What happened to Yorkshire Energy ?

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Yorkshire Energy

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Yorkshire energy

Yorkshire Energy started trading in 2018. The company pledged to offer high quality customer service, green energy and competitive pricing. They were an energy supplier that promised to put the ‘Planet before profit’ by focusing on renewable electricity sources and keeping emissions to a minimum. Reviews for Yorkshire Energy were generally positive. The company had an average score of 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with 69% of customers rating the supplier as ‘Excellent’. From 6th December 2020, all customers signed up for Yorkshire Energy tariffs will automatically be transferred over to Scottish Power.
Last update: May 2021

However, while Yorkshire Energy was popular with customers, it didn’t manage to get a good foothold in the market and ceased trading in December 2020.

Who took over Yorkshire Energy?

At the time it ceased trading, they had around 74,000 customers. The company wasn’t bought by another supplier, instead, it was unable to continue trading in the current economic climate.

who took over yorkshire energy?

Ofgem appointed Scottish Power to take over Yorkshire Energy customers. If you got your gas or electricity supply from them, you’ll automatically be put on a Scottish Power tariff instead.

Who were Yorkshire Energy?

Their tariffs are clear and simple to understand and Yorkshire Energy bills show customers exactly where their money goes. This makes it easy to find the deal that’s right for you. The company also has a commitment to the environment with 100% green, renewable energy with all tariffs.

They state that, rather than being the biggest energy provider, it wants to be the best. These lofty ambitions should reassure new customers that they can look forward to a good service and affordable rates by switching over to them.

Though based in Leeds, they serve homes and businesses across the UK. This means that you can sign up to their services from wherever you live in the country. They offer both electricity only and dual fuel tariffs.

When will I be switched from Yorkshire Energy to Scottish Power?

If you were a Yorkshire Energy customer, you will already have been switched over to Scottish Power. All customers were moved over to the new supplier on 6th December 2020.

Will I be on a different contract with Scottish Power? Will I pay more?

Scottish Power will move all Yorkshire Energy customers onto new tariffs. The supplier will get in touch with you soon to let you know the details of your tariff. If you’re not happy with the deal they offer you, you can ask to be switched to a new tariff. You won’t be charged any exit fees.

I don’t want a contract with Scottish Power, can I switch?

If you decide you don’t want Scottish Power to supply your gas and electricity, you can switch to a new supplier. However, it’s a good idea to wait until Scottish Power has been in touch with you to arrange your tariff and confirm your account. This will be the smoothest way for any credit balances domestic customers had with Yorkshire Energy to be honoured by Scottish Power.

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What other green energy suppliers exist on the market?

A lot of customers signed up to Yorkshire Energy because the supplier offered 100% renewable electricity. If sustainability is important to you, you’ll find there is a good choice of other green energy suppliers on the market. Some of the most popular are:

what happened to yorkshire energy?

I’m in credit with Yorkshire Energy. Will I get my money back?

Scottish Power will honour credit balances for both current and past Yorkshire Energy customers. Scottish Power will review the details of your account and let you know what to do about getting a refund. This review process may take a few weeks. When calculating your credit balance, Scottish Power will deduct any unbilled charges for your supply by Yorkshire Energy.

I’ve left Yorkshire Energy but I owe them money. Will I need to pay it back to Scottish Power?

If you owed them money when you switched, the administrators, or Scottish Power, will be in contact with you to discuss repayment arrangements. This is true even if you already had a repayment plan in place with them.

Will Scottish Power take on my unresolved complaint to Yorkshire energy?

Scottish Power is not required to take on any unresolved complaints relating to Yorkshire Energy. However, if you made a complaint and believe the issue is still ongoing, you can discuss it will Scottish Power when they get in touch.

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Updated on 23 Jul, 2021

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