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Your electric meter is essential for fair and accurate billing but isn’t the most good looking and miniaturized accessory out there. The good news is that you can move your electric meter to make it more accessible/less visible. To do this, your energy supplier is the person to call. Some will even move your electric meter free of charge. In this guide, we will guide you through the process of arranging this meter move including basic questions such as who can move the meter, where you can move it and how much can it cost.

Last update: November 2022

Can I move my electric meter?

It is illegal (not to mention dangerous) to try to move your electric meter by yourself. You can, however, get it moved for you by a trained technician as long as you have legitimate grounds to do so. These include:

  • You find it difficult to access or read your meter.
  • You need to move your meter because you are carrying out building work.

Check if your energy supplier can move your meter

It’s important to note that only your current supplier can move your electric meter. If your current supplier refuses, for whatever reason, to move your meter you may be able to find another one that can. However, they can only do this after they have taken over your supply.

Whether or not your supplier will move your electric meter depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • The current location of your electric meter
  • How far you want to move your meter.
  • The reason why you want to move it

Your energy supplier may not be able to move your electricity meter from outdoors to indoors or over long distances (such as from one room to another). If they can, there may be a substantial charge for this. You should consult your supplier’s website as this will have information about what they can and cannot do when moving your electric meter.

Can I get on my supplier’s priority services register?

If your supplier has a priority services register it is likely that they will be able to move your electricity meter for free, as long as you only need to move it a short distance (90cm or less) to make it more accessible.

You can get on your supplier’s priority services register if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are of pensionable age
  • You are suffering from a long-term illness
  • You have a disability

Are there any restrictions to moving my meter?

There may be some rare circumstances that prohibit your energy supplier from being able to move your meter. For instance, your meter may be located above a front door, in a cupboard, or surrounded by obstacles that cannot be removed. It all depends on the type of obstruction, and where you want the meter to go.

Although your energy supplier may not be able to relocate the meter, this doesn’t mean that nobody can. We’ll get to that shortly.

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How much does it cost to move an electric meter UK?

Prices vary between suppliers. If you are open to the possibility of switching suppliers, you should also get prices from other energy suppliers and compare them. Typically a supplier will charge between £75 and £100 to move your electric meter a short distance on the same wall. If you are with the “Big 6” energy suppliers, they will handle short electric meter moves for free.

The “Big 6” are:

Can my energy supplier move my electric meter as part of a smart meter installation?

Some suppliers may be willing to move our electric meter a very short distance (15cm or less) free of charge as part of your smart meter installation. However, you should check this with your energy supplier in advance of your installation date.

Move Electric Meter

What if your energy supplier can’t move your meter?

If your energy supplier is unable or unwilling to move your electric meter, don’t despair. You can still get your meter moved. You will need to contact the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for your region. These are the companies responsible for new connections to the national grid, and ensuring that energy gets to your home safely and reliably.

The cost of this depends on the DNO and how far you would like to move your connection. Costs typically start at around £400 and can escalate to over £1,000.

Who is my area’s DNO?

Your DNO depends on where in the country you live. In the table below, you can find your local DNO as well as their contact number.

Region Where You Live Distribution Network Operator Contact Number
North Scotland Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks 0800 048 3515
Central and Southern Scotland SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300
North East England and Yorkshire Northern Powergrid 0800 011 3332
North West England Electricity North West 0800 195 4141
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales & North Shropshire SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300
East Midlands & West Midlands Western Power Distribution 0800 096 3080
South Wales & South West England Western Power Distribution 0800 096 3080
London, South East England & Eastern England UK Power Networks 0800 029 4285
Southern England Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks 0800 048 3516
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Electricity Networks 03457 643 643

Can an electrician move a meter?

Depending on the scope of your meter move, you may be able to split the work between your DNO and a local registered electrician. This may help to reduce the costs, although it will likely mean that it takes longer to move your electrical meter. Ask your DNO to divide their quote between contestable and non-contestable work, and shop around for local quotes for the contestable aspects of the move.

If your supplier won’t move your electric meter, we can help you find a supplier that can!

Switching energy supplier can not only make it easier to move your electric meter, it can result in months or even years of reduced energy bills. We can help you to find the perfect energy supplier for your needs. We’ll even manage your switch from end-to-end to make it completely stress-free.

Call us today on 0330 818 6223 to find out more.

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Is it free to move my electric meter?

If you are with one of the “Big 6” energy suppliers and only need to move your meter a short distance on the same wall, you may be able to get your electric meter moved for free. Always check with your supplier, and let them know how far you need to move your meter and why.

Can I move my electric fuse box?

Although your supplier may be able to move your electric meter slightly, moving your electric fuse box is a fairly long and involved process. This work is best carried out by a local registered electrician. Prices vary greatly depending on the location of the fuse box and how far you need to move it, but you can expect to pay around £600-£900 for this service.

What if I want to move my meter outside?

Your energy supplier will not be able to move your energy supplier from indoors to outside. This is a job for your local Distribution Network Operator.

How far can I move my electric meter?

Usually, your energy supplier will be able to move your electric meter around 15cm free of charge. Some may charge a nominal fee (around £60-£80) to move your meter up to 90cm in any direction along the same wall, while others will carry this out for free. You can move your energy meter to another room or outside your home, but this is a more expensive job that needs to be carried out by your DNO.

Updated on 29 Jan, 2024

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