Now that most school children are working and studying remotely due to the current lockdown measures around the UK, we thought it would be useful to compile some useful tips.

Remote Learning

Below you will find a list of useful tools, ideas and educational resources that can be used to help improve the lockdown experience for everyone. The UK government also has some guides on remote education to help you during this process.

There are several online tools and resources for remote learning to choose from. Here are some recommended ones. Oak National Academy has videos as well as interactive lessons available for reception students all the way up to year 11. These are ideal to support remote learning. There are over 10,000 free lessons and resources available for both students and teachers.

Another website with many resources for primary and secondary pupils and teachers is BBC Bitesize. Here you will find videos, lessons, quizzes, activities and more.

If you have young children up to the ages of 5 Hungry Little Minds is another great resource to utilise.

Mental Health and Wellbeing during the lockdown

An important topic, which is not mentioned enough is the mental wellbeing of students during these difficult times. There are many helpful resources online with advice for both students and their parents. Young Minds is a website with help and advice for children as well as their parents. On their website you will find advice about the impact of coronavirus and self-isolation on mental well being and how they can help.

Another useful tool is Headspace. You can start with a free trial. Headspace is a tool that helps with meditation and relaxation. Something that may be ideal for students during these often stressful times.

Consider looking for a cheaper energy supplier

With more people working from home, naturally your energy bills are going to increase. More people will be using the heating and electricity in your house. This makes it an ideal time to switch energy suppliers and look for the best prices around. You could save hundreds of pounds just with a free and simple to use energy switching service such as Switch Plan.