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papernest disclaims that they are not currently in partnership with Scottish Power

Switching to Scottish Power in London

papernest disclaims that they are not currently in partnership with Scottish Power

The Scottish Power energy supply for Londoners

Last update: March 2021

With 118 years experience in powering up homes across the UK, Scottish Power definitely know what they are doing. With a whole range of tariffs available to their customers, they are certainly equipped to provide you with the energy that best suits your circumstances and your household. Based in Glasgow, they provide energy to a huge 32 million customers across the UK. But you are probably on this page because you want to switch to a Scottish Power tariff in London specifically. So, before we get into the specifics of switching, let's find out a little bit about London.

London forms part of Greater London and is home to 8,088,142 inhabitants across 3,231,685 households, making it the largest city in the UK. It doesn't matter if you have just moved to London, or if you have lived there for most of your life. Our job at Switch Plan is to make sure that you are on the best energy tariff for you and your energy requirements. If you decide that Scottish Power are in fact your ideal supplier, and you want to join the 32 million others who rely on them for their energy supply, then look no further and give them a ring on 0800 027 0072. However, if you decide that you want to know more about other suppliers and tariffs on offer across the UK, then you can give our experts a ring on 0330 054 0018 and they can advise you on the best option for you. Either way, we'll make sure that you kick start your energy supply in London in no time.

Scottish Power in your London district

Scottish Power prices and info sometimes vary from one neighbourhood to the over. The following pages give you specific information on the Scottish Power supply in your very own district of Manchester.

Scottish Power prices, dual fuel rates & tariffs in London

Scottish Power offer duel fuel tariff options to their customers, as well as single energy plans. However, people are moving away from single energy plans in favour of dual fuel. Dual fuel has so many benefits; they are made to save you money each month. And, not to mention, since suppliers tend to offer bundle deals to dual fuel customers, another benefit lies in the ease of management. Instead of having to manage your gas and electricity separately, dual fuel allows you to streamline your energy supply and keep everything in one place. Sounds good, right? Well, despite its increasing popularity, many households are still keeping things separate. In London, 476294 homes only have electric central heating systems, compared to 2605779 who have just a gas system, while 21931 just choose oil. What does this have to do with Scottish Powers duel fuel plans? Keep reading!

What independent electricity tariffs does Scottish Power offer?

Name of the Plan Tariff value Unit Price


Standing Charge


1 Year Fixed Price Energy 12 months fixed 16.13 p 19.17 p
2 Years Fixed Price Energy 24 months fixed 17.8 p 24.28 p
Standard Variable Variable tariff 17.8 p 24.5 p

Who is Londoners' gas and electricity distributor?

Who is London's electricity distributor?

Each part of the UK has its own distribution network operatorr. These are essentially the bodies that ensure that electricity arrives to your home or office from the National Grid. You don't need to know the ins and outs of exactly how electricity travels around the UK, as your supplier can usually provide you with information about energy distribution should you need it. However, should you want to get in touch with your DNO, all the contact information you need is below.

How to contact London's energy distributors?

If you need some up-to-date information, or are experiencing a electricity powercut in Greater London, or are facing any kind of issues with your gas supply then you should get in touch directly with your District Network Provider.

Company name Company number
UK Power Networks General Number
0800 029 4285
UK Power Networks Emergency Number
0800 31 63 105
Cadent Gas Number
0345 835 1111
Cadent Gas Emergency Number
0800 111 999

For FAQs and other pratical informations, you can visit their website:

UK Power Networks UK Power Networks website
Cadent Gas Cadent Gas website

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