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Supplying energy to 700,000 UK homes, Shell Energy is an increasingly popular prospect for energy consumers looking for a familiar brand. But how do Shell Energy tariffs stack up against the competition? Are they a bit pricey or are they a bit cheap? And, most importantly, is there a Shell Energy tariff to suit your household’s needs? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Shell Energy Tariffs and help you find out if they are the right option for you.
Last update: November 2022

As you may have heard on the news, the UK energy market is currently under an immense amount of stress as a result of a global gas shortage driving up costs and putting several energy suppliers out of business. To learn more about this and stay updated on a daily basis you can read our page on the UK energy crisis.

logo shell Shell Energy
Founded 2008 (as First Utility) | 2019 (as Shell Energy)
Client Number 0330 094 5800
Log in Log into your Shell Energy account
Number of clients ~1 mil.
Postal Address Shell Energy Ltd, Westwood Business Park, Shell Energy House, Westwood Way, Coventry CV4 8HS

Shell Energy Tariffs and Prices

Shell Energy offers a fairly comprehensive range of variable tariffs as well as a single variable rate tariff. All of the tariffs feature 100% renewable electricity, and one also features carbon-neutral electricity and gas. All of these tariffs also offer exclusive rewards with Shell Go+, the company’s rewards system. If you find that you usually use Shell fuels on the road, you may find that you get some great rewards by using the company for your domestic fuel as well. You can even get discounted broadband with Shell’s tariffs.

Shell Live Tariffs

As it might change, Shell does not currently offer fixed rates for new customers. However, if you are interested, you can register in a form on the website and you will be notified as soon as the offer changes.

If you don’t want do search a lot, here you have an overview of the most popular Shell Energy tariffs:

Shell Energy Popular Tariffs
Plan NameTariff TypeIs the tariff live?Average electricity annual cost (£/year)Average gas annual cost (£/year)Average total annual cost (£/year)Exit fees (£/fuel)Green tariff?
/ Standard Variable£ 650.564*£ 556.637*£ $UK_NRJ_Shell_SVT_annualc$*£ 0.000✖️
/ Fixed - 12 months£ 745.311*£ 717.281*£ $UK_NRJ_Shell_F12_annualc$*£ 30.000✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months£ 760.590*£ 713.368*£ $UK_NRJ_Shell_F24_annualc$*£ 30.000✖️

What is the Shell energy flexible 6 tariff?
If you were on an off-peak or Economy 7 rate with GOTO Energy, you are on an Economy 7 or Off-peak Flexible 6 rate with Shell Energy. The Flexible 6 rate is 100% renewable energy by default.

Shell Energy Variable Rate Tariffs

Shell has one standard variable tariff available at the moment. Variable rates have an advantage in the form of flexibility to switch to different plans/providers. The disadvantage however is a risk of higher prices than fixed tariffs due to market fluctuations.

The costs associated with this tariff can be seen here:

Shell Variable Rate Tariffs
Plan NameTariff TypeType of fuelIs the tariff live?Standing charge (p/day)Unit rate cost (p/kWh)Average total annual cost (£/year)Exit cost (£/fuel)Green tariff?
/ Standard VariableElectricity27.410 p18.981 p*£ 650.564*£ 0.000✖️
/ Standard VariableGas26.600 p*3.282 p*£ 556.637*£ 0.000✖️

Shell Energy Fixed Rate Tariffs

Shell currently has 2 fixed rate tariff plans which differ mainly in the time period the tariff is fixed for. We have an overview of them down below.

Is Shell Energy offering fixed-rate tariffs at the moment?
Shell states that the high energy prices make this a unprecedented time in the market. In October 2021, Shell removed their fixed tariffs because they could no longer offer their customers cheap tariffs.

The pricing on these tariffs can be seen here:

Shell Fixed Rate Tariffs
Plan NameTariff TypeType of fuelIs the tariff live?Standing charge (p/day)Unit rate cost (p/kWh)Average total annual cost (£/year)Exit cost (£/fuel)Green tariff?
/ Fixed - 12 monthsElectricity34.160 p*21.398 p*£ 745.311*£ 30.000✖️
/ Fixed - 24 monthsElectricity42.170 p*20.916 p*£ 760.590*£ 30.000✖️
/ Fixed - 12 monthsGas18.990 p*4.628 p*£ 717.281*£ 30.000✖️
/ Fixed - 24 monthsGas20.870 p*4.551 p*£ 713.368*£ 30.000✖️

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Shell Economy 7 Tariffs

Shell also has Economy 7 plans available for people who have an economy 7 meter.

These tariffs have two separate unit rates, one for peak hours of consumption and another for off-peak.

