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Switch to the best energy plan in Manchester - Woodhouse Park Ward!

Let us help you identify the best energy deal available and switch your plan in minutes.

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Electricity & Gas in Woodhouse Park Ward, Greater Manchester in 2020

Let's find out a little bit about Woodhouse Park Ward

Last updated: March 2021.

Woodhouse Park Ward is located in the beautiful city of Manchester and in the county of Greater Manchester, which is home to 2676240 inhabitants across 1125791 households. Energy in Woodhouse Park Ward and in the general Greater Manchester area is distributed by two operators: Electricity North West for electricity supply, and Cadent Gas for gas.

Who supplies you with energy in Woodhouse Park Ward?

There is one foolproof way to save money on your energy, and that's switching to a different energy supplier. Your household's energy requirements will differ a lot from that of the house next door. This is because your energy supply depends on so many things, from the number of inhabitants in your property, to your environmental priorities. Do you want a cheap energy supply? Or are you willing to pay a bit more for 100% renewable energy? Either way, it's worth shopping around for the plan that suits you best. And we're here to help.

Do you want to make a simple switch in Woodhouse Park Ward?

You don't have to be moving house to switch to a new energy supplier. Even if you have lived in your current property in Woodhouse Park Ward for years and years, you can still switch to a new supplier and make some pretty impressive savings. Did you know that Brits have saved up to ยฃ400 a month just by switching supplier?

In Woodhouse Park Ward, there are lots of energy suppliers and plans to choose from. You are spoilt for choice! The supplier and plan you choose depends on the size and structure of your property, as well as the number of inhabitants. With Switch Plan, switching has never been easier. All you need to do is chat to one of our experts and they will not only choose the best supplier for you, but they will also carry out the whole switch from start to finish (with your approval!).

Who is the main energy provider in Woodhouse Park Ward?

There are so many energy suppliers working to provide homes with gas and electricity in Woodhouse Park Ward. However, out of all of them, E.on seems to be the most popular. Lot's of Mancunians have chosen to stick with them, either for the benefits of their tariffs or for reasons of familiarity. However, did you know that you are free to switch energy suppliers at any time? Yes, sometimes you might face exit fees, depending on your current plan. But, in the long run, you can make some hefty savings.

Using switch-plan.co.uk, hundreds of households in Woodhouse Park Ward Greater Manchester are able to witch from one energy plan to a cheaper one. Changing energy plan can cut annual bills by up to ยฃ400!

Who distributes Woodhouse Park Ward's gas and electricity?

The two Greater Manchester reigning operators (DNO) for electricity and gas can be contacted in case of emergency or for any other question related to energy supply. If your household is going through an epidose of power interruption, we recommend you immediately reach out to the emergency number of Woodhouse Park Ward's operators.

Woodhouse Park Ward Distribution Network Operator Woodhouse Park Ward Gas Operator
Electricity North West Cadent Gas
Electricity North West website Cadent Gas website

How to get more information about Woodhouse Park Ward's energy distributors?

Electricity North West can also be visited online here. As for Cadent Gas, they can be found on their website.

How to contact Woodhouse Park Ward's energy distributors?

Woodhouse Park Ward Electricity North West Emergency Number 24/7 105
Woodhouse Park Ward Electricity North West Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 0800 195 4141
Woodhouse Park Ward Cadent Gas Emergency Number 24/7 0800 111 999
Woodhouse Park Ward Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 0345 835 1111

What kind of inquiries should you ask your local distributor?

By contacting distributors' non-emergency numbers, Woodhouse Park Ward inhabitants can inquire about all information related to their electricity or gas usage, such as:

  • Power cuts
  • safety
  • Connections
  • Education
  • Careers
  • Innovations

What's the heating fuel mix in the 6001 households of Woodhouse Park Ward in 2021?

Amongst the total 6001 families residing in Woodhouse Park Ward (2019 census), 1.82% use electric central heating, 92.73% use gas central heating, whereas 1.82% favor oil as their main energy source for heat. A remaining of 3.77% of all Manchester families do not have central heating.

Heating fuel data in Woodhouse Park Ward

Total Woodhouse Park Ward households 6001 100%
Electric central heating 109 1.82%
Gas central heating 5565 92.73%
Oil central heating 109 1.82%
No central heating 218 3.77%

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