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Their credo of “simplicity, honesty and great value” is exactly what many energy suppliers need in an era where tariff choices can get extremely complicated. Especially since in this era, UK energy consumers are spending over £800 million more than they should on their gas and electricity. But do So Energy Tariffs really offer the value for money that the brand claims? Or is it just more of the slick marketing patter that UK energy consumers have heard so many times before?
Last update: November 2022

In this post we aim to find out! We’ll compare the So Energy tariffs that are available in 2021. So you can make a clear and informed choice whether So Energy is the right supplier for you. So Energy is a small energy supplier that’s developed a big reputation since it came onto the scene in 2015.

So Energy Tariffs and Prices

So Energy’s website claims that the brand offers “guaranteed low prices” as well as 100% renewable energy and “award winning customer service”. With a wealth of positive Trustpilot reviews (the brand is ranked at 4.8 out of 5 at the time of writing), it’s clear that they live up to their reputation for customer service. But are So Energy tariffs more affordable than comparable green energy suppliers?

So Energy wants to be “the last supplier you ever switch to”, and constantly adjust their pricing so that they remain among the most competitively priced on the market. However, believe it or not, they have just one tariff available.

Let’s take a closer look.

So Enery´s Fixed rate tariff

So Cherry is the name currently given to So Energy’s 12 month fixed rate tariff. It is available both to customers as with single rate and dual rate meters.

Although this is a fixed rate tariff, the early exit fee is an uncommonly meagre £5 per fuel. And don’t forget that if you leave any fixed rate tariff within 49 days of your contract’s end date without incurring any exit fees at all.

Rates for the So Cherry tariff are as follows. These are based on UK averages. Your rates may vary slightly, depending on where in the country you live.

Plan Tariff type Type of fuel Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel)
So Cherry 12 Month Fixed Rate Electricity 27.39 p* 30.79 p* £ 992.95** £ 10.00
So Cherry 12 Month Fixed Rate Gas 26.11 p* 9.24 p* £ 1,204.17** £ 10.00

* Prices vary from one city to another, so we display national averages
** Based on 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year on average
Including 5% of VAT.
Exit fees are £0.

This tariff is available either by monthly direct debit, quarterly direct debit or quarterly upon Receipt of Bill (RoB). Uncommonly, we found that the quoted rates we were given when using the website was the same however you choose to pay.

What are so energy tariffs?

So Energy’s Economy 7 Tariff

The So Cherry tariff is available for both Economy 7 and Economy 10 meters, what this means is that this plan offers two unit rates for electricity use. The first rate applies during the day or any peak use of energy use, and the second rate applies for off-peak times for energy consumption, typically night time.

Rates for the E7 So Cherry tariff can be seen here:

Plan Tariff Type Average Electricity Standing Charge (p/day)* Day Rate (p/kWh)* Night Rate (p/kWh)p* Average total annual cost (£/year)** Exit Fee (£)
So Cherry E7 12 Month Fixed Rate 26.21 p* 28.57 p* 7.56 p* £ 668.29** £ 0.00

* Prices vary from one city to another, so we display national averages
** Based on 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year on average
Including 5% of VAT.
Exit fees are £0.

More info

So Energy business tariffs

So Energy does not currently offer energy tariffs for business customers, as is often the case with smaller green suppliers. However, given So Energy’s popularity and near-uniformly positive reviews, it’s safe to say that the brand’s star is on the rise. We might reasonably expect that as the brand grows, its range of offerings might expand to include business customers in the future.

Get a So Energy Energy quote today

The prices above are based on averages and are intended as a guide rather than an indicator of exactly what your household will pay. By looking at your energy usage, we can let you know exactly what you can expect when you choose So Energy’s fixed tariff. We can also scour the market to ensure that this is among the cheapest green energy tariffs for your household.

We can even manage your switch from end-to-end, bringing you cheaper, greener energy faster.

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What is the So Energy standing charge?

Again, So Energy only has one tariff, and its standing charges are the same for both fuels. The UK average standing charge is 22.05p per day. This may vary, depending on where in the country you live. 

Does So Energy have an exit fee?

Most energy suppliers have a variable tariff with no exit fee. Although you can usually expect to pay higher unit rates and standing charges on these standard tariffs. So Energy, however, only has one fixed rate tariff. As such, its exit fees are considerably lower than most suppliers at just £5 per fuel. On average, suppliers usually charge anywhere between £25 and £50+ per fuel in exit fees. So Energy’s tariff is still a good deal if you expect a tariff that affords you a little freedom.

Don’t forget that you can also switch away from *any* fixed rate tariff within 49 days of the contract’s end date without incurring any exit fees.

Did So Energy raise its prices in 2020?

So Energy has not announced any price raises in 2020. In accordance with its Low Price Commitment, the brand is constantly adjusting its prices to ensure that it remains among the cheapest 10% of variable tariffs on the market. 

Updated on 29 Jan, 2024

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