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Switch to the best energy plan in Liverpool!

Let us help you identify the best energy deal available and switch in minutes.
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Electricity & Gas in Liverpool, Merseyside in 2021

Switching energy suppliers in Liverpool

Last updated: June 2021.

What many British people are not aware of, is that by switching energy supplier they are likely to make some significant savings to their energy bills. Most of us just stick with the same supplier and energy tariffs without even considering making a change. Often this is because people are not aware of how easy it is to switch tariffs or suppliers. Would it change your mind if we told you that you could save up to £400 and that switching is free?

Each property has a different energy requirement and now that you are living in Liverpool, Merseyside, you should rethink your energy supply. In Liverpool there are 321,132 number of properties for 735,013, you could be living in a flat, a house, a bungalow, a mobile home or even another type of property. Each one of these will have different energy requirements, so it is important to ensure you are on the right tariff with the right supplier.

What you need to know about your gas & electricity distribution network operators in Liverpool

As a Liverpudlian in Merseyside you will have a specific operator for electricity (DNO) and another for gas. There are a few reasons to contact them, such as an emergency like an energy supply cut. Here you will have Liverpool's local operators info..

Liverpool Distribution Network Operator Liverpool Gas Operator
Electricity North West Cadent Gas

If you are interested in learning more about your local distributors, you may visit their websites.. In Liverpool, the electricity distributor is Electricity North West, and their website can be accessed here. If you want to visit the website of your local gas operator, which is Cadent Gas, visit the following website.

How should I contact Liverpool’s energy distributors?

Liverpudlians can reach out to Merseyside's local gas or electricity distributors to discuss the following topics: * Power shortage * Connections * Safety regulations * Job opportunities * Innovations

If you want to contact your energy distributors by phone, below is a table with their opening hours and telephone numbers in case of an emergency related to your energy supply.

Distributor Number opening hours Telephone number
Merseyside Electricity North West Emergency Number 24/7 105
Merseyside Electricity North West Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 0800 195 4141
Merseyside Cadent Gas Emergency Number 24/7 0800 111 999
Merseyside Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 0345 835 1111

How to deal with a power cut in Liverpool?

If you are experiencing a power cut in Liverpool the first thing you should do is check your fuse box to see if a fuse has tripped in your home's electricity circuit. If so you should be able to switch it back on quite easily. If this is not the case it is likely that there is a power cut in your area, so speak to your neighbours or have a look outside your window to see if other houses in Liverpool are experiencing the same issue. If your area is experiencing a power cut you should call your local Distribution Network Operator at 0800 195 4141 and let them know. In Liverpool, your local DNO is Electricity North West. They will send a team out to resolve the issue. Generally this does not take very long, however it depends completely on the circumstances and the reason for the power cut. Be sure to have a flashlight in your home in case of a power outage.

Suppliers in Liverpool

Who is the main supplier of energy to the 321,132 households of Liverpool?

The most popular energy provider in North West is British Gas, and indeed in most of Merseyside notably in the county's biggest cities such as Liverpool, Birkenhead and St Helens. However just because British Gas is the main provider in Liverpool, does not mean that they are the most suitable supplier for you given your requirements. It is important to remember that you are free to change supplier at any time and if you have been supplied energy by British Gas for a long time now, it is likely that you are overpaying. Comparing energy plans and providers can help you make some considerable savings on your energy bills. At Switch Plan our experts can help you find a better deal by switching providers and as a Liverpudlian you could save up to £400 pounds by switching with us. It is completely free and just takes a quick phone call to get started. tens of thousands of households in Liverpool are able to switch from one energy plan to a cheaper one in order to start to make impactful savings.

To discover the tariffs of some of the main suppliers in Liverpool, visit our dedicated pages by clicking on the links bellow:

Questions on energy in Merseyside

How can you save on energy bills when you live in Liverpool?

In order to make savings that will reduce your energy bills, the first place to start is by making some house renovations. Did you know that your roof can cause more than 30% of heat loss. Therefore it is recommended to re-insulate your attic, or change your windows to reduce or even stop any heat loss. Another way to make savings is to change your heating system to a gas boiler. It is also important to note that there are some government grants, which can help fund your renovations or installations, so it is worth doing some research on governemnt energy grants . Another important option to consider is to change energy suppliers. Here at Switch Plan we can find the right supplier and tariff for you depending on your energy requirements and then deal with the switch for you. It's truly hassle free!

How to reduce energy consumption each month in Liverpool?

Not all energy suppliers in Merseyside provide energy meters, but more and more are over time. If you want to switch to a tariff with a smart meter, give us a call on 0330 054 0018.

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Energy usage in Liverpool

Typology of Liverpool housing

Amongst the total 321,132 Liverpudlians households (2019 census), 3.28% use electric central heating, 94.41% use gas central heating, whereas 0.45% favor oil as their main energy source for heat. A remaining 1.87% of all Liverpool families do not have central heating.

Total Liverpool households 321,132 100%
Electric central heating 10521 3.28%
Gas central heating 303165 94.41%
Oil central heating 1455 0.45%
No central heating 5992 1.87%

What’s the average consumption in Merseyside?

Are you curious about whether you consume more energy than your fellow compatriots? There are easy ways to save on your energy consumption and consequently your energy bills. For your information, the average consumption of energy in Liverpool is 3,176.02 kWh per year, and the median is 2,861.95 kWh per year. If this figure is shockingly low for you, consider looking at ways to save on your energy consumption in your new home.

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