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Switching to OVO Energy in Baguley Ward

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The OVO Energy supply for Mancunians

Last update: March 2021

As a Baguley Ward resident, you belong to Baguley Ward which is home to 14722 inhabitants and 6428 households but also to the bigger still city of Manchester. Manchester is a major city where OVO Energy is a very prominent energy supplier. Here is everything you need to know about OVO Energy in Baguley Ward. One of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, OVO have a wide range of plans available for their customers. In Baguley Ward, lots of people fuel their homes using OVO. In fact, across the UK, they have 5 million customers! So we are sure that in your new home in Baguley Ward, OVO Energy will have something for you.

If you want to know what's on offer and switch over to OVO, you should call heir number for enquiries on 0330 303 5063. Or, if you read this and decide that OVO's plans aren't for you, then you should chat to one of our experts to find an alternative energy option by ringing us on 0330 054 0018.

Setting up an OVO Energy account in Baguley Ward, Manchester

Have you just moved to Baguley Ward? Lucky you! Whether you are recent Baguley Ward resident or have lived in the area for a while now, you are now one of the 14722 inhabitants of Baguley Ward, and you'll want to start fuelling up your home as soon as possible. That's where we come in. All we need from you is a few simple pieces of information before we can carry out your energy switch.

  • Don't forget to take a meter reading in your previous house to make sure that you don't pay for what you don't use. Write it down, and leave it in a safe place for the next inhabitants of the property. You need to have this information just in case your previous provider requires it.
  • Next step, moving in to your new place in Baguley Ward! Make sure you do the same thing - write down the meter reading in your new home. We know this might not feel like your number 1 priority as you unpack your bags, but we promise it's worth it to make sure you're not overpaying for your gas and electricity.
  • You will probably take on the contract of the previous inhabitants of the property and you'll keep it until you decide to switch. If you can't find the details of the previous resident of the house, don't worry! Our guide can help you find out who supplies the energy to the property.

Switching your energy provider is easier than it sounds, so don't be put off! Switch Plan makes it easy. Just give us a ring on 0330 054 0018 and we will carry out a free price comparison service based on current tariffs on the market and your personal energy needs.

How expensive are OVO Energy's energy plans?

One of the biggest and most well-known energy suppliers in the UK, customers find OVO's energy plans to be pretty affordable. They fare well next to plans that British Gas and Scottish Power offer. So, if you decide to make the switch over to OVO, you shouldn't be put off by the price. You should always remember to read customer reviews before switching energy suppliers though. Reading reviews on TrustPilot will provide you with more specific praise or complaints that customers have expressed. You can also call our experts at Switch Plan who can advise you on the best plan for you.

How can I contact OVO Energy in Manchester?

At Switch Plan, our job is to make sure you're on the right energy bill for your needs. We're always available to chat through your options. However, sometimes customers need to get in touch with a supplier directly, for example if you have an emergency or need some very up-to-date information about their services. If this is the case and you want to skip the middle man, here are all the contact details you might need, for any query you might have.

Type of Enquiry Number to contact
General Enquiries
Enquiries that you may have regarding your existing account, such as querying a bill or changing the way you pay your bills.
0330 303 5063

Open from 8am to 8pm during the week, 8am to 6pm on Saturday, 10am to 4pm on Sunday.
If you have a complaint that you would like resolved or acknowledged by OVO Energy.
0330 102 7517

8am to 8pm during the week, 8am to 6pm on Saturday
Complaints Pay As You Go
Complaints specifically related to Pay As You Go tariffs.
0330 102 7517

8am to 8pm during the week, 8am to 6pm on Saturday
Top up plans
For all queries related to Pay As You Go billing: topping up, changing from pay as you go to direct debit and using emergency credit.
0330 303 5063

8am to 8pm during the week, 8am to 6pm on Saturday.
CORGI Home Plan complaints
Complaints number for queries related to the OVO Home Plan
0800 085 0845

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Plans and dual fuel plans available with OVO Energy in Baguley Ward

Lot's of households still keep their gas and electricity separate, however we don't think that's your best option. Let's break that down. At Switch Plan, we are big fans of dual fuel! OVO Energy offer a number of dual fuel plans. Not only do you save money and time by only having to liaise with one supplier at a time, you can also save money through dual fuel discounts. Sounds good, right?

Single Electricity plans

Name of the Plan Tariff value Unit Price


Standing Charge


Simpler Energy Flexible 29.17 p 14.06 p
Better Energy 12 months fixed 23.83 p 14.21 p
2 Year Fixed Energy 24 months fixed 29.17 p 14.21 p

Dual Tariff energy plans

Name of the Plan Tariff value Day Time Unit Price


Night Time Unit Price


Standing Charge


Simpler Energy Flexible
9.04 p
27.77 p
/ p
Better Energy 12 months fixed
7.64 p
27.77 p
15.47 p
2 Year Fixed Energy 24 months fixed
8 p
27.77 p
14.82 p

Gas plans

Name of the Plan Tariff value Unit Price


Standing Charge


Simpler Energy Flexible
27.77 p
3.330 p
Better Energy 12 months fixed
23.83 p
3.27 p
2 Year Fixed Energy 24 months fixed
27.77 p
3.33 p

Energy distribution in Baguley Ward

Who is Baguley Ward's electricity distributor?

If you are currently experiencing a power cut (electricity or gas) in Baguley Ward, we strongly suggest you contact the emergency number provided here for your distributor. Baguley Ward residents can call their local Greater Manchester electricity DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or gas distributor in case of emergency or to get up-to-date information.

Who distributes Baguley Ward's gas to its 6428?

Knowing how gas distribution functions in the UK isn't hugely necessary, but it might prove useful at some point. So, here's a very brief recap.

Before gas can actually reach you, it is transported through a complex system of pipes. These pipes form the Gas Distribution Network in the UK, of which there are 8. These are then controlled by 4 gas distribution companies. You will likely never have to get in touch with your gas distribution company, but if you were interested, gas is provided by Cadent Gas in Baguley Ward. If you wanted to get in touch with them for whatever reason, you can ring them on 0345 835 1111.

How to contact Baguley Ward's energy distributors?

Name Number
Greater Manchester Electricity North West Emergency Number
Greater Manchester Electricity North West General Number
0800 195 4141
Greater Manchester Cadent Gas Number
0345 835 1111

Your energy bill in Baguley Ward, Manchester

How much to people consume in average in Manchester?

Based on government data we are able to estimate that the average Baguley Ward resident household consumes 3,333.45 kWh a year. The median consumption of that same household would be 2,947.18 kWh.

Who supplies energy in Baguley Ward?

E.on is the most popular energy supplier in Baguley Ward and in the majority of the Greater Manchester. But remember, just because E.on are the largest provider in your area, that doesn't mean that you can't switch over to a different one. With Switch Plan, we can help you save money on your gas and electricity by switching suppliers - it's free, quick, and easy!

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