British Gas Tariffs 2021: Compare Energy Prices

papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with British Gas

papernest disclaims that they are in partnership with British Gas

Summary: British Gas tariffs 2020 offer customers a big choice of energy options, with pay as you go, renewable, Economy 7 and other choices available. British Gas is part of the Centrica Group, formed following the merger of British Gas Plc in 1997. It is one of the largest suppliers of gas and electricity in the UK with a wide range of energy tariffs to meet the demands of as many clients as possible.

Last updated: March 2021

British Gas tariffs 2020 offer customers a big choice of energy options, with pay as you go, renewable, Economy 7 and other choices available.

The prices of British Gas tariffs 2020 have come down in line with the industry regulator Ofgem’s price cap. The latest price cuts of around 7% have reduced bills by around £84 according to data about the average usage in the UK. This brings the price of the average bill for British Gas customers to £1,041 a year.

Although British Gas offers a plethora of choices when it comes to tariffs, they might not be the best energy supplier for you. Give our experts a call at the number on the top of the screen and we can help you find the best plan that caters to your needs.

British Gas tariffs and prices

British Gas offers a choice of tariffs that appeal to a range of different needs. These include:

Tariff Plan type Price (annual)
Energy Plus Protection 2022v2 Fixed until 31 Jan 2022 £885
Home Energy Fix Nov 2021v3 Fixed until 30 Nov 2021 £1065
Standard Variable Variable £1125 (based on average use)
Green Future Nov 2021v3 Fixed until 30 Nov 2021 £1171
Energy with Boiler Cover Dec 2021v3 Fixed energy prices until 31 December 2021 £897 (for smart meter) £1177 (without smart meter)
Electric Drivers Nov 2021 Designed exclusively for customers who drive Electric Vehicles £1001 (average fo London area)

Other tariffs they offer include the Energy with Boiler Cover Dec 2021v3 which includes 12 months boiler controls and breakdown cover, the Green Future Nov 2021v3 tariff, which is the greenest home energy tariff they offer. 6% of the gas and 100% of the electricity will come from renewable sources. They even have a tariff aimed at electric vehicle drivers.

British Gas price changes 2020

In August of 2020 British Gas reduced their prices by 7% for all customers on their standard variable tariffs. This was in line with the Ofgem energy price cap level. The new prices came into effect in October 2020 and worked out to an average £84 saving for customers on this tariff.

All of the Big Six energy suppliers introduced similar price drops in line with the new Ofgem price cap.

British Gas Tariffs

British Gas tariffs compared: Which is the cheapest tariff

British Gas has launched the cheapest tariff available on any of the Big Six energy providers. The new Energy Plus Protection Mar 2021v2 tariff is a typical dual fuel tariff costing an average of £865 a year. This is the cheapest Big Six deal since 2016 when British Gas offered a tariff that cost £796 a year based on typical use.

This cheap tariff is available to both new and existing customers and as an existing customer you won’t pay any exit charges to switch. Rates will be locked in until March 31 2021 and the tariff comes with 100% renewable electricity and a year’s free heating insurance. There will be £60 early exit fees and smart meters are available.

British Gas standard tariff

British Gas has scrapped its standard variable rate for new customers. However, it still applies to some existing customers. It is the tariff you will revert to if your existing deal runs out assuming you do nothing about looking into new tariff plans. It consists of a daily standing charge and a unit rate, both of which tend to be more expensive than other tariffs.

The tariff features:

  1. No exit fees
  2. No end date
  3. Prices can go up and down
  4. The Ofgem price cap applies

The standing charge is 26.01p a day. A kWh of electricity during the day is 19.24p and 10.93p at night.


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Does British Gas offer a green tariff?

British Gas does offer a green tariff, known as Green Future. This aims to deliver 6% of the gas and 100% of the electricity from renewable sources. They also have a tariff especially created for people who use electric cars. This is because they will use more energy to charge their vehicles but will also be doing their bit to reduce their impact.

The standing charge is 27.07p and the price per kWh of electricity is 16.95p.

British Gas prepayment tariffs

British Gas offers prepayment plans for customers with pay as you go meters. The benefits of this include:

  • Complete control of your energy spend
  • No monthly bills to worry about
  • See how much energy you have left on your meter
  • No meter readings
  • Annual statements to monitor usage

British Gas Tariffs

British Gas standard prepayment tariff

They currently only offer one pay as you go tariff, which is the Safeguard. It has the same rates for all prepayment customers no matter if you have a standard or smart meter. This standard prepayment meter is set at the price cap, like the other Big Six, and will cost £1,070 a year on average, based on 2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas.

As it is a variable tariff, the rates can fluctuate throughout the year. The current unit rate per kWh of electricity is 17.4p and the standing charge is 28.27p. For gas these figures are 3.56 per kWh and 36.34p per day.

British Gas Economy 7 tariff

Like the other Big Six providers, British Gas offers an Economy 7 tariff. This is a tariff that gives cheaper rates during the night and more expensive costs during the day. The off peak hours tend to run from midnight to 7am, with the more expensive rate running the rest of the time.

Whether this works out cheaper for you depends on how and when you use the most power.

The electricity day rate is 18.85p per kWh and the night rate is 10.83p per kWh. The electricity standing charge is 23.8p per day.

British Gas business tariffs

As the oldest energy provider in the country, British Gas supplies more energy to businesses than any other provider. It offers business customers bespoke tariffs and rates through its British Gas for Business and British Gas Lite. The latter is an online-only service only aimed at providing gas to SMEs across the UK.

Business tariffs are typically set for between one to four years, with fixed prices for the duration. This aims to provide businesses with the stability they require and avoids fluctuating prices.

If you’re not currently with British Gas on a business tariff, then switching is very easy. Just choose the tariff you want, let British Gas know and they will handle the switch for you.

The rates for businesses vary but out of contract prices are as low as 21.25p per kWh and a standing charge of 56.26p per day.

Get a British Gas energy quote

If you want to switch to a British Gas tariff then you need to find one that is right for you. Choosing the most suitable tariff is not always just about price (although that is a big factor). You need a tariff that suits your home and your lifestyle, as well as your budget. That’s why British Gas provides a range of different tariffs.

Whether you’re looking for a fixed rate tariff, an electricity only option or want to go for Economy 7, you can get a quote in minutes. You’ll just need to answer a few questions about your energy use, location and preferences and they will provide you with a choice of tariff quotes. Click here to find out more.

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