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Founded very recently in 2016, Npower’s energy business became one of the go-to energy suppliers for customers and very quickly rose to success as part of the ‘big six’. At the time, the big six had a 98% market share, but this has decreased year-on-year since, as more domestic customers switch to smaller brands for more competitive pricing and better customer service. As well as their success in the domestic energy supply world, they’ve also launched Npower Business, which provides different tariffs to business energy customers for their gas and energy.
Last update: November 2022

Who is Npower Business?

As (at one point) the third biggest energy supplier in the UK, Npower’s offering has always been split between businesses and residential customers – with more of a focus on residential customers in the last couple of years, due to a large difference in market sizes.

Npower Business /
Founded 2016
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Business Customer Service Number 0845 071 0613
Number of clients (total) 6,100,000
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Npower business is owned and controlled by the same people as Npower – former energy rival E.ON Energy UK. This means that any new quotes via Npower will be automatically switched to E.ON quotes from now on.

Some of the benefits of being a customer with Npower Business for your business electricity and gas supply include:

  • Fixed-term contracts to give businesses confidence in their pricing
  • Flexible payment options
  • UK-based call centres with low wait times
  • Dedicated business switching consultants

Npower Business: Business electricity tariffs

Although it varies considerably between businesses (based on energy consumption), we’ve pulled together some quotes from Npower Business (now E.ON business) to share the tariffs available for small to medium-sized businesses who use 20,000kWh of electricity a year.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that bigger companies and those with multiple sites will usually benefit from further discounts for multiple purchases, and that connection fees may apply for businesses on new sites.

Tariff Name Tariff Type Unit Rate





Standing Charge





Exit Fees Per Fuel





Variable Electricity Plan – Baserate Variable – 30 Day Rolling
Fixed Business Electricity Plan – 1 Year Baserate Fixed For 12 Months
None within 49 days of contract renewal
Fixed Business Electricity Plan – 2 Year Baserate Fixed For 24 Months
None within 49 days of contract renewal
Fixed Business Electricity Plan – 3 Year Baserate Fixed For 36 Months
None within 49 days of contract renewal

Npower Business: Business gas tariffs

In the same vein as electricity, Npower Business tariffs are no longer available, and have been switched over to E.ON for new customers or customers looking for quotes. The below is based on the rates for one business running at 20,000kWh of gas consumption annually, on a gas only tariff – not dual fuel.

Tariff Name Tariff Type Unit Rate





Standing Charge





Exit Fees Per Fuel





Variable Gas Plan Variable – 30 Day Rolling
Fixed Business Gas Plan – 1 Year Fixed For 12 Months
None within 49 days of contract renewal
Fixed Business Gas Plan – 2 Year Fixed For 24 Months
None within 49 days of contract renewal
Fixed Business Gas Plan – 3 Year Fixed For 36 Months
None within 49 days of contract renewal

Npower Business: Customer reviews

While Npower Business doesn’t have separate reviews to Npower domestic, the customer service processes, teams and general organisation are the same between domestic and business. Let’s look at their customer feedback below…

Does Npower Business have good customer reviews?

Overall, the entirety of Npower does not have good customer scores, feedback or reviews. Their business customers come under the same umbrella of their overall business, so they do not have a separate area for business-only reviews.

With over 2,700 reviews on Trustpilot, Npower overall have been given an overall rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars, which is ‘Bad’. Of their review volume, 96% of reviewers have given Npower a ‘Poor’ or ‘Bad’ rating, with <1% offering an ‘Average’ 3-star score, <1% with a ‘Great’ 4 star score, and only 3% leaving an ‘Excellent’ review or a 5-star score.

The annual Which? Energy Survey in October 2020 gave Npower an overall customer score of 57%, and placed them 30th out of 35 UK energy providers for customer satisfaction, bill accuracy, bill clarity, value for money, customer service, digital tools and complaints handling.

Of their positive reviews, customers mention…

  • Customers pleased with automatic ‘request a call back’ features
  • Fast at resolving customer emergencies
  • A helpful affordable solutions department for households in debt.

