Northern Gas Networks: who are they & when should I contact them?


Northern Gas Networks is a part of the Gas Distribution Network in the UK. If your home uses gas, it’s important to know which transporter is responsible for supplying that gas to your home. Very often, we don’t think much about how our gas supply gets to our homes. All we need to know is that it keeps our homes warm, our meals hot, and provides us with hot water when we need it. However, there are some circumstances under which, you may need to contact your gas transporter. And if you live in the North East, Yorkshire or Cumbria, there’s a good chance that your supplier is Northern Gas Networks.
Last update: November 2022

Like most gas transporters, Northern Gas Networks don’t often find that they’re directly in touch with energy consumers. But as we’ll see, there may be some circumstances where you will need to get in touch with them.

What do Northern Gas Networks do?

Northern Gas Networks is responsible for managing 25,000 square kilometres of the UK’s gas supply, incorporating 37,000 km of underground and overground gas pipes. They are responsible for transporting natural gas to 2.7 million all around the north, employing around 1300 people directly, and relying on a network of over 800 contractors.

If you live or work in any of the following areas, Northern Gas Networks is probably responsible for ensuring that gas gets to your home or business:

  • Tyne and Wear
  • Yorkshire and East Lancashire
  • North Cumbria
  • Northumberland

They are also responsible for managing and upgrading the network of gas pipes beneath your feet and ensuring that the homes and businesses in the area are kept both warm and safe.

What services do Northern Gas Networks offer?

Northern Gas Networks offers a range of services to domestic and commercial customers. Most of the services offered to domestic energy users involve connections, disconnections and alternating connections to the gas network. However, they also oversee the injection of renewable biomethane into the gas network, making the areas gas supply greener.

When to contact Northern Gas Networks

Many homes and businesses across the north are lucky enough to have an uninterrupted flow of natural gas. As such, they rarely have any need to deal with gas distributors.

Nonetheless, you may need to contact Northern Gas Networks directly under the following circumstances…

You need to connect to the gas grid

New homes and business premises need a brand new connection to the gas grid. As new built home or business premises that uses gas, you will need to contact Northern Gas Network to make a new connection to the National Gas Grid. Domestic connections take around 5 working days to receive a quotation and around 2 weeks to get a planned date. The average time from connection to payment is approximately 6 weeks. You can expect a new domestic connection to cost around £585 excluding VAT. However, this drops to £358 if you do your own digging, and £314 if there is no private land.

Visit Northern Gas Networks’ Connections page or call 0800 040 7766 to get connected.

If you need to move your meter or make changes to your gas supply

Sometimes, you may need to move your gas meter or change the location of a gas connection to your home or business (after making major renovations, for instance). In these cases, you will need to contact Northern Gas Networks to make changes to your connection. For domestic customers, this can cost anywhere from £314 to £585 excluding VAT. It usually takes 3 weeks from the time of payment to get an alteration. Click here to see more information on pricing and timescales.

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If you need to disconnect from the gas grid

You may want to completely disconnect your home or business premises from the gas grid if you want to switch to an electric-only supply, or if you plan to demolish the property. Disconnections usually take 4-5 weeks from the time of payment, and can cost between £668 and £1,004 or most domestic customers and small businesses.

Click Here to apply for a disconnection.

To find out about a loss of supply in your area

When making changes or upgrades to the gas network, Northern Gas Networks may need to disconnect your supply. However, they are legally required to give you at least 5 days notice. However, you may wish to contact them to find out more, or make a claim for £20 in compensation if you are left without gas for more than 24 hours.

Click Here to find out more about incidents in your area.

If you smell gas or have a gas emergency

If you have smell gas, or suspect a gas leak Northern Gas Networks has some useful advice that you can read here. However, rather than contact Northern Gas Networks directly, contact the Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. This freephone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Northern Gas Networks

Northern Gas Networks contact numbers

There are a few numbers you can use to contact Northern Gas Networks.

  • Call 0800 040 7766 and press option “3” for general enquiries.
  • Call 0800 040 7766 and press option “2” for connections, alterations and disconnections.
  • Call 0800 111 999 in the event of a gas emergency.

Looking for a new gas supplier? We’re here to help!

Whether Northern Gas Networks is responsible for your home’s gas network or not, you could likely be getting cheaper, greener, carbon-offset gas in your area by switching suppliers regularly. Bit doing so can be tedious and time-consuming.

That’s where we come in!

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How do I move my gas meter?

If you need to move your gas meter or make any alterations to your property’s gas feed, contact Northern Gas Networks’ connections team on 0800 040 7766 and press option "2".

What is Northern Gas Networks’ contact number?

The contact number for Northern Gas Networks is 0800 040 7766. Press option "3" for general enquiries, or option "2" if you want to connect, disconnect or move your connection to the grid.

Who owns Northern Gas Networks?

Like Wales and West Utilities, Northern Gas Networks is part-owned by CK Infrastructure (CKI) Group. They are also part owned by SAS Trustee Corporation and Power Assets Holdings. Click Here to find out more information about the company’s owners.

Should I call Northern Gas Networks if I smell gas in my home?

No. Instead of calling Northern Gas Networks directly, you should call the National Gas Emergency Service if you smell gas, or suspect a natural gas leak in your home.

The number is 0800 111 999.

If calling from a mobile phone it’s a good idea to do so outside. Even an electrical charge as tiny as an active mobile phone could be enough to ignite escaping gas.

Updated on 29 Jan, 2024

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