What To Put In Self Storage When Your House Is Being Renovated

Get some handy ideas on what should go into self storage when your house is being renovated, so you can keep your things protected until it’s time to unpack again. 

Are you renovating your property? If you are, you have so much to be excited about. A new home with all the new features you have always wanted, all without the stress of moving. Woohoo! 

Of course, there is a lot of planning, budgeting and other prepping that has to be done to ensure your renovation runs smoothly. Today, we want to help you protect your furniture, carpets and other items from the impact of renovation so that you don’t have lots of mess and breakages to deal with when the builders have gone. Renovation can produce a lot of dust and debris, and workmen don’t always pay attention to anything but the task in hand, so things can get broken. 

The good news is you have already been smart and hired affordable self storage at Storing.com to keep your things safe. But what should you put in there? Here’s the lowdown on what to put in self storage when your house is being renovated: 

Carpets & Rugs

Rugs and carpets will be magnets for dust and debris. You can protect your flooring by placing sturdy carpet protectors down, but it isn’t always suitable for areas with heavy footfall. Rugs can be easily rolled and placed into budget self storage such as https://www.storing.com, but with carpets it isn’t so easy. However, if the carpet is in a high risk area and it is worth a lot of money, it could be worth having it taken up and then relaid after the renovation. It’s very rarely needed, but this kind of carpet protection can be relevant sometimes in the case of a high-value piece of flooring that you really cannot afford to have damaged. 


Curtains are the same as carpets and rugs in that they can take on a lot of dust and debris. The good thing is that they are easy to take down and put into self storage. To replace them and keep things private you could put cheap, old curtains up or stick up some temporary newspaper or blinds. 


As well as items in the path of the builders, don’t forget about vibrations through the house from drilling and other work that can cause items to shift and potentially fall from where they are. Whether it is a vase upstairs, or your glassware in the kitchen cupboard, anything breakable should be wrapped up and put into your affordable self storage unit. 


No matter how much you trust your builders, if you will be leaving your home unsupervised with strangers working in it, valuables should be taken out of the house and put somewhere safe. Self storage comes in unit sizes as small as a gym locker so even if you’re only storing a small box of valuables, it’s worth doing. Sentimental items also come under this category. They are priceless and worth protecting from potential damage or theft. 


Electronics are incredibly susceptible to the dust and debris of building work, so they need wrapping and protecting at the very least, and ideally kept in budget self storage whilst your work is carried out. 

The Contents Of The Room Being Renovated

It can be tempting to just wrap and protect items and move them out of the way, however that doesn’t keep them totally protected. Dust especially can find its way through tiny gaps and underneath items really easily. 

The best thing to do is to completely clear the room being renovated and put the items into self storage. If you need to store the entire home, that is also possible as self storage can be as big as a football field, so there’s as much room as you need to empty your house out and protect everything if you want to. 

Are You Ready For Your Renovation? 

With excellent security, affordable and flexible contracts, it’s a really good idea to utilise low-cost self storage to protect your things from damage and dust. The list above is a really good start when it comes to knowing what to protect, but as a general rule if you’re in any doubt at all, air on the safe side and place the item into self storage where you know it will be 100% safe until after the renovation. 

Updated on 8 Aug, 2022

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