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Papernest disclaims that they are in partnership with Pozitive Energy

papernest disclaims that they are in partnership with Pozitive Energy

When choosing an energy supplier, many of us gravitate to the “Big 6” energy suppliers. Unaware that there are lots of smaller independent suppliers that could give us cheaper rates than the big fish are prepared to offer. And business energy suppliers don’t come much smaller or scrappier than Pozitive Energy. Offering bespoke tariffs and intelligent toolkits to make your energy consumption cheaper and more manageable, including special deals for multi-site businesses, let’s see if your business energy supply could benefit from a little extra Pozitivity…

Last updated: February 2021

Founded in Essex in 2016, Pozitive Energy promises customers business energy solutions that are “Competitive. Clever. Clean”. Although no energy consumer can afford to overspend on their gas and electricity, the need to save on utilities is even more pressing for small businesses.

Who are Pozitive Energy?

Pozitive Energy are a business energy supplier that promises to deliver bespoke energy solutions that are built around the needs of business. They describe themselves as a tech company and energy supplier all in one. A fact that makes them well suited to the They offer 100% renewable electricity at affordable prices, as well as competitive carbon-neutral gas. Their tariffs are completely bespoke and scalable, making Pozitive Energy a great choice for business owners who need to manage multiple premises. As well as supplying competitively priced energy, Pozitive Energy promises a host of sophisticated analytics that help business customers to better track their energy usage across multiple sites with its in-house monitoring software and apps.

Founded 2016
Client Email customercare@pozitive.energy
Client Number 03333 70 9900
Log in Log into your Pozitive Energy account here
Number of clients Undisclosed
Postal Address Pozitive Energy Ltd. 7th Floor Wellington House, 90 -92 Butt Road Colchester Essex CO3 3DA

“Unlike most energy suppliers”, its website claims “our unique setup means we respond swiftly to new customer needs”. They cater to a wide range of industries and sectors, including:

  • Education
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Petroleum
  • Hospitality
  • Government / public sector

Their digital resources and knowledgeable team can help your business to take control of its energy use, driving down prices and freeing up your cash flow.

But are Pozitive Energy all that they claim to be? Do the lived experiences of their customers match the impressive language of their website? Let’s take a closer look…

Pozitive Energy

Pozitive Energy Tariffs

When choosing a business energy supplier, you need to know that not only will they have the right tariffs for your company’s needs, but they’ll also give you the ability to pay in a way that’s efficient for you and your cash flow.

At present, Pozitive Energy accepts payment by Direct Debit, BACS, CHAPS and over the phone. In some exceptional circumstances, they will also accept payment via cheque.

Pozitive Energy customers are able to get an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR Meter) installed. For those unfamiliar to AMR, this works in a way that is very similar to a domestic smart meter, although readings are sent much more frequently.

This saves time-poor business owners from having to manually report their usage. Which can be seriously problematic when your business spans multiple sites. Meter readings can, however, also be submitted via the customer portal.

Pozitive Energy unit rates and standing charges

When it comes to Pozitive Energy’s tariffs, it’s unfortunately not possible to provide information on rates and standing changes. This is because business energy suppliers do not offer fixed tariffs in the same way that domestic energy suppliers do, as business energy use can be so incredibly varied.

However, Pozitive Energy does supply information on its variable / deemed tariff. This is the tariff that customers are automatically placed on when their contract expires, or you move into a business premises where Pozitive Energy is the incumbent supplier.

Standing Charge (pence per day) Day Rate (p per kWh) Night Rate (p per kWh) Evening & Weekend Rate (p per kWh)
Single Electricity 75 21 N/A N/A
Day & Night Electricity 75 21 17 N/A
Day & Eve/WE Electricity 75 21 N/A 19
Day, Night & Eve/WE Electricity 75 21 17 19
Gas 75 4 N/A N/A

When it comes to bespoke tariffs, how much you pay will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Your location.
  • How much energy you use.
  • How many sites you have.
  • Your peak energy load hours.

It’s also important to note that business energy suppliers do not offer the same dual fuel tariffs that domestic suppliers offer (although they do supply both gas and electricity).


More than ever, our team of experts remain on deck to help you make savings on your energy. We understand how deeply the lives of many are affected by these trying times and we want to support you the best we can. More on your energy supply during COVID-19 in our article.

Do Pozitive Energy do business energy tariffs?

Yes Pozitive Energy exclusively offers business energy tariff. It’s unique offering, combining tech and software analytics with renewable energy provision is at the centre of its Unique Selling Proposition. The provisions that it offers would be surplus to the requirements of domestic energy consumers.

