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Electricity & Gas in Leicester, Leicestershire in 2021

Switch Plan helps you find you the best energy deal and switch energy supplier in minutes.

How much do you know about Leicester?

Last updated: March 2021.

Leicester is the largest town in Leicestershire, with 507,532 inhabitants. 194,889 households rely on Western Power Distribution for their electricity supply, and on Cadent Gas for their gas.

Who distributes gas and electricity to Leicesterians?

Leicesterians can call their local Leicestershire electricity DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or gas distributor in case of an emergency or to get up-to-date information. If you are currently experiencing a power cut (electricity or gas) in Leicester, we strongly suggest you contact the emergency number provided here for your distributor.

Leicester Distribution Network Operator Leicester Gas Operator
Western Power Distribution Cadent Gas

How to contact Leicesterians' energy distributors?

Distributor Number opening hours Telephone number
Leicestershire Western Power Distribution Emergency Number 24/7 0800 6783 105
Leicestershire Western Power Distribution Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm 0800 096 3080
Leicestershire Cadent Gas Emergency Number 24/7 0800 111 999
Leicestershire Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm 0345 835 1111

Leicesterians can reach out to Leicestershire's local gas or electricity distributors to discuss the following topics:

  • Power shortage
  • Connections
  • Safety regulations
  • Job opportunities
  • Innovations

Want more details about Leicesterians' energy operators?

Find more information online by browsing Western Power Distribution's website. For Cadent Gas, visit this website.

What's the heating fuel mix in Leicester in 2021?

Amongst the total 194,889 Leicesterians households (2019 census), 8.69% use electric central heating, 88.28% use gas central heating, whereas 0.39% favor oil as their main energy source for heat. A remaining 2.64% of all Leicester families do not have central heating.

Types of fuel used for heating in Leicester

Total Leicester households 194,889 100%
Electric central heating 16937 8.69%
Gas central heating 172054 88.28%
Oil central heating 758 0.39%
No central heating 5141 2.64%

Looking to switch energy suppliers in Leicester?

You don't have to be moving to Leicester from elsewhere to switch suppliers. In fact, you can (and should!) switch energy suppliers even if you are staying in your current property in Leicester. You might have lived in Leicester all your life, and only just be switching suppliers! Did you know that Brits can save up to ยฃ400 a year by switching energy suppliers. You can be one of them!

There are so many energy suppliers to choose from, and within suppliers, a number of plans and tariffs available. This is because every property has different energy requirements. Whether you live in a flat, a student house, a bungalow, or a mobile home, you need to think carefully about your energy supply to make sure you aren't being overcharged, and to ensure that your energy plan lives up to your environmental priorities. We want to help you find the best deal for your specific household. Switching energy suppliers is a foolproof way to save money on your utility bills.

What's the average energy cost among the 507,532 residents of Leicester?

In 2019, Leicestershire inhabitants were paying an average of ยฃ10.14/kwh for their energy. Leicesterians spend -4.70% less when compared to the rest of the country.

How come energy costs vary depending on where you live? Well, the answer isn't so simple. It depends on your supplier and your local distribution networks. Local charges from your distribution networks affect how much your supplier will then charge you for your energy. This also depends on the amount of energy your supplier sells in your region.

Who provides most of Leicester's energy?

Generally speaking, British Gas tends to be the most popular energy provider in Leicester and in most of Leicestershire. If you already live in Leicester, you might find that your energy is supplied by them. Many Leicesterians have stuck with British Gas despite it being free to change at any time! If you've been with British Gas for a while now, the likelihood is that you're overpaying for your monthly energy consumption. This isn't exclusive to British Gas, but for any supplier you've been with for a long time. That's why at Switch Plan we believe it's important to shop around for different energy deals every once in a while.

Leicester dwellers can make substantial savings on energy related expenses by switching their current providers. Switch Plan helps thousands of Leicesterians make the switch from one provider to another and save! Switching to a new energy provider can save a single household in Leicester upwards of ยฃ400.

So, you're moving to the 7th largest city in the UK?

Moving to your new house in Leicester is the perfect time to switch energy suppliers. With all the paperwork and admin you are already having to complete, why not add one more easy task into the mix. We aren't lying when we say it's easy. In fact, it's more often than not very necessary as well. A new property has different energy requirements, since it might be a different size in meters squared, it might have a different number of rooms, and perhaps even come with solar panels. These are all reasons that you will need to shop around for a new energy plan.

While you're at it, it's definitely also worth looking for a new supplier. Starting a new energy plan means you will get a great deal. Besides, you usually can't transfer your energy plan from one property to another.

Remember, moving to a new energy plan, whether it's in a new property or the same one, might involve exit fees. It's important to be aware of this so you aren't surprised by any unforeseen charges! Read our guide on how to compare energy plans to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

What else do I need to do before moving to a property in Leicester?

The first thing you need to do is to cancel your current energy plan with your supplier. Let them know when you are moving out of your current property so they know when to stop charging you. Visit the Ofgem website if you don't know who your current energy supplier is. If you are planning on sticking with the same supplier, then you should let them know your new address so they can keep a record of this. However, we highly recommend shopping around for plans from other suppliers, as you might be able to find a better deal. Our experts at Switch Plan can do all this for you, in one quick 10 minute phone call.

Before you ring us up, have a quick think about what your energy priorities are for your new plan. These can be financial, logistical or environmental. That way, you can provide our experts with all the necessary information that will help them carry out the switch.

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