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We study the market to identify the cheapest, greenest and most reliable energy providers in Hampshire We study the market to identify the cheapest, greenest and most reliable energy providers in Hampshire

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What's Hampshire's heating fuel mix?

How much do you know about Hampshire?

<h3>So, should I switch suppliers in Hampshire?</h3>

Under normal circumstances, we’d suggest switching suppliers when moving to Hampshire to make sure you’re on top of the best energy plan in the area. However, because of the ongoing energy crisis, we recommend sticking with your existing supplier for the moment. Still, your energy costs are affected by a number of factors: your location, household size and consumption, for instance. That’s why, after the energy crisis has settled, switching suppliers could save you a lot on energy costs - up to £400/year! Leave us your phone number and we’ll help you switch for free as soon as the crisis is resolved.

What should I do when moving to Hampshire involve?

Before moving to Hampshire, you should let your current supplier know your new address. If you're unsure of who your supplier is, check the Ofgem website to find out. You'll be able to take your existing supplier with you to your new address if you choose to, so long as your name is on your energy bill.

Can I switch to a new energy supplier in Hampshire?

Under normal circumstances, you can absolutely switch to a new energy provider in Hampshire. All you’ll need to do is:

  1. Compare energy prices in Hampshire
  2. Find the best energy deal for your home
  3. Choose how you’d prefer to pay
  4. Allow up to 14 days for your suppliers to process the transition
  5. You’re good to go!
While it's important to consider switching suppliers when you move house, this needn't be the only time you switch. You may have lived in Hampshire for a really long time and never even thought about it. However, you’re better off scouting the market every now and then for a plan that better suits your household's energy requirements. If you have in fact lived in Hampshire for many years and never switched suppliers, you are almost definitely being overcharged for your energy.

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