Pozitive Energy Fuel Mix: Are they a green supplier?

It’s likely that your business is making an active effort to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. In an era where we’re more aware than ever of the impact of our operations on the planet, this is a core tenet of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The good news is that 100% of Pozitive Energy’s fuel mix comes from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass.

Every unit of renewable energy you purchase from Pozitive Energy comes with its own Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. This is how Ofgem is able to verify the source of their electricity.

What’s more, Pozitive Energy’s bespoke analytics and reporting will be able to help your in-house efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce your usage. So you can save money while improving your company’s green credentials.

Are Pozitive Energy any good? What their customers say

As we can see, Pozitive Energy bring a great deal of value to business energy consumers. The combination of advanced technological support, analytics and reporting with affordable energy and bespoke tariffs make them worthy of consideration for SMEs on the lookout for a new supplier.

But do the experiences of Pozitive Energy’s customers live up to the bold claims made on their website? Let’s take a look at what some of the brand’s customers had to say in their reviews.

Pozitive Energy customer reviews

As is often the case with business energy suppliers, reviews are much more sparse than we usually see for their domestic counterparts. Looking at Pozitive Energy’s Trustpilot page we can see that customer sentiment is largely positive.

The business energy supplier currently has an overall customer score of 3.8 out of 5 which puts them at the lower end of “Great”, verging on “Average”.

At the time of writing, Pozitive Energy has 123 customer reviews. Of these:

  • 69 (56%) were “Excellent”
  • 8 (7%) were “Great”
  • 1 (<1%) was”Average”
  • 0 (0%) were “Poor”
  • 45 (37%) were “Bad”

Let’s take a closer look at what Pozitve Energy’s business customers say about their energy, their prices and their service.

The Good

Positive (or should we say Pozitive) reviews focused on helpful and knowledgeable employees who had gone the extra mile to provide support and clarification or resolve issues. Tellingly, individual customer service agents are frequently mentioned by name in positive reviews. Something that we find usually indicates that a team member has gone the extra mile and deserves to be recognised.

We have included some extracts from positive reviews to provide a better flavour of customer sentiment:

  • “[The employee we dealt with] was diligent and helpful and above all did exactly what he said he would do when he was meant to have done it… Very refreshing from a utilities company”.
  • “Exceptionally helpful in guiding and advising me the process to deal with the meters. Its really helpful as a customer to have someone give you detailed information in order to make correct decisions. Thanks for your excellent customer service”.
  • “We were experiencing issues with meter readings from our properties which involved few accounts. [Employee Name] took over our query and handled it with most professional and timely manner making our experience very pleasant with Pozitive Energy. Well done for great job done resolving our issues. Thank you.”

The Bad

Like all energy suppliers, there are times when Pozitive Energy make a less than Pozitive impression on their customers. Negative reviews focus on billing errors, issues with AMR meters, incorrect invoices and poor communications.

Although these are by no means representative of the average customer experience, we think it’s important to add some extracts from negative customer reviews in the interests of balance.

  • “We find the company very hard to deal with. Communication by email and telephone is very, very poor to the point where it becomes extremely frustrating”.
  • “We are due a £400 refund. We switched suppliers at the end of June – still waiting for the money in September. Avoid his company”.
  • “We have a half hourly smart meter but unfortunately we are in an area where mobile signals have a poor reception. From February until the end of September we were sent estimated bills for £7,222.05 but during this time they had read the meter on four occasions. When they got around to downloading the information properly our bill was only £2,685.24”.

Pozitive Energy

How to contact Pozitive Energy

There are a number of ways in which you can contact Pozitive Energy. You can call them over the phone on 03333 70 9900. The number is manned on Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:30pm. Alternatively, you may prefer to email customercare@pozitive.energy.

If you wish to make a complaint, you can send an email or make your complaint over the phone. However, we find that it helps to have a paper trail. Written letters of complaint can be sent to:

Pozitive Energy Ltd
7th Floor Wellington House,
90 -92 Butt Road

Remember, don’t switch domestic energy suppliers without us!

As important as it is to ensure great business energy prices, and ensure a healthy business cash flow, let’s be honest. None of us can afford to overspend on our domestic energy either. Don’t be one of the legions of British energy consumers who are paying over the odds for their gas and electricity. Call us before switching suppliers.

Not only can we scour the market to get you the very best rates, we can manage your switch from end-to-end. So you can enjoy cheaper, greener energy quickly and totally hassle-free.

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