variable tariffs, the price rises and falls depending on the market price. They offer the user flexibility in terminating the contract, but also carry the risk of potentially higher prices.

The costs associated with this tariff can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Standard Variable Electricity 32.14 p* 57.29 p* £ 1,778.80* £ 0.00 ✔️
/ Standard Variable Gas 32.40 p* 17.27 p* £ 2,190.74* £ 0.00 ✔️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
** A tariff is green if for each kWh consumed a kWh of renewable energy is injected in the grid.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Scottish Power Fixed Rate Tariffs

Scottish Power offers several fixed rate tariffs. We have an overview of them below.

The pricing on these tariffs can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Fixed - 12 months Electricity 40.35 p* 57.29 p* £ 1,808.79* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed - 24 months Electricity 33.78 p* 57.29 p* £ 1,784.79* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed 12 + boiler cover Electricity 30.94 p* 53.70 p* £ 1,670.31* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed 24 + boiler cover Electricity 32.59 p* 53.70 p* £ 1,676.33* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed - 12 months Gas 27.22 p* 19.08 p* £ 2,389.02* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed - 24 months Gas 28.86 p* 19.08 p* £ 2,395.01* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed 12 + boiler cover Gas 30.75 p* 17.27 p* £ 2,184.71* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Fixed 24 + boiler cover Gas 32.40 p* 17.27 p* £ 2,190.74* £ 150.00 ✔️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
** A tariff is green if for each kWh consumed a kWh of renewable energy is injected in the grid.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Scottish Power Gas Prepaid Tariffs

Scottish Power also allows the use of prepaid meters. With this type of meter, you do not pay according to consumption, but top up your meter and the credit is slowly reduced.

Costs associated with this tariff plan can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Prepayment Variable Electricity 30.86 p* 53.70 p* £ 1,670.02* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Prepayment Variable Gas 36.18 p* 17.27 p* £ 2,204.55* £ 150.00 ✔️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
** A tariff is green if for each kWh consumed a kWh of renewable energy is injected in the grid.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Scottish Power Economy 7 Tariffs

Scottish Power’s tariffs provide Economy 7, which means that you pay two different unit rates depending on when you use Electricity. These are day and night tariffs, also referred to as peak and off-peak tariffs. During peak tariff hours, you pay a higher unit rate for your energy. However, during off-peak hours, the cost of your Electricity drops substantially, and this is between 10pm and 8:30pm However, depending on the time of year, this can change. With an Economy 7 tariff, you can choose to consume Electricity during off-peak hours and save a lot of money on your Electricity. To see Scottish Power’s Economy 7 tariffs, check out our more expansive article.

As mentioned above, these tariffs have two separate charge rates, one for peak consumption periods and one for off-peak periods.

Pricing on these tariffs can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Day Rate (p/kWh)* Night Rate (p/kWh)p* Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff?**
/ Economy 7 - Standard Variable Economy 7 27.48 p* 25.42 p* 11.91 p* £ 672.94* £ 0.00 ✔️
/ Economy 7 - Fixed 12 months Economy 7 16.44 p* 26.13 p* 12.89 p* £ 656.47* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Economy 7 - Fixed 24 months Economy 7 29.12 p* 29.79 p* 16.28 p* £ 805.76* £ 150.00 ✔️
/ Economy 7 - Prepayment Economy 7 30.94 p* 20.99 p* 9.47 p* £ 581.32* £ 150.00 ✔️

* Prices displayed are national averages
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
* Assuming the average Economy 7 tariff user consumes around 58% of his energy on peak and 42% off peak.
** A tariff is green if for each kWh consumed a kWh of renewable energy is injected in the grid.

Who was Entice Energy?

Claiming to offer “Your Energy, Your Way”, Entice Energy’s website was precision-engineered to be friendly, welcoming, and reassuring. The simple, sparsely designed and easy to navigate website was an excellent indicator of everything you could have expected from the brand. The company was founded in 2015, making them a new name in the market. At first, they only offered gas. But in 2018 they began supplying electricity, too.

Based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, the brand embraced its diminutive size, and treated it as an advantage over their cumbersome larger competitors. Offering quick and easy switching, low prices, easy to understand tariffs and a unique approach to customer service, they brand themselves as the antithesis of the confusion and complication that can come from using one of the country’s larger energy suppliers.

But did the realities of customers’ experiences live up to the marketing materials? In other words…

Is Entice Energy any good?

Although we’ll get into the specifics of customer reviews later, a glance over the Entice Energy reviews on Trustpilot demonstrates that over 90% of customers rated them as either “Excellent” or “Good”. Compare this energy minnow to a whale-like Scottish Power or British Gas and the proportions of top-tier to low tier reviews was much more favourable. Although, in fairness, there were far fewer reviews for Entice Energy due to their smaller size and market share.

Entice Energy customer service: A different approach

Entice Energy had an unconventional approach to customer service that they described as “Energy Free”. Unlike most energy suppliers, they did not have a call centre. Instead, customers make an appointment for a callback on their account portal. They could even choose which customer service representative contacted them, so they got continuity of service. This was welcome to anyone who had to explain their problem over and over again to a dozen customer service representatives.

