E Energy in 2021: Prices, Plans, Reviews

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with E Energy

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with E Energy

E Energy is a Birmingham-based gas and electricity supplier that focuses on simple, no-nonsense tariffs. It claims to offer low prices and rewards customers that stay loyal to the supplier. Unlike most other energy suppliers currently on the market, E Energy is primarily a prepayment provider. While the company does also serve customers with credit meters, it specialises in prepayment tariffs and providing support to prepayment customers.

Last updated: February 2021

If you’re on a prepayment meter for your gas or electricity, switching to a specialist prepayment provider might seem like a good idea. To help you decide if E Energy really is the right supplier for you, we’re taking a look at its latest prices and tariffs.

Who is E Energy?

E Energy is one of the UK’s smaller energy suppliers. Its founder, Paul Cooke, is a former co-owner of Economy Energy, a provider that ceased trading in 2019. Since it was first launched back in 2014, E Energy has slowly grown and today serves around 300,000 customers across England, Wales and Scotland.
The main thing that makes E Energy different is that it’s primarily a prepayment provider. Although it does also offer credit tariffs, it focuses on providing prepayment customers with comprehensive deals and good customer service.

E Energy Unit price of electricity (p/kWh)
Founded 2014
Client email Customer.service@e.org
Client number 0333 103 9575
Number of customers 300,000

In most cases, energy suppliers’ prepayment tariffs are their most basic option. Few come with any frills and most offer an expensive alternative to standard variable and fixed rate deals. E Energy however offers prepayment customers something different. As the company specialises in prepayment deals, it’s able to focus on this often-overlooked area to provide its customers with a more rounded service.

e energy

Unlike many other prepayment providers, E Energy offers customers extras like rewards for loyalty, friendly credit and smart meters. This can make the company a very attractive option for households looking for a better service from their prepayment provider.

E Energy tariffs

E Energy offers one standard credit meter tariff and one Economy 7 credit meter tariff. In both cases, the cost of a unit of energy varies significantly depending on where you are in the country. The table below shows the average cost of the company’s credit meter tariffs. These figures are based on customers paying by monthly Direct Debit.

Tariff Unit price of electricity (p/kWh) Standing charge (electricity) Unit price of gas (p/kWh) Standing charge (gas)
Easy 16.52 – 18.53 22.63 – 26.61 2.86 – 3.11 26.07
Easy 7 19.74 – 21.86 (day rate)
8.84 – 10.44 (night rate)
22.72 – 26.7

If, like many of E Energy’s customers, you’re on a prepayment meter, you’ll have just one tariff to choose from. The average costs of this tariff are:

Tariff Unit price of electricity (p/kWh) Standing charge (electricity) Unit price of gas (p/kWh) Standing charge (gas)
Prepayment 16.15p 28.84p 2.710p 36.18p

E Energy fuel mix

An energy company’s fuel mix shows where it gets its electricity from. This is important for customers who want to invest in green, renewable fuels and also for customers who want to understand how their energy is generated.
The table below shows the E Energy fuel mix:

Fuel E Energy UK average
Coal 6.30% 3.90%
Natural Gas 72.00% 39.40%
Nuclear 8.20% 16.60%
Renewables 8.30% 37.90%
Other 5.20% 2.20%

As you can see from the table, E Energy is not a particularly green energy company. It uses far less electricity from renewable sources than most other UK energy companies and uses more fossil fuels. This means that, if sustainability is important to you, E Energy may not be the right supplier for your home.

Is E Energy cheap?

E Energy brands itself as a low cost energy supplier. However, as prepayment tariffs are generally more expensive than standard variable and fixed rate deals, it’s unlikely to be the cheapest option for you unless you’re already on a prepayment meter.
If you are already on a prepayment tariff, E Energy isn’t a bad option. The company has a loyalty scheme that rewards dual fuel customers with £50 of credit after a year. You also get £25 for referring a friend.
As E Energy is part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme, it’s a good choice for customers who are eligible for this winter fuel funding. The scheme gives you £140 off of your energy bill during the winter months, something that can help to make your fuel bills a lot more affordable.
e energy

How to top up with E Energy

As E Energy is primarily a prepayment provider, it’s important you know how to top up your account if you switch to the supplier. When you first sign up to E Energy, you’ll be sent a key or card to activate your prepayment meter. If you have a smart meter, you’ll need to log into your online account to activate the device.

Topping up your electricity

There are a number of ways for E Energy customers to top up their electricity credit. If you want to pay in person, you can pop down to your local PayPoint or PayZone. These are located in shops across the country.
If you have a smart meter, you can top up your E Energy credit quickly and easily online. Use E Energy’s mobile app, or log into your online account, to add money to your meter instantly. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can also top up your smart meter at a PayZone or PayPoint.

Topping up your gas

You can also use PayPoints and PayZones to top up your prepayment gas meter. Gas credit can also be paid for at your local Post Office. If you have a smart gas meter, use the E Energy app, or visit their website to add money to your account.


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Are E Energy any good?

E Energy currently has a rating of 4.2 on Trustpilot. Around 57% of people who have left reviews on the site rate E as ‘Excellent’, though a significant 32% rate them as ‘bad’. In general, customers are very positive about E Energy’s customer service.
According to recent research, the company resolves an impressive 80% of complaints within two days. The company is quick to pick up the phone and also responds promptly to email queries. Customers also seem pleased with the accuracy of the bills they receive from E Energy.

E Energy customer reviews

Looking at recent reviews is always a good way to get an idea of a company’s approach to customer service. Among the recent reviews for E Energy posted on impartial review sites are:
“I’ve never had to complain but they are generally a good helpful company.”
“All information is on my smart meter so have instant access to how much I’m being charged.”
“App does not work most of the time, unreliable, also difficult to download app.”

Do E Energy have smart meters (1st or 2nd gen)?

E Energy does currently offer smart meters to its customers. This is great news for households with prepayment tariffs as smart meters make it a lot easier to keep track of your spending and top up your credit.
If you have an E Energy smart meter you can:

  • Top up online
  • Top up via SMS
  • Top up by phone
  • Download the app
  • Top up at a PayPoint

Smart meters make it easy to monitor your energy usage, this can help you to reduce your consumption and your energy bills. E Energy smart meters also give you access to £15 of emergency credit if you run out at a bad time.
One of the biggest benefits of having an E Energy smart meter is that smart meter customers don’t pay standing charges. This means you won’t pay anything for the days when you consume no gas or electricity at all.
Switching to a smart meter can really help you to keep an eye on your finances and manage your utility bills if you’re a prepayment customer. If you’re interested in having a smart meter installed in your home, get in touch with E Energy to arrange installation when you switch.

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