Call us to switch to the best energy plan in Greater London ! Call us to switch to the best energy plan in Greater London !

Let us help you identify the best energy deal available and switch your plan in minutes. Let us help you identify the best energy deal available and switch your plan in minutes.

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Call us to switch to the best energy plan in Greater London ! Call us to switch your plan in Greater London !

Let us help you identify the best energy deal available and switch your plan in minutes. Let us help you identify the best energy deal available and switch your plan in minutes.

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Electricity & Gas in Greater London in 2021

Last update: March 2021

Firstly, let's find out a bit about Greater London

Have you just moved to Greater London? Or have you lived in the area for a while? Either way, ask yourself: how much do you really know about the area?

Did you know that Greater London is the 1st largest county in London in terms of population, and the 1st in the country, with 8,110,532 inhabitants! Greater London's biggest city is London, with New Addington coming in as a close second.

In terms of energy, the 3,239,717 households residing in Greater London can rely on their local DNO UK Power Networks for electricity supply, and on Cadent Gas for gas.

Who are the two energy operators at work for the 8,110,532 residents in Greater London ?

How to get in touch with Greater London's energy distributors?

Inhabitants of Greater London can call their local Greater London electricity DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or gas distributor in case of emergency or to get up-to-date information.

Distributor Telephone number Number opening hours
Greater London UK Power Networks Emergency Number 0800 31 63 105 24/7
Greater London UK Power Networks Non-Emergency Number 0800 029 4285 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
Greater London Cadent Gas Emergency Number 0800 111 999 24/7
Greater London Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number 0345 835 1111 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Greater London is a county located in London, the 1st biggest in that region of the UK. It is inhabited by 8,110,532 inhabitants, who rely on two main providers for their energy supply. UK Power Networks distributes electricity to the 3,239,717 in Greater London, whereas Cadent Gas is responsible for ensuring that the county gets a reliable supply of gas.

Greater London Distribution Network Operator Greater London Gas Operator
UK Power Networks Cadent Gas
UK Power Networks website Cadent Gas website

Energy consumption in Greater London

How much do we consume on average in Greater London?

Based on government data we are able to estimate that the average Greater London inhabitant household consumes 3,511.13 kWh a year. The median consumption of that same household would be 3,122.52 kWh.

What's the average price per kwh in Greater London?

Greater London inhabitants pay an average of ยฃ9.93 /kwh for their energy.

Home heating fuel split in January 2021 in Greater London

In Greater London, homes have four different types of central heating system. The most popular central heating option in Greater London is gas, like in much of London and in much of the UK. Gas heated homes represent 80.53% of all households in the county. On the other hand, 14.79% of families rely on electricity to get through the cold winters. Fuel represents another 0.70%, and a remaining 3.99% do not have central heating machinery in their homes. What's more reliable? Which energy is cheaper to run? These are questions inhabitants of Greater London regularly ask themselves.

While gas is overall cheaper to run, electricity powered systems are usually more cost effective. They are less expensive to install compared to gas, and have small maintenance costs. They last longer than your average gas boiler. In terms of energy efficiency, they also come on top compared to their gas counterparts, being 100% efficient, without any energy loss.

Total Greater London households 3,239,717 100%
Electric central heating 479,160 14.79%
Gas central heating 2,608,843 80.53%
Oil central heating 22,569 0.70%
No central heating 129,145 3.99%

Do you want to switch to a new supplier in London?

Switching suppliers isn't just for when you move house. But it's also for people who simply haven't switched in a while. If this applies to you, you are probably being overcharged for your gas and electricity supply. We don't want to see anyone overcharged for their energy, so that's why our experts at Switch Plan are professionals in making sure you make savings.

So, whether you have lived in Greater London for a long time, or have recently moved there and want to switch, you have a wide range of options. In Greater London, there are a number of suppliers available for you, no matter your energy requirements. From green suppliers to the cheapest on the market, there is something for you. What we know for sure is that switching energy suppliers is a foolproof way to make hefty savings. That's what our experts are here for.

What does it mean to switch energy supplier?

In short, it means that you can save up to ยฃ400 a year. Sticking with the same supplier isn't great for making savings. This is because your energy bill tends to rack up the longer you have been on the same plan. It might seem like a super daunting idea to switch suppliers, but it really isn't! In fact, your energy supply isn't affected at all by switching, and our experts can carry out the whole process for you, from start to finish. You don't need to worry about a thing.

Just moved to the 1st largest county in London?

What do I need to do prior to my move to Greater London?

Not an awful lot.

However, you do need to get in touch with your current supplier to let them know you are moving. Whether you are transferring your current plan to your new address, or simply switching to a new supplier, they will need to be informed. If you don't know who your current supplier is, head over to the Ofgem website and you will be able to find out.

Now, work out your priorities in terms of the price of your plan, its environmental qualities, and other logistical factors, such as dual fuel vs. single fuel. You will need to let our Switch Plan experts know your requirements so they can carry out an informed switch and get your new home in Greater London powered up.

So, you've just moved to Greater London? Did you know that moving house is the perfect time to switch energy suppliers? This is because when you move to a new property, you will inevitably have different energy requirements. The size of your house, the number of inhabitants, and its location all affect what type of energy plan you should be on. And this might drastically differ from your current plan! Therefore, switching energy suppliers is often a very necessary part in the moving house process. Luckily for you, residents of Greater London have a huge range of options when it comes to plans and suppliers. Don't be overwhelmed though. Our experts at Switch Plan can do all the comparison and heavy lifting for you.

Therefore, as well as necessary, switching suppliers is also incredibly easy. With all the paperwork you are already subjected to when moving house, you might as well add one more task to your very long list. And given that our experts will do it all for you, switching has really never been easier.

Remember, moving to a new energy plan, whether its in a new property or the same one, might involve exit fees. It's important to be aware of this so you aren't surprised by any unforeseen charges!

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