Shell Economy 7 Tariffs
Plan NameTariff TypeIs the tariff live?Standing charge (p/day)Day Rate (p/kWh)*Night Rate (p/kWh)p*Average total annual cost (£/year)Exit cost (£/fuel)Green tariff?
/ Economy 7 - Standard Variable27.490 p*21.730 p*12.415 p*£ 617.121*£ 0.000✖️
/ Economy 7 - Fixed 12 months34.160 p*22.523 p*16.253 p*£ 701.568*£ 30.000✖️
/ Economy 7 - Fixed 24 months42.170 p*22.016 p*15.627 p*£ 714.672*£ 30.000✖️

Shell Energy business tariffs

Shell prides itself on offering affordable green tariffs for business customers. Shell Energy is able to offer business tariffs to microbusinesses, SMBs and enterprise-level companies. However, it does not advertise business rates online as they are negotiated on an individual basis. Business rates are usually dependent on the size of your company, where you are based, how much energy you use and your peak energy load hours.

Shell does reveal, however, the names of their business tariffs:

  • Fixed Price- For smaller businesses – best for budget certainty.
  • Pass-Through Contract- For larger businesses that expect greater cost transparency.
  • Flexible Purchasing- Best direct market access and price risk management.

Companies can apply via Shell Energy’s Business Tariff page.

Shell Energy: what other services do they offer?

The supplier offers a number of other services.

Shell Energy Boiler cover

The supplier has entered into a partnership with HomeServe to offer its customers round-the-clock support if an unexpected problem arises at home.
All services are included, whether it’s the boiler, central heating, plumbing and drainage or electrics. In addition, the boiler and central heating insurance includes a free boiler service in the first year.

Do Shell Energy have smart meters? What smart meters do they offer?

Yes, Shell Energy offers smart meters to new and existing customers. A smart meter transmits your gas and electricity consumption data directly to the supplier. So you no longer have to worry about monthly readings or receive inaccurate bills from your supplier.

man paying with credit card on laptop

How to apply for the Warm Home Discount with Shell Energy

If you’re of pension age or if you receive income-related benefits, you may be eligible for the Warm Home Discount to heat your home more affordably in winter. This is a government initiative run in conjunction with energy suppliers. Under this scheme, vulnerable energy consumers can get a flat £140 discount on energy in the colder months between September and March.
Shell Energy is no longer taking applications for 2021/2022. However, you can see if you are eligible to make an application by clicking here.

Why switch to Shell Energy?

The Shell name and logo are familiar to drivers everywhere, but perhaps fewer are aware that the oil giant is also a domestic energy supplier (after taking over First Utility). Also, despite having their roots very much in petroleum, Shell has a wide range of energy tariffs that use 100% renewable electricity. When choosing a new energy supplier, it’s essential to choose a company that provides a diverse range of tariffs to suit your needs, has affordable rates, and offers reliable customer service.

Is Shell energy a good deal?
Shell Energy offers a number of fixed, variable and innovative rates, including environmentally friendly options. However, although Shell Energy’s prices are competitive, customer service is deficient.

How to switch to Shell Energy?

Think that Shell Energy might be the supplier for you? We can help to ensure that you get the perfect tariff to meet your needs. So that you can enjoy cheaper, greener energy. We can also manage your switch from end-to-end. Why pay more, when we can get you cheaper energy faster?

What is Shell Energy’s fuel mix?

Shell Energy offers electricity from 100% renewable energy sources as standard.

How long has Shell Energy been a green supplier for?
Since April 2020 the fuel mix offered by Shell Energy is 100% renewable energy

The energy provider matches their customers’ energy consumption with renewable energy sources in the UK via REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) certificates. More than 85% of their REGOs come from wind, solar or hydro power plants.

Shell Energy’s fuel mix in November 2022
Source Porcentage
Off-shore Wind 31%
On-shore Wind 25%
Solar 21%
Biomass 11%
Hydro 9%
Landfill gas 2%
Biogass 0.3%

Who owns Shell Energy?

Shell Energy is part of the global Shell brand, best known for its petrol stations. The company has acquired two established UK energy suppliers to increase its market share to around one million UK customers. The customer rating is mostly positive.

Shell Energy Contact Details

Shell Energy offers different ways to be contacted. You can contact the supplier via live chat or via email.
If you prefer the phone, you can call Shell Energy with the number 0330 094 5800 for energy queries. The lines are open from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

Looking to compare energy suppliers?Leave your phone number to request a call back from us!

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How much does Shell Energy charge per kWh?

The Shell Energy tariff rates per kWh depends on which tariff plan you are on. It also depends on other variables such as your location or even the time of day that you're using your energy.

However, the average rates per kWh for each of their tariff plans can be found in this article.

What is the Shell Energy standing charge?

The standing charge depends on which tariff plan that you are on, the averages of the standing charge for each Shell Energy tariff can be found in this article.

Does Shell Energy have an exit fee?

This depends on tariff plan, each of the fixed rate tariffs have an exit cost of at least £30.

Has Shell Energy raised its prices in 2021?

Shell Energy is likely to raise their rates in the Fall of 2022 as the Energy Price Cap is going to be raised.

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