Our Methodology to Rank Suppliers

Our methodology to rank suppliers

  • What are the types of contracts that our suppliers offer? What is the depth and quality of each supplier? What about their offerings? How do their offerings stack up against the competition
  • Based on our criteria above, we ask ourselves, which suppliers should we partner with?
  • What goes into our supplier ranking?
  • How are our price lists built?

What types of contracts do we offer

The energy market is complex. We at Switch Plan want to provide our customers with straight-forward information around the energy market, because we believe everyone has better things to do than fill out forms, benchmark suppliers or figure out which suppliers can easily connect your home to be connected to the grid. Should you have any inquiry, we’ve put forward information on the energy suppliers in the UK market, along with the different tariffs they have on offer which include:

  • Fixed energy tariffs
  • Variable energy tariffs
  • Economy 7 tariffs
  • Economy 10 tariffs
  • Prepayment plans
  • Green energy tariffs

If your head is already spinning, don’t worry! This is why we’re here; our experts will guide you through which tariffs are best suited to your specific needs and aspirations. We continuously update our supplier information, such as new suppliers that come to market, changes to suppliers such as buyouts and transfers, and old favourites that have and excellent track record relating to consumer reviews. We take our responsibility of finding you the best energy tariffs in the market quite seriously.

Which suppliers do we partners with?

Our goal is to make navigating the energy market is a simple as possible. Switch Plan references and offers comparison tools for many suppliers. Our articles provide objective answers independent of all ongoing partnerships, and have included information around suppliers that we do not currently work with so that you have an abundance of information. Nevertheless, we will mention our partners first since they are the only ones we can switch you to. We have selected the best partner available for each identified customer need such as “cheapest energy”, “greenest energy”, “excellent customer service”, “best variable energy”, etc. What we mean by the “best” is 1. those that excel in these fields and 2. have a sufficient enough customer base to be reliable.

Our compensation model is commission based, meaning that we are compensated for each subscription or energy contract transfer we make. Switch Plan is therefore an intermediary, and our partners trust us with both the administration and management of their clients’ subscriptions. We generate revenues through each contract that is signed between you and our supplier partners; this is what enables our service to be 100% free for our users and why our rates mirror those that are in the market. Switch Plan’s service is 100% free for all customers (except the cost of a local phone call that will be invoiced by your phone operator).

How and why do we rank the different suppliers?

Over here at Switch Plan, we offer our readers comparison tools to be well equipped to make an apples to apples comparison, both between suppliers various tariffs on offer and supplier to supplier comparison. Please know that we can only switch you to an energy provider that we are in partnership with.

How do we build our price list?

We update our supplier prices routinely so that they stay up to date. When we source our supplier tariffs, we input the same zip code for each so that (to use the same analogy) you have an apples to apples comparison. Please note that the price you will be quoted when looking to switch over to another provider will likely be different from the price we have on our site, provided that you live in a different zip code than the one we have used to source our prices. regardless of this difference, you will still be able to get an idea of how plans and providers compare to one another.

Best of all, our service is free! We truly hope you enjoy the information we’ve provided. We aim to keep you well informed of everything related to your energy supply. You’re just a call away from making a switch!

Updated on 27 Jan, 2022

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