Southern Electric: who are they and what do they do?

papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with SSE

papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with SSE

Summary: In 1989, Margaret Thatcher’s government privatised energy companies in the UK. Many public utility companies were then formed out of local electricity boards. This was how Southern Electric merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric to form SSE.  SSE were once the UK’s largest supplier of renewable energy!
Last updated: March 2021

Is Southern Electric the same as SSE?

Sort of. They merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric in 1998 and became SSE, or Scottish and Southern Energy. In 2010, they completely rebranded to just SSE. Although Southern Electric do form part of SSE, they are also still separate in that they supply gas and electricity to Southern England.
Southern Electric
SSE now provide over 9.5 million homes with energy, forming one of the ‘Big 6’. Like with most company mergers, customers were switched over from a Southern Electric tariff to an SSE tariff. However, this didn’t actually affect customers’ billing, since they now form part of SSE.

What do Southern Electric’s tariffs look like?

Southern Electric’s tariffs are actually no longer available since the merger. However, SSE have a range of tariffs that you can find information about here.

Can I get in contact with Southern Electric?

Although they provide gas and electricity separately to homes in Southern England, you can’t actually get in touch with them directly. Instead, you need to contact SSE.


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Updated on 31 Mar, 2021


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