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Scottish Power in Warrington: Tariffs & contact details

How do I get the best energy deal in Warrington?

The energy supplier and energy tariff you opt for will affect how much you spend on energy. It’s important to keep on top of the energy companies in Warrington to make sure you’re on the best energy deal for your household. To help you out, we’ll list the best energy providers in town. We’ll show you the cheapest energy suppliers, the greenest energy suppliers, and the overall best energy companies in Warrington.

Due to the energy crisis, our services are currently suspended. Leave us your phone number and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

How much energy do Warringtonians consume on average?

average kwh price in Warrington

The average energy consumption in Warrington is 3,446.50 kWh per year, and the median is 3,077.74 kWh per year.

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What to know before moving to Warrington

Why are energy prices rising in Warrington?

The UK energy crisis has seen the cost of living increase drastically across the nation. For several reasons, the wholesale price of energy has soared over the last year. In order to overcome their increasing expenses, suppliers have needed to raise the price of their tariffs. The UK is the hardest hit country in Europe, facing the bankruptcy of 62 energy providers. While 37 suppliers still remain, they’ve taken their tariffs off of the market so that switching suppliers is no longer possible. Still, under normal circumstances, switching energy tariffs can save you a lot of money. Give us a call when the time is right so we can find the best energy deal for your household! Unfortunately, it’s true. Due to the energy crisis, switching suppliers is extremely difficult. For that reason, we’re putting our switching services on hold. However, leave us your number and we’ll call you back once everything’s up and running again! Switch Plan could help you save up to 400 in energy bills.

Am I able to switch energy suppliers in Warrington?

While it may be a little tricky right now, switching energy suppliers in Warrington is usually very simple! You’ll have to:

  1. ⚖️ Conduct a comparison of the energy deals in Warrington
  2. 🙌 Find the ideal energy deal for your needs
  3. 💰 Decide your preferred payment method - suppliers usually offer a discount on Direct Debit
  4. 🕰 Wait 2 weeks while your providers manage the switch
  5. ✅ You’re switched!

Can I transfer my existing energy supply to my new home in Warrington?

Yes, your current supplier can move with you! In fact, we’d recommend that you keep your current supplier for the time-being. All you need to do is make sure that your name is on the energy bill at your new home’s address. Also, let your current supplier know that you’re movingat least 2 days prior.

How do I supply my Warrington home with energy?

There are a couple of things you'll need to do before moving:

  • Let your current energy supplier know you’re moving 2 days prior minimum,
  • 🏡Just before you move out, record one last meter reading,
  • 🧾Request to have your utility bills delivered to your new address
After you move:
  • 🔎Take and send a meter reading from your new house
  • 📞Contact your new home’s current supplier to let them know of your move
Exit fees may apply if you try to break out of your energy plan prior to the contracted end date. These fees usually go up to £60, but have reached £300 recently due to the energy crisis. Make sure you check for exit fees before switching suppliers!

Who’s the best energy company in Warrington?

The best energy supplier for you will depend on your priorities. Are you seeking out the most popular, highest rated or greenest supplier? We’ll list them all for you.

Which energy company do Warringtonians use most?

The main energy provider in North West is British Gas.. This supplier is also the main in Cheshire overall, heralding itself as the most popular supplier in Warrington, Chester and Crewe. To find out more about popular suppliers in Warrington, check out the links below:

The best energy supplier for your household will depend on your needs and location. That’s why, the popularity of an energy supplier isn’t always the best measure to go by. You should also consider:

Who’s the most highly rated energy company in Warrington?

Octopus Energy is has won more awards than any other UK provider, winning eleven awards just in 2021. These are some other highly rated energy suppliers in the country:

Who are the greenest energy companies in Warrington?

Right now, the greenest energy supplier in the UK is Green Energy UK: Some other genuinely sustainable energy suppliers currently trading in the country include:

Who’s the most reliable energy provider in Warrington?​​

62 energy providers in the UK have gone bust. over the last year. Still, there’s around 37 energy supplier that are still active. Some of the most reliable ones area:

British Gas logo EDF Energy logo Utility Warehouse logo
Scottish Power logo E.ON Next logo Shell Energy logo
SSE/OVO Energy logo Octopus Energy logo Outfox the market logo

What else should I do before my move to Warrington?

How do I speak to the gas & electricity distribution network operators in Warrington?

Trying to reach your local energy distributors? You can contact them at:

🌐 Phone Line 🕰 Call Centre Opening Hours 📞 Telephone Number
Cheshire Electricity North West Emergency Number 24/7 105
Cheshire Electricity North West Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 0800 195 4141
Cheshire Northern Gas Networks Emergency Number 24/7 0800 111 999
Cheshire Northern Gas Networks Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 0800 040 7766
If your power cuts off in Warrington, first confirm that there aren’t any tripped switches in your fusebox. If there are, simply switch it back on to get your power back.
However, if your entire area is affected, reach out to your Electricity North West at 0800 195 4141 and ask for assistance.

How do I establish a connection to the energy grid in Warrington?

Unless your house is newly built, it’s likely that it’s already connected to the National Grid. However, if you need to establish a connection, you should:

  1. 📅 Have a pre-application meeting: Contact GNET (National Grid Energy Transmission) at 0800 688 588 to schedule this.
  2. 🔋 Submit your application to the Electricity Systems Operator (ESO)
  3. 🏡 Arrange your home visit: a team will come by to ensure a safe connection to the grid.
  4. 🧾 Between 5 to 15 days later, you’ll be sent a quote for the service.
  5. 📞Call your regional DNO and let them know: Electricity North West can be reached at 0800 195 4141

Who should I notify before I move to Cheshire?

To avoid having your mail sent to your old address, make sure you let the following parties know your new address:

  • 🇬🇧Local council and the electoral roll
  • 📱Broadband and mobile providers
  • 📺TV licensing authority
  • 🚗DVLA in order to update your driving license
  • 💡Gas and electricity providers

Who’s the cheapest energy provider in Warrington?

Who has the cheapest electricity tariffs in Warrington?

We’ve put together the cheapest electricity tariffs in the UK based on national averages These will also be available in Warrington:

✨Cheapest fixed electricity tariffs✨
Supplier ™️ Tariff 🏷 Tariff info 📋 💵 Electricity costs 💰
Click energy logo /
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 510.72
E.ON Next logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 633.73
EDF Energy logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 651.42

Who is the cheapest gas provider in Warrington?

If you’re looking for cheap gas deals, check out this table:

✨Cheapest fixed gas tariffs✨
Supplier ™️ Tariff 🏷 Tariff info 📋 💵 Gas costs 💰
EDF Energy logo /
Fixed 12 months
Green gas: ✖️
£ 443.5
E.ON Next logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green gas: ✖️
£ 493.15
Click energy logo /
Availability: ❌
Fixed 12 months
Green elec: ✖️
£ 573.91

FAQs about energy in Warrington

❓How do I find out who my new energy supplier is in Warrington?

To find out who supplies your energy after moving, contact your local energy distribution company at 0800 195 4141.

⚡️Are solar panels worth it in Warrington?

Absolutely! With solar panels, you can expect to save around £270 on energy bills per year. Any excess energy you produce can also be sold back to the grid, earning you money.

🔋Who are the top 6 energy suppliers in Warrington?

The “Big Six” is used to describe the country’s main energy providers. These are British Gas, EON, Npower, Scottish Power, OVO and EDF.

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