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Electricity & Gas in Manchester, Greater Manchester in 2021

Best electricity and gas deals in Manchester

Last updated: September 2021.

Switching energy suppliers isn't just for when you move house, in fact finding the cheapest energy supplier available or a supplier that offers renewable energy might be something you should actively consider. You can, and indeed you should switch suppliers every 12 to 18 months in your current property, to ensure that you aren't being overcharged. No matter how long you have lived in Greater Manchester and stuck with your energy supplier, it's never too late to switch and make savings. In fact, switching energy suppliers has saved some Brits up to £400 a year on their energy bills. Make sure you're one of them!

There are tons of options, you could be looking for the cheapest energy supplier in Manchester or the most renewable energy suppler in Manchester. Nobody is going to be looking for exactly the same thing, which means that it is important to listen to people that know what they're talking about! In this article we break down all the information you may need as a resident of Manchester and how you can find the perfect energy company for you!

Energy in your Manchester district

All the above information varies from one neighborhood to the over. The following pages give you specific information on your energy supply in your very own district of Manchester.

How to make your energy bill cheaper in Manchester

Now that you've moved to Manchester you may be wondering how you can keep costs down, after all, moving can be quite costly. One of the easiest ways that you can cut costs is through some energy-saving tips and tricks that could lead to significant savings over time.

For your convenience, we've developed a shortlist of our favourite life hacks for reducing your bill.

  • Convert to an Economy 7 Meter: E7 Meters offer cheaper electricity rates at off-peak times like at night, so if that's when you use the most power you could save a lot!
  • Check your new home's EPC rating. This will tell you how energy efficient your home is, if it is low, then you could consider installing additional insulation or double-paned windows which allow less heat to escape.
  • Cut down on your consumption; if you can hang dry clothes rather than use the dryer, only turn on the aircon when you need it, and unplug items when you aren't using them.
  • Confirm that you are using energy-efficient home appliances, regularly used items like refrigerators, washers and dryers should have a high-efficiency rating. Upgrading these appliances may be expensive, but the savings will be noticeable over time.
  • Install energy-saving lightbulbs.
  • Don't crank up the heat, even if it is cold outside.

Questions on energy in Greater Manchester

Do all energy suppliers in Greater Manchester provide smart meters?

There are several advantages to choosing a green energy tariff. Many suppliers over these tariffs, so you may be wondering why you should consider one. Here are the three main reasons why:

  • Inexhaustible energy source
  • Carbon neutral, no harmful emissions
  • Helps generates new jobs

We compare the market to find you the perfect energy deal to power your home

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Is switching energy providers in Manchester free?

In order to make savings that will reduce your energy bills, the first place to start is by making some house renovations. Did you know that your roof can cause more than 30% of heat loss. Therefore it is recommended to re-insulate your attic, or change your windows to reduce or even stop any heat loss. Another way to make savings is to change your heating system to a gas boiler. It is also important to note that there are some government grants, which can help fund your renovations or installations, so it is worth doing some research on governemnt energy grants . Another important option to consider is to change energy suppliers. Here at Switch Plan we can find the right supplier and tariff for you depending on your energy requirements and then deal with the switch for you. It's truly hassle free!

Which energy providers are active in Manchester?

There are a number of energy suppliers available in Manchester, but it may be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Let us break down the suppliers that you can choose from now that you're getting settled and hoping to keep surprises on your energy bill to a minimum. We break down below the most popular, cheapest and most reliable suppliers in Manchester!

Cheapest energy companies in Manchester

We've created a list to help you identify the cheapest tariff plan that is right for you, the list displays the cheapest standard variable tariffs in the UK, which have a great chance of being available in Manchester.

See the pricing comparison below, which consists of the yearly electricity and gas costs as well as the annual average total costs for each supplier:

Supplier Name Standard Variable Tariff Name Electricity Average Annual Cost Gas Average Annual Cost Annual Average Total Costs
AVRO Simple Energy $aycost_AVRO_Elec_SV $aycost_AVRO_Gas_SV $aycost_AVRO_SV
Outfox the Market One Green Flex $aycost_OTM_Elec_SV $aycost_OTM_Gas_SV $aycost_OTM_SV
Orbit Energy 5% OFF 4 LIFE $aycost_Orb_Elec_SV $aycost_Orb_Gas_SV $aycost_Orb_SV
Igloo Energy Igloo Pioneer $aycost_IGL_Elec_SV $aycost_IGL_Gas_SV $aycost_IGL_SV

There are an array of great energy suppliers and the best one for you will be based on your needs and requirements. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any queries related to your current or future energy supply. Our experts will be glad to help you! You can reach them at 0330 818 6224.

Which energy companies are the most popular in Manchester?

"The most popular energy provider in North West is British Gas, and indeed in most of Greater Manchester notably in the county's biggest cities such as Manchester, Bolton and Oldham. However just because British Gas is the most popular provider in Manchester, does not mean that they are the most suitable supplier for you given your needs. It is important to remember that you are free to change your energy supplier at any time and if you have been supplied energy by British Gas for a long time now, it is likely that you are overpaying. Comparing energy plans and providers can help you make some considerable savings on your energy bills. At Switch Plan our experts can help you find a better deal by switching providers and as a Mancunian you could save up to £400 pounds by switching with us. It is completely free and just takes a quick phone call to get started. tens of thousands of households in Manchester are able to switch from one energy plan to a cheaper one in order to start to make impactful savings.

