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Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Enstroga

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Enstroga

When it comes to the UK energy market, consumers are spoiled for choice. We have over 50 active energy suppliers to choose from. From the “Big 6” energy suppliers to smaller energy minnows. It seems as though every few weeks there is a scrappy new independent energy company ready to take on the major players with cheap tariffs, green energy and promises of outstanding customer service. And 5 years ago, Enstroga came to the UK from Europe to do exactly that!

Last updated: February 2021

Enstroga have their sights set on conquering the UK energy market with an emphasis on delivering great customer service, as well as cheaper, greener energy. Sounds great. But how do their prices and plans stack up against the competition? And what do their customers really think of them.

Who are Enstroga?

Enstroga may be an unfamiliar name in the UK, but despite appearances to the contrary, they haven’t just appeared out of nowhere. They are part of a large energy supply group that spans Europe, with presences in Spain, Germany, Austria and Portugal.

Founded 2015
Client Email energy@enstroga.co.uk
Client Number 01158572572
Log in Log into your Enstroga account here
Number of clients Undisclosed
Postal Address Enstroga Ltd. Alexandra House, 43 Alexandra Street, Nottingham, NG5 1AY

Enstroga claim to offer customers the best of both worlds. As part of a Europe-wide energy group, they claim to be able to deliver the cheapest prices on the market. However, they also have the ethos of an independent supplier, emphasising a people-first approach to business.

Sounds great. But how competitive are their prices and tariffs?
Let’s take a look..

Enstroga Tariffs

Enstroga have a modest range of energy tariffs which they feel suits their emphasis on simplicity and transparency. As their tariffs page states “We don’t offer lots of confusing tariffs, or different prices for different customers, just better energy at great prices to power your life”.


Indeed, at the time of writing, Enstroga only offers 3 energy tariffs. One single fuel tariff at a fixed rate, one dual fuel tariff at a fixed rate, and one variable rate tariff. We compare the different tariffs below. All prices and estimates are accurate at the time of writing. Unit rates are based on UK averages. You may pay more or less depending on whereabouts in the country you live. Estimated monthly and annual costs are based on average energy consumption of 3,100 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas per year.

Evergreen (electricity only)

This is a fixed rate electricity-only tariff that lasts for 12 months. This insulates you from price rises if the wholesale cost of energy should rise. And since they are currently at a decades-long low, there’s every chance that they will. This tariff is only available as a monthly Direct Debit. There is a £36.75 early exit fee for this tariff. Keep in mind, however, that you can leave this tariff (or any fixed rate tariff) within 49 days of the contract’s end date without incurring fees. This is in line with Ofgem’s guidelines. The 14 day “cooling off” period also applies.

Details for this tariff are as follows:

  • Electricity Unit Rate: 16.09p per kWh.
  • Electricity Standing Charge: 24.15p per day.
  • Early Exit fee: £36.75.
  • Estimated monthly cost- £48.92.
  • Estimated annual cost- £587.

Evergreen Dual

This is the same tariff as above but incorporating gas as well as electricity. This is a 12 month fixed-rate tariff paid by monthly Direct Debit. Because there are two fuels, the early exit fee is doubled for this tariff.

Details for this tariff are as follows:

  • Electricity Unit Rate: 16.09p per kWh.
  • Electricity Standing Charge: 24.15p per day.
  • Gas Unit Rate: 3.05p per kWh
  • Gas Standing Charge: 26.25p per day
  • Early Exit fee: £73.50 (£36.75 per fuel).
  • Estimated monthly cost- £87.42.
  • Estimated annual cost- £1,049.

Energy Price Cap

Finally, the Energy Price Cap tariff is Enstroga’s flexible variable-rate tariff. As with all variable rate tariffs, prices may rise or fall depending on the cost of wholesale energy. However, this is protected by Ofgem’s Energy Price Cap. This price limit has been reduced to £1,042 per year as of October 2020. This is the lowest since it was first introduced in January 2019.

Details for this tariff are as follows:

  • Electricity Unit Rate: 16.73p per kWh.
  • Electricity Standing Charge: 22.90p per day.
  • Gas Unit Rate: 2.87p per kWh
  • Gas Standing Charge: 26.07p per day
  • No Early Exit fee.
  • Estimated monthly cost- £86.83.
  • Estimated annual cost- £1,042.

