Gulf Gas and Power 2021: Plans, Prices and Reviews

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Gulf Gas and Power

Papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Gulf Gas and Power

With roots as global-leading fuel and oil providers with over a century of experience, they launched their UK energy supply business in 2017 with the goal to become a low-cost energy supplier of 100% renewable energy and carbon-neutral gas. As with the growing number of small energy providers in the UK, Gulf Gas and Power also has a commitment to challenging the traditional leaders in UK energy provision with excellent customer service and market-leading online tools to support their customers. As it stands, they supply energy to England, Scotland and Wales.

Last updated: February 2021

With the ethos of ‘Simple, great value renewable energy’, Gulf Gas are another UK energy supplier outside of ‘the big six’ who are committed to the environment and providing energy from renewable sources.

Is Gulf Gas and Power any good?

With a reputation for low tariffs, providing renewable energy and carbon-neutral gas, Gulf Gas and Power have a good reputation among the smaller UK energy suppliers.

Gulf Gas and Power /
Founded 2017
Client Email Not available, contact form only
Customer login Log into your Gulf Gas and Power account here
Customer Service Number 0800 830 3670
Postal Address 3B Edward VII Quay, Navigation Way, Preston, PR2 2YF

However, due to their smaller size, there are some pros and cons to using a smaller supplier or relatively new entrant to the market. We will go into more detail about this throughout the article but, in general, if you’re comfortable with a fixed rate tariff, monthly direct debit payments and low-cost energy, Gulf Gas and Power could be the perfect match for your household.

Of their plus points, Gulf Gas and Power provide…

  • 100% renewable electricity and gas from carbon-neutral sources
  • Good customer service – 80% of calls answered within 30 seconds
  • Simple, easy-to-understand tariffs, pricing and fees
  • An online portal for customers to manage their energy and view their usage.

However, they’re not perfect! Some of their weaker points are…

  • They talk about live chat on the website, but often this is turned off or inaccessible
  • No direct email possible, only a contact form on the website
  • The lack of support or rollout of smart meters is sometimes a problem, with regular manual meter readings necessary.


gulf gas and power

Gulf Gas and Power customer reviews

Gulf Gas and Power’s reviews and customer feedback is generally very positive. Of their almost 1,500 reviews on their Trustpilot page they have received 92% ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’ reviews from customers; with the other 8% made up of 3% ‘Average’, 2% ‘Poor’ and 4% ‘Bad’ scores.

Of their positive reviews, customers often mention…

  • Short waiting times for phone calls
  • Honest, supportive and helpful customer service
  • A good online member portal for customers
  • Tariffs at a good value for money
  • Transparency with refunds, and refunds issued quickly.

  • Some customers have had issues with submitting their meter readings online
  • Manual meter readings becoming a bugbear for some
  • No clear opportunities for variable, SVTs or longer-term tariffs
  • Some customers have missed renewal reminders and been placed on different/’higher’ tariffs as a result

Gulf Gas and Power pricing

One of the key USPs for Gulf Gas and Power is their very simple pricing structure. While plenty of energy providers have different tariffs for fixed, variable, various payment methods, regions and all sorts of other factors, Gulf Gas and Power provide a blanket tariff each month which is fixed for 12 months at a time.

Read on to discover Gulf Gas and Power’s pricing, tariffs and fees.


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Is Gulf Gas and Power cheap?

Although we never like to claim that any particular energy supplier is ‘cheap’ – due to such frequent fluctuations in tariffs, prices, charges and costs – Gulf Gas and Power does have a reputation for being very cost-effective.

Often, and up until recently, many domestic and business customers have had to pay a premium for renewable energy tariffs. Now, many smaller providers – Gulf Gas and Power included – have managed to strike the balance between being renewable energy providers, and providing cost-effective and affordable tariffs and unit rates for their energy; in particular, for their electricity.


gulf gas and power

Gulf Gas and Power tariffs

For domestic customers, Gulf Gas and Power usually has one fixed-rate tariff at a time in any given month, covering dual fuel, electricity only and gas-only customers. The below estimates include VAT, and are fixed for 12 months as of December 2020.


Tariff Name Tariff Type Electricity Or Gas Unit Rate





Standing Charge





Exit Fees Per Fuel





Gulf Home Renewable December 21 Fixed For 12 Months Electricity
Gulf Home Renewable December 21 Fixed For 12 Months Gas
Gulf Home Renewable December 21 Fixed For 12 Months Dual Fuel: Electricity
Gulf Home Renewable December 21 Fixed For 12 Months Duel Fuel: Gas

Gulf Gas and Power fuel mix

As part of their commitment to only providing electricity from renewable energy sources and gas from carbon-neutral sources, Gulf Gas and Power’s fuel mix is simple! Of their 100% renewable energy, they generate electricity from wind, solar and hydro sources.

Does Gulf Gas and Power have smart meters?

As it stands, Gulf Gas and Power are not supplying smart meters, and the reason for this is due to the issues with the previous generation of smart meter – SMETS1. Gulf has said in a statement that they will be ‘waiting until [they] have total confidence that this generation of smart meters [SMETS2] are going to be there for the long haul.’ This statement was made in January 2020, but so far there has been no update on when they will be installing smart meters for those customers currently without them.

As it stands, customers who switch to Gulf Gas and Power with SMETS2 will work and supply regular meter readings and up-to-date live readings, too. Any customers who switch with a SMETS1 from a previous provider will have to give manual meter readings to Gulf in the meantime, as these go in to what’s known as ‘dumb’ mode once you leave the energy supplier who installed it for you.

How to contact Gulf Gas and Power

If you’re a customer who needs to get in contact with Gulf Gas and Power, you can get in touch in the following ways:

  1. Give their customer services team a call
  2. Submit an online form to receive an email response
  3. Use your online account to get in touch.

Or, you can write to them at their office address, although responses will take a little longer:

Gulf Gas and Power
3B Edward VII Quay
Navigation Way,
Preston PR2 2YF

Gulf Gas and Power phone number

For customers who have issues with their Gulf Gas and Power energy, billing or general queries, customers can get in touch by calling their customer service team 0800 830 3670. Gulf Gas and Power claim to answer 80% of their calls in less than 30 seconds, so giving them a call is a good idea if you need a speedy response.

Their opening hours are:

  1. Monday to Friday: 10am – 3pm
  2. Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Gulf Gas and Power email address

While Gulf Gas and Power don’t have a publicised email address, customers can send messages via their online energy account, or fill in their form on their ‘Get In Touch’ page to send an email, and receive an email response.

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