Solarplicity: Your Questions on Moving to EDF

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Solarplicity was an energy supplier with great promise. They had a strong emphasis on renewability and community that energy consumers really value. Unfortunately, however, Solarplicity have now stopped trading and EDF have taken control of it’s customers. While this was a blow to many loyal customers, a longstanding history of complaints and the selling of thousands of customers to a rival proved a death-knell for the supplier. If you used to be a Solarplicity customer, you may not currently be getting the energy deal you signed up for (and deserve).
Last update: February 2021

Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Solarplicity’s closure, what happened to its customers and their current options.

What happened to Solarplicity?

Solarplicity’s downfall is a cautionary tale for smaller suppliers. Like many small energy companies that go under, Solarplicity ended up with a terminal cash flow crisis combined with increasingly negative customer sentiment. At the time of closure in August 2019, they had around 7,500 domestic energy customers and 500 business energy customers.


The company went bust 2 weeks after selling 43,000 of them to rival company Toto Energy (who also went under shortly after) in July of 2019. In a quote from The Guardian, the company’s chief executive David Elbourne blamed the closure on the “overcrowded, highly regulated market” and the high cost of renewability compliance with energy watchdog Ofgem.

However, the growing reputation of poor Solarplicity customer service must also have been a factor. The Energy Ombudsman’s service received a staggering 3,324 complaints about Solarplicity in 2019, 583 of which came in July 2019.

Who took over Solarplicity?

Ofgem appointed EDF energy to take over the supply of all remaining Solarplicity customers after the supplier went under. Majority-owned by the French government, EDF is one of the nation’s “Big Six” energy suppliers. At the time of writing, it has a Trustpilot score of 4.3 which puts them squarely in “Excellent” territory.

Will I be on a different contract with EDF Energy? Will I pay more?

Unfortunately, your tariff with EDF will likely be markedly different from your plan with Solarplicity. According to Ofgem, former Solarplicity customers are automatically placed on a “deemed contract” with the supplier. This is the same as if you were to move into a new home where EDF is the incumbent supplier. This means Solarplicity tariffs have not been carried across. Instead, customers will be on EDF’s default variable tariff. Which is one of its least competitively-priced.


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What’s more, while Solarplicity was 100% renewable, EDF does not currently have a completely renewable energy mix as most of its energy comes from nuclear sources.

Solarplicity were responsible for paying my Feed in Tariff payments. Will EDF become responsible for these?

Your Feed in Tariffs will not automatically be carried over by EDF. Your Solarplicity Feed in Tariff is essentially a failed contract. However, under the Continuity of FIT Payments Directive (CoFPD) you may seek new repayment terms with EDF. However, this does not occur automatically.

What happened to Solarplicity?

What other green energy suppliers exist on the market?”

If you’d rather go back to a 100% green supplier like Solarplicity, the good news is that there are many more on the market to choose from. The Switch-Plan eam can find the perfect supplier and energy plan for your household. At the time of writing, there are over a dozen active green energy suppliers to choose from, offering 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind, hydro and biomass. Some also offer carbon-neutral and carbon-offset natural gas. You can check out the green energy suppliers in our comprehensive energy supplier list.

I don’t want a contract with EDF Energy. Can I switch?

If you don’t want a contract with EDF Energy, the good news is that under a deemed contract, you can switch at any time. There is no minimum term, and you won’t have to pay any early exit fees.

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Written by Casper

Updated on 24 Feb, 2021