Enstroga tariffs compared: Which is cheapest?

Tariff Name Electricity Unit Rate (p per kWh) Gas Unit Rate (p per kWh) Electricity Daily Standing Charge Gas Daily Standing Charge Estimated Monthly Cost Estimated Annual Cost
Evergreen 16.09 N/A 24.15 N/A £48.92 £587
Evergreen Dual 16.09 3.05 24.15 26.25 £87.42 £1,049
Energy Price Cap 16.73 2.87 22.90 26.07 £86.83 £1,042

As we can see, electricity-only suppliers will pay a fairly decent rate on the Evergreen Tariff. Dual fuel customers, however, face a slightly more complicated choice. While the Energy Price Cap tariff is slightly cheaper, it may become more expensive in 2021 if the price cap rises along with the wholesale cost of energy. As such, they may want to pay a little extra and opt for the Evergreen Dual which is negligibly more expensive on a monthly basis.


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Do Enstroga do business energy tariffs?

Unfortunately, Enstroga do not currently offer business tariffs to UK customers. Nor do any of its European pages advertise tariffs for business customers. However, Enstroga’s international reach is an encouraging sign that its presence will likely grow. At which point, it may begin to offer business energy tariffs in the future.

Enstroga Fuel Mix: Are they a green supplier?

Enstroga advertises itself as supplying “greener energy”. However, its fuel mix is not 100% renewables. In fact, renewables account or just over 30% of their energy fuel mix, with the lion’s share of Enstroga’s energy coming from natural gas. In the table below, we break down Enstroga’s overall energy fuel mix.

Energy Fuel Source % of Energy Fuel Mix
Coal 5.2%
Natural Gas 41.4%
Nuclear 18.7%
Renewables 32.8%
Other 1.9%

As we can see, Enstroga are in line with the UK average in terms of renewability. While they are certainly greener than some smaller suppliers, they are by no means the most sustainable option on the market.

Are Enstroga any good? What their customers say

So far, Enstroga are sitting pretty squarely in the middle of the road with a modest array of tariffs and a pretty average energy fuel mix. Perhaps their customer service will make all the difference to their value added?

According to Citizens Advice’s energy supplier rankings, Enstroga are ranked 33rd out of 38 suppliers at the time of writing.

The brand scores very well for billing accuracy, call centre wait times (just 6 seconds on average), and fast switching. However, they are let down by their customer complaints to third parties which currently stands at 294.9 per 10,000 customers.

Enstroga customer reviews

Perhaps looking at some Enstroga customer reviews will help us to better understand Citizens Advice’s less than stellar ranking.

If we take a look at Enstroga’s Trustpilot page, we can see that they fare a little better here. They have an overall customer score of 2.8 out of 5 which puts them squarely in the realm of “Average”.

At the time of writing, Enstroga has 1,082 customer reviews. Of which:

  • 210 (19%) were “Excellent”
  • 59 (5%) were “Great”
  • 29 (3%) were “Average”
  • 25 (2%) were “Poor”
  • 759 (70%) were “Bad”

Positive reviews cite helpful staff who were knowledgeable and polite, with positive experiences both in switching and issue resolution. Accurate bills and a responsive attitude to adjusting Direct Debits in line with use also featured in positive reviews. A number of positive reviews mention customer service team members by name. A clear indication that the reviewer felt that they had gone the extra mile.

Negative reviews, however, are more numerous. They cite communications difficulties with customer service staff, with poor spoken English an occasional feature in reviews. Ongoing disputes, billing inaccuracies and difficulties with refunds were also prominently featured in negative reviews.

Enstroga is relatively proactive in responding to customer reviews. It has responded to 68% of negative reviews at the time of writing, and typically responds within 1 week.


How to contact Enstroga

There are a number of ways in which customers can get in touch with Enstroga. You can call their customer service line on 01158572572. This line is open between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. You can also email all queries to energy@enstroga.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can leave the team a message by visiting the contact page.

Thinking of switching to Enstroga? We’re here to help!

If you think that Enstroga may be the energy supplier for you, don’t make the switch without us! We will help to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money on your Enstroga tariff. What’s more, we can even manage your switch from end-to-end to bring you cheaper energy quickly and completely hassle-free.

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