In their (overwhelming majority of) negative reviews, frequent issues include…

  • Poor customer service and dispute resolution
  • Uncompetitive pricing, with ‘happy’ customers even leaving for better prices
  • Issues with direct debits being increased and bills coming out very high
  • Difficulties when asking for refunds for accounts significantly in credit.

Npower business customer reviews

Does Npower listen to their customers?

On Trustpilot, there aren’t a great deal of replies from Npower – with data showing that they’ve only ever replied to 24% of negative reviews, a very low response rate. Interestingly, Npower also isn’t inviting customers to leave reviews as many energy suppliers do, and almost all of their reviews have come from organic sources – in this case, often people who are frustrated enough to seek out somewhere to leave a poor review.

The responses that customers are getting on Trustpilot directs agitated customers (some of which have been without hot water for the long-term) to their Facebook page or Twitter page for help, which doesn’t reflect their commitment to providing good customer service, and isn’t convenient for many.

Unfortunately, these are indicators that Npower does not listen to their customers.

More info

Switching your business energy to Npower Business

To switch your business electricity and/or gas supply to Npower Business Solutions, you can get in touch with them in the following ways:

  • Call the New Business Team on 0800 045 1539
  • Email them on

If you’re looking to switch to Npower for your domestic energy tariff(s), you can do so with Switch-Plan. Simply give us a call on 0330 818 6223 and give us some basic information about you and your household, and we’ll compare tariffs and prices for you and sort the rest!

How to get a quote from Npower Business?

To get a quote on your business energy from Npower Business, you can get a quote on their dedicated business energy website where you’ll need to add your business information, address and typical energy consumption – based on previous bills or your regular payment amounts.

How do you submit your business meter readings?

Npower asks businesses to send their meter readings by their online accounts, on the Send a Meter Reading page. Log in to your Npower Business account here to submit your business meter readings for gas and/or electricity.

How do you move business premises With Npower Business?

If you’re moving business premises with Npower Business, you’ll be eligible for their ‘deemed rates’ or ‘default rates’.

Deemed rates are for customers who haven’t agreed a contract with Npower Business, and default rates are for customers who have terminated their contract, but haven’t started a new one yet with Npower or any other energy supplier. This may be applicable when you’re moving from an Npower-supplied business premises, or if you’re moving to an Npower-supplied business premises.

If you’re already an NPower Business customer, you can get in touch with them on 0880 980 5505 and you will need the following information to hand:

  1. Your company name and current address
  2. Date of occupancy change
  3. Your meter readings
  4. Your forwarding address (if you’re leaving) as well as landlord information for the premises.

What other products and services do Npower business provide?

Npower Business provides a range of additional and complementary partner products and services to their business customers, including:

  1. Simple new connection services and meter installation
  2. Smart Barrier LED lighting, to save energy on lighting
  3. Capify business finance, to support SMEs with business loans
  4. DMSL partnership for broadband, mobile, VOIP and cloud services for businesses.

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Does Npower Business offer smart meters to customers?

As it stands, they don’t currently offer smart meters for business customers. However, they are planning on delivering a rollout of them shortly, and Npower Business customers can register their interest in the interim to be the first to hear from the team about upcoming installations in their area.

Does Npower Business charge daily standing charges?

Yes, and these can vary across tariffs, but are generally in the range of the following, based on small business energy.

  1. Electricity standing charge: 30.00p to 44.64p
  2. Gas standing charge: 30.00p to 49.29p

What’s Npower Business’ cheapest tariff?

For new Npower Business customers, you’ll be redirected to get a quote from E.ON, who purchased Npower and Npower Business as part of that in 2019. As of 2020, their cheapest tariff for electricity is X and X for gas customers, with the lowest unit rates of 1 and 2 respectively.

How to switch to Npower Business?

Unfortunately, we can’t support businesses with their energy supplies. However, domestic energy customers who want to swap to Npower can do so by giving us a call on 0330 818 6223. We’ll ask you some quick questions about your household to get the best possible quotes for you and your circumstances, and will then handle the energy switchover process for you!

Updated on 29 Jan, 2024

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