How to change a name on energy bills?


Tying the knot? Well, even if you aren’t, There are lots of reasons you might need to change your name or the name on your energy bills. Whether you’ve just moved house or are looking for new ways to manage your energy bills, you’ll need to update your account to show your current residence. If you’ve recently got married, you might want to add a partner’s name to your bill or if a housemate has just moved out, you may need to remove their name from your gas and electricity account.
Last update: November 2022

Whatever the reason behind the name change, taking action quickly will help to ensure your gas and electricity accounts are accurate at all times. To help you get your energy bills in order, we’ve brought together all the information you need to change the name on your energy bills.

How to change the name on my electricity or gas bill?

The process of changing the name on your energy bills will vary by supplier. While some energy companies allow you to manage all account details online, others require you to call up if you need to change the account holder’s name or payment details.

Some energy suppliers, like SSE, have dedicated help centres for different issues. For example, if you’re moving house, you can use their moving home page. While if you’re changing the name on your energy bills because of a bereavement, you can contact their specialist bereavement help centre.

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Why do I need to change the name on my energy bills?

There are a number of common reasons you may need to change the name on your account. In some cases, as well as changing the name on your account, you’ll also need to change the payment details. This is common in cases where a different person becomes the main breadwinner, the account holder is ill and unable to work or one person moves out of the property.

Changing the name on your energy bills if you’re moving house

If you need to change the name on your energy bills because you’re moving house, you should get in touch with your energy supplier a few weeks before you move to get everything set up. Your energy supplier will need to close your old account and open a new one. In order to do this, they’ll need:

  • Confirmation of your moving date
  • Your new address
  • A list of the products you want to take with you (e.g. gas, electricity, boiler cover)

In most cases, you’ll be able to provide this information via the client area on your supplier’s website. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to give them a call to arrange the switch.

Changing the name on your energy bills if you’ve suffered a bereavement

A number of larger utility companies have dedicated bereavement centres. These are specially designed to make the process of changing the name on your energy bill quick and easy.

If your energy company doesn’t have a bereavement centre, you’ll probably have to give them a call to explain the situation. This is because the person who’s passed away won’t be able to give their consent for their name to be removed, so you’ll need to talk to someone to let them know what’s happening.

In some cases, your energy supplier may need to see a death certificate, coroner’s certificate, grant of probate or letters of administration.

Changing the name on your energy bills if you got married or recently divorced

If you’ve recently got married or divorced, or if you live in a houseshare and someone has moved in or out, you’ll need to get in touch with your supplier to let them know. When you contact your energy company, you’ll need to provide them with information including:

  • The account details (account number, address, holders etc)
  • The date from which any changes take effect
  • An up-to-date meter reading
  • A contact telephone number

Your energy company will need to speak to anyone who’s name is being removed from the bill as well as anyone who’s being added. This is to ensure that they’re happy with any changes being made.

Changing the name on your energy bills if the account holder is elderly or infirm

When someone is elderly or infirm, it can be difficult for them to manage utility bills and keep their finances in order. In these cases, it may be easier to name another person as the account holder on the bill.

If the person whose name you’re removing from the account is unable to give consent, you may need to get power of attorney to get the changes made.
Whenever you contact your energy company to make changes to your account details, you’ll need to provide an up to date meter reading, so make sure you have this information handy.
Changing names on energy bills

Can a utility bill have two names?

If you live with a partner or in a shared house, you may want to have two names on your utility bill. Having someone else’s name on the account means they can use the bill as proof of address. It also means you won’t be solely liable if the account falls into arrears.

Most energy companies allow you to have two names on an energy account. However, in some cases, the second person won’t be able to manage the account or make changes to your services. In this related article, you can also find more information on comparing utility bills. After all, it comparing energy supplier tariffs might save you money!

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Is it possible to change the name on my energy bills online?

Most energy companies, especially larger, more established energy companies, allow you to change your account details online. You’ll need to log into your client area in order to make any updates.
However, as energy companies need consent from anyone whose name is being added to, or removed from, an energy account, they may need to call you to complete the process.

Can you switch from your landlord's name to yours?

When you first move into a new property, your landlord’s name may be listed on the energy bill. You’ll need to change the account into your name as soon as possible after moving in.

Again, the energy company may need to speak to your landlord to get consent for the changes. Send them an email or text message to let them know they should expect a call.

What information do you need to change the name on a your energy bills?

There are certain pieces of information you’ll need to provide no matter what the reason for the change. These include:

  • Your name
  • The account details
  • An up to date meter reading
  • The date from which any changes should take effect

Can you change the name you your energy bills over the phone?

Pretty much all energy companies allow you to change the name on your energy bill over the phone. Call your energy supplier’s customer service line to find out more.

Updated on 29 Jan, 2024

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