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In this post, all you need to know about your energy fuel mix will be explained. We’ll take a closer look at our energy fuel mix and where much of our energy comes from. We’ll also look at how, as the energy industry works harder and harder to be more sustainable, that energy mix is changing. We live in an age where we have gas and electricity quite literally at our fingertips. Every time we flick on a light switch, turn up the thermostat, fire up the oven or turn on the TV we’re using energy in the form of electricity.
Last updated: November 2022

Founded 2007
Phone number 105 or 0800 195 4141
Address Electricity North West, 304 Bridgewater Place, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6XG
Number of service users 2.4 million homes, 5 million customers

ENWL are not responsible for the National Grid but they are there to make sure customers are connected and that suppliers are serving them in the correct way. It is the supplier who sells you the electricity, ENWL is just there to make sure this process runs smoothly.

ENWL is responsible for fixing faults and dealing with power cuts, so if you are part of their network it may be a good idea to have a contact number so you can find out more information (more of which below).

In 2015, ENWL was recognised as the most efficient distribution network operator in the UK. They currently serve around five million customers in about 2.4 million homes across the northwest of England. They provide a range of services and have responsibilities to both the end customers and suppliers they serve. This guide aims to give you more information about what exactly ENWL does and how you can get in touch when you need them. Keep reading to find out more.

What do Electricity North West do?

They are responsible for looking after the network that allows suppliers to provide you with energy to your home. That means that among other things, they deal with the following:

  1. Maintenance and upgrades of 13,000 km of overhead power lines
  2. Maintenance and upgrades of 44,000 km of underground power lines
  3. Maintenance of the substations and transformers
  4. Reducing the voltage of the National Grid electricity to a useable level
  5. Returning excess power to the National Grid
  6. Supplying all homes and businesses with electricity within their network
  7. Responding to power cuts
  8. Repairing damage or faults
  9. Connecting new homes and business properties
  10. Relocating cables

What services do they offer?

As well as being responsible for all of the above, they also offer a range of other services. These include:

  1. Providing safety advice and reporting of incidents
  2. Allowing you to access plans so you can check for underground cables before undertaking any building project
  3. Advice on how you can save energy as well on what to do if there is flooding in your area
  4. Reporting electricity theft or other damage
  5. Provide you with information about who provides your electricity supply
  6. Moving your electric meter

They also offer a priority services register. This means that they can track vulnerable customers who may need some extra support with arranging their supply and other matters around electricity. For example, if there is a power cut they will attend to these customers first.

Another key service is dealing with complaints. If you are not happy with your service then you can get in touch and make a complaint. They aim to deal with these in the most efficient and timely way possible, usually responding within ten working days.

If you have built a new property or opened a new business that requires an electricity connection, then ENWL can help. They offer a range of connection types and their online application services may even be able to provide you with a quote for connection. If you have other needs regarding connection then you can call their team to find out more (contact details are below).

They can also help if you would like to move, change or disconnect your supply.

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Who owns Electricity North West?

Although ENWL is a British limited company responsible for the administration and maintenance of the network, it is ultimately owned by Colonial First State Global Asset Management – this is a member of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group – and by JP Morgan.

ENWL had originated as NORWEB in 1948 and had been state owned from its inception until 1990. Since then it has been owned by a number of private investment firms until its current owners made the purchase.

Who is my Electricity North West supplier?

One of the key services the ENWL offers is to inform you of who is providing your electricity. If you would like to know, then you can simply go to the ENWL website and click on the link that says ‘Who is my supplier?’. Then you will be asked to fill in your postcode and they will tell you who is supplying your power.

Electricity North West energy distribution

When to contact Electricity North West?

One of the main reasons you may need to get in touch with ENWL is when there is a power cut. They are there to help when this happens, with phone lines open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are experiencing a power cut, they will probably already know but it is always a good idea to report it anyway. Simply call them on 105 to report that your power is down and they will try and sort the problem out as quickly as possible. You can also use this number if you notice any damage to power equipment. You should never try to approach damaged electrical equipment, even if it doesn’t look live. Call ENWL and they will address the matter.

During a power cut you can also get live information on the website (providing your phone still has a connection). You can check to see if the power cut is planned or unplanned and find out estimated times for when it will be fixed. They also provide helpful tips for what to do in a power cut.

If you or someone you know is vulnerable, you can add them to the priority services register. There are also business priority services that you can sign up for

Electricity North West contact number

If you want to get in touch with ENWL to report a power cut, you can do so by calling 105. If you have a more general query or want to speak to someone about relocating or connecting your service, you can call on 0800 195 4141 and follow the relevant options for your needs.

The 105 power cut service is available 24/7/365. The general number operates between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However, there are other channels for getting in touch. You can use the online enquiry form which you will find on their website. You can also reach out on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to write a letter, then you can do so at Electricity North West, 304 Bridgewater Place, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6XG.

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‍♂️What is ENWL?

Electricity North West, better known as ENWL, is a distribution network operator. It is one of 14 across the UK who are responsible for the electricity distribution network. In the case of ENWL, this is across the northwest of England, stretching from the Scottish border to the bottom of the Manchester region. They deal with around 5 million customers and 2.4 million homes.

‍♂️What do Electricity North West do?

They are responsible for looking after the network that allows suppliers to provide you with electricity. That means that among other things, they look after the maintenance and upgrades of power lines, deal with power cuts, repair damage of faults and connect new homes and businesses.

☎️When to contact Electricity North West?

If you have had a power cut then you can contact ENWL by calling 105 to report the matter and to find out more information about when the power might be going back online. Alternatively, you can use the live tracker information on their website.

You can also get in touch if you would like to know who is supplying your electricity as well as for finding out details about connection. If you are undertaking a build project and need to know if there are underground cables in the vicinity, then you can also get in touch.

️What services do they offer?

As well as being responsible for all the maintenance of the power network that supplies you home, they also offer a range of other services. These include providing safety advice and reporting of incidents and advice on how you can save energy as well on what to do if there is flooding in your area. They can also help you if you need to move your electric meter.

Updated on 29 Jan, 2024

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