To discover the tariffs of some of the main suppliers in Manchester, visit our dedicated pages by clicking on the links below: * Bulb in Manchester * British Gas in Manchester * E.ON in Manchester * Scottish Power in Manchester * Octopus Energy in Manchester * Ovo Energy in Manchester"

Energy usage in Manchester

What energy sources are used to power properties in Manchester?

In Manchester there are on average 2.47 people living in 205,449 households. Below you will be able to see the percentage of households that are powered by electricity, gas and oil.

Total Manchester households 205,449 100%
Electric central heating 64455 31.37%
Gas central heating 124881 60.78%
Oil central heating 0 0.00%
No central heating 16114 7.84%

Getting power to your new home in Manchester

Welcome to Manchester!

As a new resident of Manchester you will now be one of 507,965 Mancunians. Currently there are 205,449 households in Manchester, with an average of 2.47 people per household. This makes Manchester the 6th largest city in the UK. Manchester may seem like a big or small city to you, depending on where you have moved from, but you will get familiarised with it quicker than you expect. In case you aren't familiar, Manchester is part of Greater Manchester, which has a population of 2676240. Now that you are getting settled in Manchester, you will have to think about powering up your new home, and whether it be by transferring your old supplier over to your new property or switching to a new supplier, we can help!

Moving to Greater Manchester? Who you'll need to contact as soon as possible.

Before moving to your new home, or even if you have already moved, don’t forget to contact the following local places to inform them of your move and change of address. You don’t want all your mail being sent to your old address.

  • Broadband and phone providers
  • Bank
  • DVLA to change the address on your driving license.
  • Energy suppliers
  • TV licensing authority
  • Local council and electoral roll

It is also a good idea to get your mail forwarded to your new address. To do this, you can visit your local post office and ask them to forward your post to your new address in Greater Manchester.

Transferring your current supplier to your new home in Manchester.

As you are moving to a new property in Manchester it may be tempting to just keep the same energy supplier, but the reality is that you could be missing out on significant savings by switching to a new energy supplier. A new property means different energy requirements than where you were previously living, and as a result, you might be losing energy efficiency by using your old supplier rather than finding a new energy supplier that is a better fit.

However, we understand that this may be a big decision and you may have had a good relationship with your previous energy supplier. We are not discouraging consumer loyalty, but rather encouraging every energy consumer do the proper due diligence as they are moving properties. In order to hear some information first hand about your options we suggest you take the time to call our resident energy experts at 0330 818 6224 They will help to layout your options for you, and if necessary help you switch your current supplier to your new property.

Before the call, it will be important to know the below information so that we can help you as much as possible:

  • Is the energy meter in your new properly compatible with your old tariff?
  • Is your tariff offered in Manchester?
  • Does your new property use the same fuel types?

If these all apply you should be able to transfer your energy contract to your new home in Greater Manchester. Contact your supplier or Switch Plan directly and share your new address and postcode in order to get your old energy contract applied to your new property.

What is the process to connect to the Manchester energy grid?

It is likely that your new home in Manchester is already connected to the grid and has an energy supply. However, if for some reason it does not, for example, if it is a newly built property, you will need to make sure it has a connection to the grid .

  • Call the NGET (National Grid Energy Transmission) at 0800 688 588 to arrange a pre-application meeting. This meeting covers everything needed to arrange the grid connection. This will be about all the work that will need to be done, the time it will take and the cost.
  • The application forms for the ESO (Electricity Systems Operator). There will be an admin cost when submitting them.
  • A team will visit your residence to offer you a quote.
  • Construction will begin to establish your access to the national power grid, this can require some considerable time depending on the nature of your new property.
  • Once the connection to the grid is established, you should contact your newly selected energy supplier who will reach out to the regional DNO, $distribution_network_operator, who will start the flow of energy to your property.

Ensure that you plan this ahead of time, as the process of connecting to the grid in Manchester can take some time. You surely don’t want to move to your new home before having set up this connection.

How can Switch Plan can aid in your move to Manchester?

If you are moving to Manchester you will need to sort out your new energy supply as well as cancel the one you are currently on. There is the possibility to transfer it over but energy experts do not recommend this. Follow the steps below for settling your energy bills and setting up your new contracts.

  • Inform your current supplier of the day you are moving house. Forgotten your supplier name, visit the Ofgem website or call Manchester’s distribution network operator, Electricity North West at 0800 195 4141.
  • Meter reading of your current house, right before moving
  • Once at your new property, take a meter reading
  • Consider what factors are important to you when it comes to the energy supply in your new home.

We at Switch Plan are here to help you when moving to Greater Manchester. We will deal with the switch to your new energy suppliers and it is completely a free service. All it takes is one 10 minute phone call with us and we can help you make significant savings on your new energy bills. Just inform us of what you are looking for in a supplier and tariff and we will advise you on the best options available specifically for you and your new property. Get in touch with us on the following number 0330 818 6224.

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