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Discover the Scottish Power deals available for Skegness inhabitants Discover the energy deals available for Skegness inhabitants

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Scottish Power in Skegness: Tariffs & contact details

How do I get the best energy deal in Skegness?

The energy supplier and energy tariff you opt for will affect how much you spend on energy. It’s important to keep on top of the energy companies in Skegness to make sure you’re on the best energy deal for your household. To help you out, we’ll list the best energy providers in town. We’ll show you the cheapest energy suppliers, the greenest energy suppliers, and the overall best energy companies in Skegness.

Due to the energy crisis, our services are currently suspended. Leave us your phone number and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

How much energy do Skegness inhabitants consume on average?

average kwh price in Skegness

The average energy consumption in Skegness is 3,369.84 kWh per year, and the median is 2,953.40 kWh per year.

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What to know before moving to Skegness

Is it easy to switch energy providers in Skegness?

Yes! All you’ll have to do is:

  1. ⚖️ Compare the energy tariffs offered by providers in Skegness
  2. 🙌 Choose your ideal energy plan
  3. 💰 Select how you’d prefer to pay - we’d recommend Direct Debit as it’s usually the cheapest
  4. 🕰 Wait 14 days for your suppliers to process the switch
  5. ✅ And that’s it!

Do I have to switch energy companies when moving to Skegness?

No - you can absolutely keep your existing energy supplier! In fact, during the energy crisis, we’d recommend that you do this. To do this, you’ll just have to ensure that your name is on the energy bill at your new address and notify your current supplier that you’re moving at least 48 hours beforehand.

Where can I find the cheapest energy suppliers in Skegness?

Currently, the cheapest energy supplier in the UK on average is Octopus. However, your energy prices will depend on your household consumption and location. Therefore, there isn’t really one single cheapest energy supplier.

Who has the cheapest gas tariffs in Skegness?

We’ve done the same thing for cheap gas deals, check out the list below:

✨Cheapest fixed gas tariffs✨
Supplier ™️ Tariff 🏷 Tariff info 📋 💵 Gas costs 💰
EDF Energy logo /
Fixed 12 months
Green gas: ✖️
£ 443.5
E.ON Next logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green gas: ✖️
£ 493.15
Click energy logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 573.91

What are the cheapest electricity deals in Skegness?

Using the national average we've put together a list displaying the cheapest electricity deals in the country. These are also available in Skegness:

✨Cheapest fixed electricity tariffs✨
Supplier ™️ Tariff 🏷 Tariff info 📋 💵 Electricity costs 💰
Click energy logo /
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 510.72
E.ON Next logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 633.73
EDF Energy logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 651.42

How do I find the best energy providers in Skegness?

The best energy suppliers are right under the tip of your nose - you just have to know what to look out for. We’ll list a bunch for you, showing you the best suppliers from the cheapest, to the greenest.

Which energy suppliers are the most reliable in Skegness?​​

As we mentioned, 62 energy suppliers have gone out of business because of the ongoing crisis. However, there’s still 37 active suppliers that are going strong. Some of our favourites are:

British Gas logo EDF Energy logo Utility Warehouse logo
Scottish Power logo E.ON Next logo Shell Energy logo
SSE/OVO Energy logo Octopus Energy logo Outfox the market logo

Who is the main energy company in Skegness?

The most commonly used energy supplier in East Midlands is British Gas.. British Gas is also the most popular provider in Lincolnshire generally, also holding the title as the main supplier in Grimsby, Lincoln and Scunthorpe. If you’re looking for popular suppliers in Skegness, try some of these:

There’s no one single best energy supplier. The ideal supplier for you will depend on your priorities. When choosing a supplier, keep in mind:

Who supplies the greenest energy in Lincolnshire?

Currently, the greenest energy supplier in the country is Green Energy UK. They offer 100% renewable electricity and 100% renewable gas. While there are plenty of suppliers that falsely claim to be renewable, there are some genuinely great green suppliers in the UK:

Who is the highest rated energy supplier in Skegness?

Octopus Energy is heralded as the most awarded supplier in the UK after winning eleven awards last year. According to TrustPilot, here are some of the best rated energy suppliers in the country:

How bad is the energy crisis in Skegness?

As a result of the UK energy crisis, energy prices have soared across the country. This results from an increase in the wholesale cost of energy, meaning that suppliers have needed to raise their tariff prices to survive.

The crisis has hit the UK fairly hard, causing 62 energy suppliers to go bust. Also, the remaining suppliers have stopped taking on new customers, making it really tricky to switch suppliers at the moment. However, there are still 27 energy suppliers left, and many of them will be available in Skegness! Once the crisis has settled, we recommend switching suppliers to make sure you’re on the best deal for your home. Switching energy suppliers can save you up to £400 a year. That’s why, under normal circumstances, we’d recommend switching suppliers frequently to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your energy. However, the energy crisis has made it really difficult to switch suppliers. That’s why we’ve put our services on hold for the moment. But, if you leave us your phone number, we’ll give you a call and find you the best energy deal once we’re back.

Is there anything else I should do before moving to Lincolnshire?

How can I connect my home to the energy grid in Skegness?

Most households in Skegness have already established a connection to the grid. However, new houses may not have established a connection yet. To connect to the grid, you’ll need to:

  1. 📅 Schedule pre-application meeting: Call 0800 688 588 for the National Grid Energy Transmission (GNET). They’ll help you arrange this.
  2. 🔋 Apply to the Electricity Systems Operator (ESO)
  3. 🏡 Have a team visit your home: They’ll make sure you establish a solid connection to the grid and will suggest a cable route for your new home.
  4. 🧾 Around 5-15 days later, you’ll receive a quote.
  5. 📞Let your regional DNO know: You can reach Western Power Distribution directly at 0800 096 3080

Who should I tell before I move to Skegness?

In order to ensure that your bills are sent to your new property, make sure you let the following people know of your new address:

  • 🇬🇧 Local council and the electoral roll
  • 📱 Broadband and mobile providers
  • 📺 TV licensing authority
  • 🚗 DVLA in order to update your driving license
  • 💡 Gas and electricity providers

Where can I reach the gas and electricity distribution network operators in Skegness?

Gas and electricity distribution network operators (DNOs) are responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure of your power supply is intact. Here’s a table with the Skegness DNO’s contact:

🌐 Phone Line 🕰 Call Centre Opening Hours 📞 Telephone Number
Lincolnshire Western Power Distribution Emergency Number 24/7 0800 6783 105
Lincolnshire Western Power Distribution Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm 0800 096 3080
Lincolnshire Cadent Gas Emergency Number 24/7 0800 111 999
Lincolnshire Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm 0345 835 1111
If you experience a power cut in Skegness, double-check to see if a fuse has tripped in your home's fuse box. If so you should be able to switch it back on quite easily. If you're experiencing a power cut in your area, call your Western Power Distribution at 0800 096 3080 to let them know.

FAQs about energy in Skegness

⚡️ Can I generate my own electricity if I live in Skegness?

Yes, you can generate your own electricity in Skegness. However, it will depend on the type of home you have. For instance, those living in apartment complexes may need full agreement between all the building's residents and the complex manager before any renewable energy generation methods are put into.

💵 Does it cost money to switch energy providers in Skegness?

Switching to a new energy plan in Skegness will often cost you an exit fee for breaking your existing contract prematurely. Especially during the current energy crisis, some exit fees can be up to a whopping £300.

❓Why is my energy bill different after moving to Skegness?

Your location will affect the cost of your energy. As a result, simply moving to certain regions of the UK could see your energy bill rise.

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