E.ON tariffs 2020: Compare prices & switch

Like many energy companies in the UK, E.ON regularly updates its prices and tariffs. This is often done as a reaction to fluctuations in wholesale fuel prices and to other outside influences. As small changes to the unit price of energy can have a big impact on your bill, it’s well worth keeping an eye on these 2020 E.On tariffs 2020 changes.

EON Tariffs 2020
With over 33 million customers in 30 countries, E.ON is one of the world’s biggest energy companies. In the UK alone, around 4.3 million customers are supplied by E.ON, making them one of the ‘big six’ energy providers.

If you’re an E.ON customer, or are thinking of switching to the provider, understanding their latest deals is essential. Here, we take a closer look at E.ON’s 2020 tariffs to help you decide if the supplier is right for you. Keep reading to find out more.

E.ON Tariffs & Prices

Like all of the big six energy companies in the UK, E.ON offers a wide choice of tariffs. The supplier has both fixed and variable rate deals available as well as prepayment deals. You can opt to get both your gas and electricity from the supplier or go for a single fuel deal.

The exact cost of your E.ON tariff will vary depending on your usage and where you are in the UK. This can make it hard to compare prices without uploading your personal data. The table below shows some of E.ON’s most popular deals and their average annual cost.

Plan Tariff type Average annual cost
E.ON Energy Plan Variable £1042
E.ON 1 Year Exclusive Autumn 2020 Fixed for 12 months £883
Fix 1 Year v4 Fixed for 12 months £1018
Fix 2 Year v11 Fixed for 24 months £1042
Fix Online Exclusive v52 Fixed for 12 months £884
Fix Online v34 Fixed for 12 months £1008
Fix and Drive v10 Fixed for 12 months £1018

In general, the cheapest E.ON tariffs in 2020 are fixed term deals. These tariffs fix the amount you pay for a unit of energy for the duration of your contract. This can make it easier to budget and stay on top of your finances.

E.ON price changes 2020

In August 2020, E.ON announced that it would be cutting its prices in line with Ofgem’s revised energy cap. The cost of the company’s standard variable tariff was cut by around 7%. This reduced the average customer’s annual bill by £84 to around £1,042. This price cut came into effect on 1st October 2020.

This was the second price cut E.ON made in 2020. Earlier in the year the supplier had cut its variable rate by 1% in order to bring it in line with Ofgem’s previous price cap decrease. This price cut came into effect at the beginning of February 2020.

These price reductions were seen more or less across the board, with all of the big six, and a number of smaller energy companies, reducing their tariffs by the same amount. As almost all energy companies were required to drop their prices in response to Ofgem’s price cap, it means that E.ON tariffs remained comparable with others available on the market.
E.ON tariffs 2020

E.ON tariffs compared: Which is the cheapest 2020 tariff?

The best way to find the cheapest E.ON deal is to compare the company’s 2020 energy tariffs. Taking a look at the latest deals available will help you to find the tariff that’s right for you.

E.ON Standard Tariff

E.ON offers a number of standard tariffs including standard variable rates and standard fixed deals. These tariffs are generally available for electricity, gas and dual fuel customers.

The table below shows a price breakdown for its single gas and electricity deals:

Type of plan Contract period Unit price (p/kWh) Standing charge (p/day)
Fixed electricity 12 months fixed 16.96 p 23.22 p
Fixed gas 12 months fixed 3.33 p 26.04 p
Two-year Fixed electricity 24 months 17.165p 24.501p
Two-year Fixed gas 24 months .927p 26.074p
Standard variable (electricity) N/A 17.165p 24.501p
Standard variable (gas) N/A 2.927p 26.074p

E.ON Prepayment Tariffs

Prepayment tariffs allow customers to pay for the energy they use in advance. This helps to prevent households from falling into debt to their energy supplier and can make it easier to stay on top of budgeting. However, as prepayment tariffs are more expensive than standard tariffs, they’re not right for everyone.
E.ON offers a prepayment tariff. If you think this could be the right option for you, get in touch with the supplier to arrange for a prepayment meter to be installed.

E.ON Economy 7 tariff

Economy 7 tariffs offer customers cheaper energy rates for seven hours at night. These types of tariffs are ideal for people with storage heaters and for households that use 34% or more of their electricity at night. E.ON, like many major suppliers, offers an Economy 7 option for customers. It also offers an Economy 10 deal. This gives you 10 hours of cheaper energy during off-peak hours.

Type of plan Contract period Unit price (p/kWh) Standing charge (p/day)
Economy 7 12 months fixed 19.68 p/10.37 p 23.30 p
Economy 10 34 months fixed 19.69 p/12.79 p 33.66 p

E.ON Business tariffs

E.ON offers a range of business tariffs. If you’re interested in switching your business to E.ON, get in touch with the company for a quote.

Get a E.ON quote

If you think E.ON could be the right supplier for you, you can compare available tariffs, and get a quote, using the online tool on their website. Alternatively, use our Switch Plan to find the best energy deals for your home.
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How much does E.ON charge per kWh?

The amount that E.ON charges for a kWh can vary depending on the cost of wholesale fuel. If you’re on a fixed tariff, the amount you pay for each unit of energy won’t change for the duration of your contract. If you’re on a variable rate, it will go up and down as prices change.

At the moment, E.ON charges around 16.96p for a kWh of electricity and 3.33p for a kWh of gas. If you're on an Economy 7 tariff, you’ll pay 19.68p for a kWh of electricity during the day and 10.37p at night.

What is the E.ON standing charge?

When looking at energy tariffs, it’s important to take the standing charge into account. This is the amount that your energy company will charge you just to connect you to the grid. You’ll have to pay this daily fee whether you use any energy or not.

If you only get your electricity from E.ON, your standard charge will be around 23.22p per day. The company has a standing charge of 26.04p for gas.

Does E.ON have an exit fee?

If you want to switch away from E.ON before the end of your fixed rate deal, the supplier will charge you an exit fee. The amount you’ll have to pay will depend on whether you’re a dual fuel customer or get just a single fuel from the supplier. Get in touch with E.ON to find out how much you’d need to pay to leave your contract early.

Has E.ON raised its prices in 2020?

Ofgem reviews its energy price cap twice a year. Both 2020 reviews led to the cap being lowered and energy companies, including E.ON, forced to cut prices. As a result, most customers will have seen their E.ON bill go down this year. However, customers on variable rates will see the amount they pay for their energy fluctuate, so it’s possible that some will have seen prices rise in 2020.


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