Consumers were very enthusiastic about the level of personal care they received from the brand, with numerous reviews mentioning their customer service representative by name. In our experience, this usually means that they felt the customer service representative had gone the extra mile for them.

Entice Energy tariffs & plans

Entice Energy had a very simple range of tariffs. In fact… they only had two. They offered both gas and electricity as either a single variable rate tariff option or as a fixed rate tariff plan.

Details for the average annual totals of the fixed and flexible rate tariffs were as follows:

Plan Tariff type Average electricity annual cost (£/year) Average gas annual cost (£/year) Average total annual cost (£/year)
Flexible Saver Variable Rate £ 700.71* £ 572.76* £ 1,273.47*
Fixed Saver Online 12 Month Fixed Rate £ 997.58* £ 1,194.66* £ 2,192.24*

* Prices displayed are national averages Prices are accurate as of 18/10/2021.
* Based on Ofgem’s TDCV (2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year).
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

While the above tariff plans did assume the use of a traditional meter, Entice Energy also offered electricity to homes with Economy 7 meters. More information on this, as well as additional information about their tariff’s specific rates can be found on their tariff page.

Smart meters

At first, Entice Energy did not offer smart meters. There was actually a tete-a-tete with Ofgem in 2020 with the company being issued a Final Order for failing to become a DCC User. This is a prerequisite to being able to issue, install and support smart meters. However, in June of 2020 Ofgem became satisfied that the supplier met the criteria to become a DCC user. You can read more about the Final Order here.

In short, Entice Energy were able to issue and support smart meters that ensured complete billing accuracy.

Entice Energy fuel mix: Were they a green supplier?

Infuriatingly, Entice Energy never to published any data pertaining to their fuel mix. This was presumably because it had only recently begun to supply electricity. As we can see by visiting Electricity Info, they were one of a handful of small suppliers that havdn’t released information to the public about their energy mix.

More info

However, as per Ofgem guidelines, all suppliers are obliged to “disclose to their customers the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity supplied annually, provided that electricity is supplied for a full disclosure period (1 April – 31 March)”.

Contacting Entice Energy

Entice reviews: What do their customers say?

While we cannot be certain how much (if any) of Entice Energy’s fuel mix was renewable, this hadn’t prevented the brand from accruing some impressive rating fromcustomer reviews on their Trustpilot page. Based on data from 104 customer reviews, Entice Energy had been awarded a 4.4 out of 5-star customer satisfaction score.

Of these 104 reviews:

  • 91 (88%) were “Excellent”
  • 5 (5%) were “Great”
  • 1 (less than 1%) was “Average”
  • 1 (less than 1%) was “Poor”
  • 6 (6%) were “Bad”

The Good

The polite, fast, friendly and effective customer service was a prominent feature among positive reviews. The vast majority of customers seem to have had no problem getting a dedicated customer service team member on the case in a timely manner. One customer even stated that their customer service agent helped to reduce the early exit fee on their behalf.

Customers also refer to fast and effective resolution of technical issues. Customers also responded positively to the company’s pricing, comparing Entice Energy favourably to their previous suppliers. Reviewers also found the website easy to use, especially when it comes to submitting meter readings. Although one reviewer admitted that having a digital app would have made the process even more streamlined.

Charmingly, one customer writes “Entice literally enticed me”.

The Bad

The majority of negative reviews were centred around price hikes shortly after joining. Responses to these reviews indicate that this is due to wholesale fluctuations in energy price rather than the company itself. This is part of the mixed blessing of a variable tariff.

However, some reviewers also recount negative or frustrating interactions with customer service staff or being cut off halfway through a conversation.

One complaint, however, bodes well for their approach to customer service. The reviewer cites frustration at signing up after a cold call but that the account was never actually set up. The response came from the Managing Director of the company apologising profusely, owning the problem, identifying the cause and offering to oversee the switch itself.

An uncommon degree of sincerity for a corporate apology!

Think Entice Energy could be the supplier for you? Let us manage your switch!

If you think you’d benefit from Entice Energy’s low prices, simple tariffs and novel approach to customer service, get in touch with us today!

Not only can we verify that they’re the best supplier to meet your needs (and suggest other potential suppliers), we can manage your switch from end-to-end. So you can enjoy cheaper, greener energy hassle free!

Call us today on 0330 818 6223. We’re available from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

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Did Entice Energy offer Smart Meters?

After some minor back and forth with Ofgem, Entice Energy became a DCC user prior to June 2020. As such, they are now able to install and support smart meters for their customers. This means you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with accurate bills that genuinely reflect your usage.

How do I contact Entice Energy?

If you need to contact Entice Energy, you can reach them over the phone on 0330 403 0040 . However, the easiest way to get in touch may be to arrange a callback at a convenient time via their website. You can also contact them via email on help@enticeenergy.com. 

Did Entice Energy have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Entice Energy do not currently have a mobile app. However, their website is highly responsive on mobile devices, and allows you to manage your account with ease while you’re on the go. 

Has the Entice Energy login changed?

Yes. At the end of 2018, as Entice Energy prepared to handle electricity as well as gas, changes were made to the login system. You can read more about it here. However, this only affected existing customers at the time, and will not be an issue for new customers. 

Updated on 29 Jan, 2024

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